Catching up with Tina from Glee (And, I’ll get to the kindness later)

I think it’s safe to say that Glee has officially stolen the hearts of everyone – women, men, teens, tweens – all over the world. This season has been highly entertaining – with real life issues (bullying, breakups), to amazing song choices (“Forget You” Cee Lo, “Marry You” Bruno Mars, “Livin’ on a Prayer”, etc. etc.), to the most fabulous guest stars ever, not to mention awards! awards! awards! (Emmy, People’s Choice Award wins to Grammy nominations and everything in between) Glee is…how should I say?…killing it!

Do you remember when I interviewed the fabulous Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina from Glee)? Well I thought it was about time we caught up again. Check it out Gleeks!

CM: I feel like Tina wants Artie back. Does Tina miss Artie?

JU: Tina will always love Artie, and who knows, maybe they will end up together. Artie just wasn’t a good boyfriend so she found something else in Mike Chang, but I think they will always have a connection.

CM: Do you think she’s going to be pissed when she finds out he slept with Brittany?

JU: I think that Tina will be upset if she finds out, but they weren’t together… So, he technically wasn’t in the wrong, but I’m sure Tina would be upset for sure.

CM: What has it been like adding a new main character into the mix this season with Sam?

JU: Sam is a great refreshing addition to the Glee club. I think the writers did a great job in a perfect transition for the new kid. We’ve learned Quinn and Sam are dating now, and they are kind of adorable!

CM: What about with one of the other new characters, Blaine? (He has an amazing voice!)

JU: Darren Criss has been introduced as a possible boyfriend for Kurt now, but we still don’t know what he will end up being in the show, we’re full of twists and turns. ;)

CM: Britney Spears! That must have been interesting to film. Was she cool?

JU: Britney Spears is crazy. She was my idol and it was such an honor to use her music and have her on the show. It was very surreal to me and I’ve never been more star struck. She was so sweet and seemed to have a great time, I know we did.

CM: And John Stamos!

JU: John Stamos has been with us for a few episodes now and it’s so lovely to have him. He’s a goofball and fit right in from the first day. It’s still a little weird to work with “Uncle Jesse” but he came in, ready to work and has done such an awesome job fitting in with us. It’s been the best. We have the best guest stars!!

CM: And Gwyneth Paltrow!

JU: Gwyneth Paltrow was recently here too. She was amazing, I mean, it’s GWYNETH! She was so sweet, so cool and totally professional. We had so much fun and I thought she did an amazing job with all the songs, (She can SANG) haha, and her character is very funny.

Thanks for catching up with us Jenna! You guys are doing an amazing job. And PS – loved the Glee version of “Dog Days Are Over“!

Don’t forget to catch ‘A Very Glee Christmas‘ tonight at 8!

Gwyneth Paltrow (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 15)

OK. If there was a list – which there might be – of the coolest people in the world, Gwyneth Paltrow has to be on it. First of all, she is beautiful, stylish, married to a rock star, has fabulous famous friends, has won an academy award, isn’t afraid to try something new, shares her knowledge and expertise, has dated (and shared matching ‘dos) with one of the world’s most beautiful men, etc. etc. etc. I literally could go on and on about how cool and talented GP seems. Of course I don’t know GP personally, but she just seems like someone who would be fun to be friends with.

All of this being said – what makes her the coolest is her upcoming cameo on ‘Glee’ tomorrow night. Gwyneth Paltrow – an extremely talented, famous, Oscar-winning, A list actress is making a guest appearance on ‘Glee’. She’s not too good for ‘Glee’ she is excited about it. And, let me tell you… I can’t wait for it!

Watch GP perform Cee’Lo’s “Forget You”:

In other news…. My ‘kindness’ for today:

I drink A LOT of coffee. All day every day really. We have a coffee station at work, with the machine, cups, stirrers, little creamer packets, sugar packets – the usual I guess. Nothing too crazy. (Wouldn’t it have been way cooler if I said ‘We have a magical coffee station at work where Clarence, a little person dressed in a tux brews your coffee for you and shouts ole! when it’s ready?)

