Hey, It’s OK…

…to wanna take a back road

…to be too sexy for your shirt (just don’t be too sexy for it in public, ladies)

…to wanna shoop (the Salt-N-Pepa, Whitney or Cher way)

…to want a Sunday kind of love

…to make it clap

…to put a ring on it

…to step back (if you’re dancin’ kinda close)

…to be walking on sunshine

…to  just wanna have fun (whether you’re a girl, or boy)

…to stay forever young

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend. :)

Hey It’s OK…

…to laugh out loud at a funny IM, email, text, etc. – at work, in a quiet area (oops)

…to wish you still wore a uniform every day (I did K-12!) – the outfit selection process in the morning would be much easier!

…to waste spend hours and hours on Pinterest (oh, was I supposed to be doing something productive?)

…to have to force yourself to go to the gym

…to screw up

…to buy yourself a coffee in the morning and afternoon (only on very special days)

…to be excited about staying in on a Friday night

…to believe that Twitter = the news

…to cheat on your ‘healthy eating plan’ on the weekend

…to only like fortune cookies because of the fortune

Happy Friday! Tonight Colin and I get to babysit my wonderful nephew Declan (so if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll most likely see a picture…or ten…of my little guy). I’m so excited to just get some sushi, watch the Celts and hang out with my boys.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a great time with whatever you do!

Hey, It’s OK…

… to have a quarter life crisis. We’ll get through it, people.

… to truly believe that your life will change when you buy a scratch ticket. “I wanna be a millionaire so friggin’ baaad”…

… to go for a harmless afternoon snack at the vending machine and literally want to eat everything in there.

… to pick and choose what you donate to. We all want to help, but we’re not all made of money.

… to be pissed that Modern Family didn’t have a new Halloween episode this year (I mean, come on – it’s Claire’s favorite holiday!)

… to give some dude you’re not interested in at the bar, the phone number 867-5309 (tell him your name is Jenny while you’re at it).

… to have a glass of wine (or two) on a Thursday night for the pure fact that you’re just so happy the next day is Friiiday!

… that your heart melts a little anytime you hear an accent – Southern, Irish, Australian…Vermont…? (Hey, I’m engaged to a Vermonter – what do you want from me?!)

… to be a 25 year old woman and not be ashamed that you’re extremely excited for the newest Twilight movie to come out.

… to expect each wish you make at 11:11 (AM and PM) to come true today. If not on 11/11/11 then when?

Happy Veterans Day and a special thanks to all our soldiers who have defended and will continue to defend our country – past, present and future. We owe so much to you!

Also Happy Friday and Happy 11/11/11 – have a great weekend. :)

Hey, It’s OK…

Glamour is my all-time favorite magazine ever – it’s classy, smart, empowering and inspiring. I happily pay my yearly fee to subscribe to it, and eagerly await my new issue every month. One of the things I look forward to reading most is the “Hey, It’s OK…” tidbit they have. These witty little blurbs always either make me smile, or nod and say to myself “yes, exactly!”. I often find myself thinking of “Hey, It’s OK”‘s , even jotting them down sometimes…so I’ve decided to jot a couple of down on the craic! Hopefully I can make this a weekly feature (because, let’s face it…we all can see I need a little nudge when it comes to blogging on a regular basis these days…)

Hey, It’s OK…

…to desperately want to call in sick so that you can stay at home in bed and watch TV on a crappy, rainy day.

…to have thought it was completely ridiculous that Kim K. wore not one, not two, but three wedding gowns.

…to want to package up Sophia Grace (of recent Youtube fame) and carry her around in your pocket.

…to be really sad that Amy Winehouse will never make a new album again (that voice!).

…to eat a little bit of that raw cookie dough in the fridge, because you (plain and simple) really want some.

…to buy books in the Young Adult section.

…to wish your life had a soundtrack and that the music followed you around like you were in a movie.

…to get into a red lipstick phase one weekend and then decide that moving forward, you feel absolutely naked without it.

…to have a girl crush on Emma Stone.

…to get the Sunday Blues because you want the weekend to be just a little bit longer (please?!).

…to wish you were allowed to eat a cheeseburger and fries every day of the week.

…to be mad that they remade Footloose, but secretly really want to see it.

…to be mad at Julianne Hough for looking like that.

…to want to punch hot yoga in the face.

…to dance like you mean it, no matter what you look like.

…to literally want to do cart-wheels around the office because you’re so damn happy it’s Friday.

On that note, enjoy the day and have a great weekend. :)

My adventures in the tunnel (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 32)

You know those days where you wake up and you can feel it in your bones – this day was just not meant to be a good one for me – ?

I woke up with that feeling today, and boy! was I right on target.