Often when I’m grabbing a cup of coffee, I realize the ‘creamer packet section’ is all out of creamer packets. Sometimes the cups are low, or there’s an empty K cup box on the counter. I always try to throw any garbage away or refill whatever is out or running low. Today, the creamer packets were almost gone, so I dug into the draw and filled it back up.

Very small act today, but necessary. If something is out, fill it back up, don’t just leave it empty. Pet peeve – toilet paper runs out and someone gets a new roll, but leaves it on the counter or on top of the toilet. Put it back on the holder please. It’s not that hard – it only takes about 10 seconds. Same goes for the sugar packets, or an empty coffee container. Why leave it there for someone else to take care of? No need for extreme laziness. Pick up after yourself!

100 Days of Kindness, Day 5

I have made it right in the nick of time. It’s still November 5th. I have finally done something nice, and have time to sit down and write about it!

I’m at a work event in Orlando right now and my co-worked had to give a talk to a bunch of women bloggers. She was awesome! I truly admire people who can speak in front of a large crowd and seem so confident, so natural. So I shared this with her – I told her what a great job she did! And meant it. :)

I also defended Lea Michele, Rachel from Glee – which, I’m not gonna lie, I think is pretttty nice.  In a conversation about Glee, a woman said she thought Lea Michelle was unattractive. I very nicely said I disagreed and how much she reminded me of Barbara Streisand. This woman said Babs was unattractive as well. She basically said they both had big noses and needed plastic surgery to fix them. Again, I disagreed. I defended one of my favorite Gleeks with pride. I friggin love that show and I don’t care what Lea Michele looks like (although I do think she is very attractive) she has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard, which that in itself, makes her beautiful to me.

That being said, it’s totally fine to have your own opinions! You may think this person or that person is unattractive and I think they’re the most attractive person in the world and vice versa. That’s totally acceptable. I just think women need to be cheerleaders for one another instead of ripping one another apart. Not everyone needs plastic surgery to be beautiful. Not everyone needs to look exactly the same. There isn’t a specific mold of what ‘beautiful’ is. Quirkiness, uniqueness, different personality traits, different bodies, talents – these are all things that make someone beautiful. It’s not all on the outside.

Sometimes I just love being random

I love lists. I’m a huge list maker. Here’s one for ya:

21 Songs that always make me smile:

1. “Shoop” Salt n’ Pepa – because it reminds me of two of my favorite people along with two of the best years of my life, junior and senior year of college.

2. “MMMBop” Hanson – because it reminds me of my youth, and pretty boys with long hair.

3. “Drop it Like it’s Hot” Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams – because it reminds me of one of my best friends and our choreographed dance.

4. “I Wish” Skee-lo – because for some reason it reminds me of my big bro. I’m not sure why. Probably cause he’s hood.

5. “For You I Will” Monica – because it reminds me of my younger sister, and again choreographed dances (in the garage.)

6. “Mo Money Mo Problems” Notorious BIG featuring “Puff Daddy” (he wasn’t P.Diddy, or Diddy yet) & Ma$e – because this reminds me of how gangsta i was in 5th grade.

7. “No Scrubs” TLC – because this reminds me of how obsessed we were with TLC when this album came out.

8. “Love Shack” B-52s – because this reminds me of how fun college was. Plain and simple.

9. “Be Faithful” Fatman Scoop – again, college. Those were the good ‘ol days.

10. “You’re Still the One” Orleans – because this song reminds me of my parents. :)

11. “Black Water” Doobie Brothers – because this was one of my first concerts with the fam and one of my favorite bands.

12. “Don’t Rain on My Parade” (Glee Version) Lea Michele – because I love belting this out on my way to work in the morning, it’s a sure way to start the day off on the right foot.

13. “Bootylicious” Destiny’s Child – because this is Destiny’s Child in their prime.

14. “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” The Temptations – because I just friggin’ love this song. And it reminds me of the Big Chill. And wouldn’t it be fun to karaoke this?

15. “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head” BJ Thomas – because it reminds me of a tape my mom used to play in the car all the time that I loved.

16. “Dream Life of Rand McNally” Jason Mraz – because it reminds me of K Braz.

17. “Rivers of Babylon” Sublime – because it reminds me of home, Babylon.

18. “Heaven is a Place on Earth” Belinda Carlisle – because it reminds me of singing with Meg and Binky and pretending  I was as cool as my older sister and her friends.

19.”Give My Regards to Broadway” Judy Garland version – because no one sings this better than Molly.

20. “Butterfly” Crazy Town – because this is actually one of my Dad’s favorite songs, and he has a dance to it. To top it all off, Colin loves it too (AND owns the album!!! Such an intense Crazy Town fan.)

21. (21 for good luck? And because I can’t stop, won’t stop…) “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” Bryan Adams – because this is from Don Juan Demarco with Johnny Depp and my mom and I always ask each other the question, “Is this the song from that movie??” when we hear this song.

Liking the new ‘hood…

Tonight Meg and Lady came to visit me in my new grown up, big girl apartment! It was so good to see them. It’s only been a few days but I already miss them a lot. Growing up is tough – can’t write much more about it or I’ll start tearing up (I’m a slightly emotional person.)

Anyway, once they got here we ordered take-out from Salsa’s and then took Lady for a walk to go pick it up. It was a beautiful night tonight and the whole neighborhood seemed to be out and about! We walked about two miles there and back so it was a nice walk. Lady’s little legs were tired by the time we got back.

The food was delicious! I took some pictures of the new ‘hood on our walk over + our superb Mexican fest –

Lady zooming off!

Megan and Lady on our walk


Salsa's, YUM.

Our feast :)

Lady was beggin for some chimichanga

But, she had her own food...

But she has her own 'Diva' bowl that I got her at Homegoods!

Colin stopped by quick to talk golf…

Colin stopped by to pick up his golf jacket for his early tee time in the am and showed us his swing!

You sure that’s not Phil Mickelson?? (people always tell Colin that he looks like him!)

Tonight we had another dog visitor named Oliver. He and Lady were fast friends –

Thanks for the visit Meg and Lady – I miss you! (but I’ll see you tomorrow! :))

Time to catch up on Glee and head to bed. Goodnight xo.

The ‘Best Effort’ Award

I gave myself an award this weekend. In the ‘Running Category’ I received the ‘Best Effort’ award (hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay motivated…)

Wow, I am shocked! What an honor this is! I never thought I would be accepting the ‘Best Effort’ award. Jeekers, I didn’t even prepare a speech or anything. Well, I couldn’t have done this on my own that is for damn sure. I have so many people to thank. I’d like to thank God along with the Academy. First, I’d like to thank Colin for always giving me great pep talks and for showing me some good stretches this weekend. I’d like to thank Matthew for giving me advice (he is a pro at running), my fabulous parents, my siblings, Meg, Mary, Heather, Nuge, Christine, LVP, the Temples for the extra encouragement, Lady (the dog) for licking me while I was stretching, the people who honked and waved at me while I was running and the cool breeze for keeping me from keeling over. Thanks to Fitness Magazine for their amazing half marathon training schedule! Also, let’s not forget those people who were following me my whole run – Fatman Scoop, Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, Miranda Lambert, Timbaland, Ke$ha, LMFAO, Stevie Wonder, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, y’all my peeps. This was a team effort, so THANK YOU ALL!