On my way to work (Wakefield) from Colin’s (Newton) my car decided to break down on 93 North inside the tunnel. I was just trucking along, la di da da, on my way to work, when hmm… that’s weird… my car is just slowing down… maybe I should get into the right lane?… hmmm what is happening?… come on car, please make it to the end of the tunnel…

No such luck. Called the police and thank the dear Lord, the cop came so quickly! It was scary in that tunnel – cars were whizzzzzzzzzzing by me. Each one looked like they were going to slam into my car. Thank the dear Lord for the emergency tunnel tow truck the cop called, I owe the tow man a HUGE THANK YOU. So:

Mr. Tow Truck if you’re reading,

Thank you for rescuing me!

Hugs and kisses,

The tall frazzled freak :)

Anyway, to make a long and adventurous story short, my tow truck hero towed me to the Police Barracks in Southie to meet up with my hero of a boyfriend who thankfully has AAA (because I don’t. yay!). The AAA tow truck then towed my car to Colin’s auto body place in Newton where it still waits to hear its fate…

Just to add to the ridiculousness of this story, please keep in mind that my car inspection sticker expired in October plus the fact that my car is registered in MA with MA plates but I still have a NY license. I thought I was going to get arrested. But I didn’t. And I swear I’ll take care of all of that expired inspection sticker and MA license stuff asap.

Who decided to allow me to drive? Or to be an adult?

Ok enough of that. I decided to still be kind today even though today wasn’t necessarily kind to me. Meg’s school had an open house tonight to show off all the beautiful renovations they have done. I was invited and I wanted to show my support for the fabulous school (it’s amazing, an all boys school in Lawrence – Bellesini Academy). I went and it was so nice to see the boys giving tours – they are awesome! I saw a bunch of people who I haven’t seen in a while as well, so it was great to catch up.

On another note, I have three words for you: tomorrow is Friday.


Happy Earth Day!

10 Ways to be Green:


1. Public transportation. Gotta love it.

Oooh the T...











2. Don’t use pesticides on your lawn.












3. Buy a reusable water bottle and use it. All the time. Stop buying bottled water.

Cute one - Barnesandnoble.com










4. Use reusable bags to carry your lunch in everyday and/or your groceries.











5. Air dry your clothes! You have the right to Air Dry! (Vermonters will get this)









6. Ride a bike/walk if possible.








7. Keep your shower short (This one is VERY HARD FOR ME!) Or don’t shower at all? Hmmm, actually maybe not. People don’t like stinky people.










8. Recycle. Duh! Recycle bins are everywhere. USE them. Put them in your home. They are necessary.

  9. Turn the lights off when you leave the room. Easy peasy.












10. Never ever litter. It’s lame and out of style. How would you like if someone came and dumped their trash in your house? You wouldn’t. The birds, bees, squirrels, etc. don’t either.

ECO Runway from Rent the Runway http://www.renttherunway.com/ecorunway

Happy Earth Day from Nicole Richie! http://nicolerichie.celebuzz.com/2010/04/nicole-richie-earth-day/

Tomorrow is Friday, YAY! Do something nice for someone tomorrow in celebration of the weekend. Why not right? Here are some ideas from Oprah –


Today’s SAVE from Eversave –


Have a great rest of your Thursday/Earth Day :)

Wine Chicken – [wahyn chik un n] noun – A chicken which produces wine

A few things tonight…

I haven’t been able to blog all day – it’s been a crazy one! THANK THE DEAR LORD it’s Friday. This week was long – it felt like a few weeks squished into one. And not only that, but today was a very terrible day at work. They have decided to move my work BFF, Nicole along with my college/work BFF Adam upstairs to the 6th floor while I stay downstairs on the 5th floor! This is a very big deal. Nicole and I walk over to the coffee machine about fifty times a day with each other. Who will I walk with now? Just me? All alone? No one to chat with?

I think this is both uncool and rude. How can you take my buddies away from me? They make sitting in a cube all day a little more cheerful. I don’t know what I’ll do! This is like when you were in fifth grade and the teacher decides the classroom needs to do a little switcheroo. Everyone gets a new seating assignment and you’re pissed because you had the best seat in the whole classroom. It’s devastating! I hope I can bounce back from this…

Then after hearing this news I got reprimanded at the printer by a woman because I printed too many pages out. Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize their was a printer monitor. This was just flat-out embarrassing – I don’t even know what I said to her. I do know that I was as red as a tomato. Love when that happens.

Anyway – Colin picked me up early from work then we picked up his sister Elizabeth and got on the road, headed to Vermont.This is my first holiday away from my family – we decided we just couldn’t take another holiday with one another, so I’m in Vermont, Meg is in New Hampshire, Patrick, Kelly and Pa are in California and Mom, Dad and Molly are in Chicago, IL. We figured spreading the Mescall bunch across the United States would help eliminate fighting over the holiday (just kidding – I miss you guys!)

Luckily the Temple’s allowed me in their beautiful home for Easter. Tonight was a great night, we went to the Stations of the Cross for Good Friday and then out to a nice dinner.

We had a lovely chicken at dinner.

No, not that kind of chicken! It’s Good Friday and we’re good Catholics! We had a chicken with wine in it (that’s my kinda chicken.)

Wine Chicken - a chicken which produces wine

I love Vermont – and I’m not even a hippie, too much of a Liberal, or looking to get married to a woman, I don’t drive a truck and I don’t hunt. It is funny because I’m from Long Island (which I love as well) and LI is so different from VT. I guess it’s nice to experience something different from what you’ve known all you’re life – refreshing, if you will. One big reason why I love Vermont is, the Vermont Country Store. You haven’t lived until you’ve visited the VCS. They sell anything you could ever think of – everything from muumuus, to lingerie, to toys, food, toaster ovens, vacuums, etc. etc. etc.

Check it out here – http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/Shop?

Now, Jean, the Temple’s next door neighbor and dear friend works here. Since Jean is an employee she is eligible for the $5 mystery box special. You pay $5 for a box (you have no idea whats in it) and let me tell you – the surprises in there are worth it! Last box I got everything from tablecloths to flannel PJ’s to XXXL woman’s underwear. This time, Mrs. Temple gave me a beautiful bedspread from their mystery box which I am thrilled with! It reminds me of my Nana and Pa’s house because they always had blankets like this, so I really think it’s special :)

2 good deals for the day (which even though its late right now, it’s not too late to purchase these gift certificates!)

$10 for $20 at the Upper Crust’s Watertown location:


$30 for 6-8 yoga classes at Real Life Yoga Studio:


Who knew kids that went to Middlebury College were so damn funny?

(thanks Liz!)

Lastly, here are some excellent tips on the importance of sleep from Women’s Health Magazine (as I’m falling asleep while typing this… must.go.to.bed.)



Nice, I’m gonna make the train!… NOT!

You could say that missing the train is a good start to a rainy Friday morning, but you would be very wrong. I knew I had been running a few minutes late, but miss the train late? I didn’t think so… Little do I know.

My sister kindly drove me down to the station, we were rushing cause I was late as usual (being late is my thing, my special talent.) When we crossed the tracks I saw that the train just pulled up. Nice! I made it, I knew I would. Oh wait, it’s just pulling away from the platform, not pulling up? Right, of course.

So, I drove in today. I was all ready and didn’t feel like waiting around for the next train. Suddenly my dreary – miss the train – type lousy day turned around into a promisingly good day due to the fact that I remembered to charge my iPod last night. I truly don’t enjoy talk radio in the morning; I just rather not listen to people bitch before having my coffee (that’s reasonable isn’t it?) So I plugged my iPod in and performed a concert of about 10-12 songs for my non-existent audience. Rocking out in your car at 7am is good for the soul, you should try it sometime.

Anyway, here are some fun things I’ve learned about today…

Stoddards Fine Food & Ale just opened in the Downtown Crossing area at 48 Temple Place at Washington (617-426-0048.)

Stoddard’s is serving up American comfort foods along with an 80+ beer list. With all the vintage decor surrounding you, you’d swear you went back in time. Entrees include burgers, steaks, chicken pot pie, clams casino; all the classics. Learn more at http://stoddardsfoodandale.com/.

I really want to try Redbones. It’s located in Davis Square, Somerville and promises to serve up some delicious southern BBQ which is right up my alley. They also have 24 microbrews on tap to wash it all down. Good to know: Both catering and delivery are available as well as a gluten-free menu.

*Also, Monday – Friday from 4pm-6pm their appetizers are half price. Wings, chili, buffalo shrimp, corn fritters, etc. Check it out at http://redbones.com/.

Another good deal – Mondays at Sel de la Terre at 774 Boylston Street (617-266-8800) they offer a variety of $2 sliders from 5pm-7pm. They also offer a Saturday morning cooking class at either their Natick or Boson location for only $48 a person, not bad compared to what some other places charge!

More info on that, here: http://www.zagat.com/Blog/Detail.aspx?SCID=34&BLGID=26805

Possibilities for the weekend –

Tomorrow, Saturday March 13th is the 2nd Annual Spring Microbrew Fest at Ball Square Fine Wines from 2pm-5pm where you can try out 40 brews.

Tomorrow is also the 4th Annual Bacon Eating Contest at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge at 1pm. Their advertisement for the event reads, ‘Music! Booze! Bacon!’ Music + booze + bacon = 3 of my favorite things in the world. Seems like Atwood’s Tavern is promising us a very good time.

 +  +

Tonight the Joshua Tree (U2 cover band) is kicking off some St. Patrick’s day fun at The Hard Rock Cafe, 22-24 Clinton Street, Boston (617) 424-7625. Starts at 8pm, cost is $15. The Dropkick Murphy’s are playing seven shows at the House of Blues for six nights starting tonight. Ship yourself up to 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston (888) 693-2583. Tickets might be hard to find though, fyi.


The Celtic Women are also playing at the Wang Theatre tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, tickets ranging from $42-$78.

Click here for more – http://www.citicenter.org/shows/

Don’t forget about the Southie St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday! Here is the map of the parade route –


By the way, isn’t it great that it’s Friday? :)