I ran 11 miles yesterday, with no walking, and under 9 minute miles. I am so happy with my run yesterday, I can’t even fully explain. I didn’t want to run AT ALL, it was rainy and gross which made me just want to sit on the warm, comfy couch and catch up on the DVR. But, I knew if I did not run the 11 miles, that I would have a real tough time at the half marathon next weekend. I kept delaying all day yesterday. Colin motivated me by asking, ‘You know what the difference between good and great is?’ No, what? ‘Doing something when you don’t want to do it. Anyone can do something when they want to do it.’ Very true. I’m going to keep those words with me this week.

This is how I felt:


Anyway, Matt showed me a great loop to do, so I had half of an avocado + a Kashi Go Lean crunchy chocolate and caramel bar, drank some water, put on my gear, downloaded some new tunes, stretched it out with Colin, and got on the road.

I felt good the whole run, which kept me feeling pumped up. Everytime that devil appeared on my shoulder urging me to walk, I checked in with myself, ‘Does anything hurt?’ ‘No’, ‘Are you still breathing okay?’ ‘Yes’, ok then – shut up devil, I’m running.

When I was done I felt like this:

But, my foot felt like this:

Because of this:

Sorry, I realize that picture is both TMI as well as relatively disturbing, but it is necessary to show in order to prove my commitment to running. I got the blister half way through my run which kind stunk but it kept my legs from feeling completely numb which I think is a good thing…. Colin and I are going to go to New Balance after church to look into new sneakers. I really should have thought about getting new sneakers when I first started training but I’m a fool and didn’t. I’m not sure if it is the best idea to get new sneakers with only a week till the half marathon but I guess I’ll ask the people at New Balance… If you have any thoughts/suggestions on this I welcome them.

The other day I was talking to someone about the New Balance ‘love/hate relationship with running’ commercials. I think almost every runner can identify with this. I know I can!!!

So, the race is next weekend and I’m getting more excited rather than nervous! My mom is coming up to Boston on Friday to ride up to VT with Colin and I, my dad will be in England this week for work (as long as he gets on a flight!) so he will fly into Boston next weekend, then up to Burlington. Meg and Matt, along with his parents will be coming up to VT on Saturday and Colin’s parents will already be there of course! It’s going to be a lot of fun and I am so thankful that Matt will be running the race as well and that all our family will be there cheering us on. :)

Other than running yesterday, we also went to Merrimack last night to hang out with Colin’s sister Liz and her friends. We kept saying we will definitely come hang out/drink with them before they graduate and it’s already halfway through April! They’re graduating in a month! So we decided last night was the perfect night to make good on our promise. We headed over there around 8, Liz had made sauce and Colin made the dough + pizzas. We ate, drank, played games and had fun! It’s always funny to be back on campus and I think that was our last time ever! Once Liz graduates I just don’t think it will be acceptable for Colin and I to go back. Miiiight be a little creepy….

Friday night I went out with some co-workers after work for some drinks. We decided to go over to Faneuil Hall. First try was McCormicks and Schmicks – too crowded, next stop Kitty O’Sheas – dead, third stop McFaddens – decent amount of people, plus Nicole scored a table = win for McFaddens (even though I truly, truly dislike McFaddens. Sorry if I’m offending anyone.) We had a such a great time at McFaddens that we decided to continue on to Hennessy’s around 9:15ish to see Fast Times, the best 80’s cover band ever. My friends and I used to pretty much stalk them in college and had way too much fun doing it. It was great to see them but a little weird without my girls!

Overall, a very good Friday night.

We’re heading to church in a little bit, then New Balance. Later, I’m meeting up with Nuge and Christine for dinner. I can’t wait to see them and catch up!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday :)

I’ll leave you with a few little tid bits –

  • Twitter is awesome:

  • Unemployment rate falling in MA:
  • The Material Girl herself approves of the all Madonna episode of Glee:

To all those running the Boston Marathon tomorrow: you are extremely impressive, I admire you, you should be proud of yourselves and I wish you all the best of luck! I give you my ‘Best Effort’ award!


Who YOU callin’ immature?

Got home, parked my car. Opened up the driver’s side door – which squeaks so bad/sounds like its going to fall right off its hinges – to get out. I get out only to hear laughing on the otherwise quiet street. Look to see who is laughing and it’s a group of four Andover Prep kids staring at me and my precious car, making fun of us. I wanted to yell something so bad, I wanted to make fun – but I figured that is relatively immature. They are in high school and I am a ‘working professional,’ big difference I guess?… Anyway, this incident was a major blow to both our egos so I think I’ll bring ‘ol Betsy to get a good wash over the weekend. At least that’ll make one of us feel better about ourselves!

On the other hand, something nice that happened to me yesterday…

Went to Starbucks to satisfy my caffeine addiction, paid for my drink with my gift card, then owed .18 cents because I didn’t have enough on my card. My only other option was my debit card and using your debit card for .18 cents is lame and the lady behind me knew it, so she gave me a quarter! So nice :)

On a sad note, four people were murdered in Chicago. WHY is this happening? When I lived in Chicago last year a young man from the high school two of my roommates worked at was killed. The teacher I worked with had a niece who was shot coming out of her house (luckily she survived.) People who worked in local hospitals on the south side of Chicago said it looked like a war zone in there at times due to all the gun shot wounds. This is terrible, and deeply troubling. Something needs to be done. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. 

Tomorrow, Thursday April 15th at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (ICA) is holding a talk all about tattooing in MA at 7pm. Admission $10.

More info here –

Eversave has extended their G’Vanni Ristorante Save into today. Pay $25 for $60 worth of food and drinks – not too shabby. Hurry up!

Take advantage of these great Spring recipes from Fitness Magazine, yummm.

You know you want a shirt that says ‘Massachusetts runs on Dustin’ (Pedroia) for Sox season. Personally I want the YOUK shirt! (He’s my boy.)

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party from –

This new ‘sexual misconduct’ policy at Duke is outrageous. Don’t you think they are taking it a little too far?

9 Fun things to do in order to welcome Spring in the Boston area from –

*Some great ideas in there!

Glee is back and was better than ever last night! Need to catch up? I’d suggest either going on and watching, or reading all the juicy details from the Vulture blog, because they did an amazing job summarizing every detail!

Tonight I’m going to make Colin a nice dinner – Rigatoni with chicken, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, etc. Hopefully it comes out good!

We’re also finishing up the first season of ‘How to Make It in America’ on HBO. It’s really good so far – Colin and I watched the first five episodes the other night and I’ve been excited all day to watch the rest. If you have HBO on demand I suggest you spend some time watching. It’s sort of like ‘Entourage’ in NYC, more involved with the fashion/music scene rather than acting…. Let me know what you think :)

We are inching closer to the weekend people, such a nice feeling…

The return of ‘Glee’

Yes – finally, ‘Glee’ is back!

The cast of 'Glee',

Tomorrow after work I can go home and plop myself on the couch in anticipation for the premiere of the spring season. It’s my new favorite show and apparently many others. Attracting between 7 and 8 million loyal viewers each week, ‘Glee‘ is doing quite well among the 18-49 year-old bracket. Ryan Murphy (of ‘Nip/Tuck’) creates a world filled with drama, geeks (or should I say ‘gleeks’) vs. jocks, teen pregnancies and high school crushes. This one hour musical-satirical program has shown it’s stuff with performances ranging from ‘Push It’ to ‘Proud Mary’ to ‘Endless Love’ and everything in between. The cast is brilliant, the show is refreshing and most importantly it’s a huge hit!
I got the chance to talk to Jenna Ushkowitz, one of the shining stars of ‘Glee.’ Jenna plays Tina, the punk chick who faked her stutter to impress her fellow gleek Arty who is confined to a wheelchair. Jenna grew up on Long Island, New York. She attended Holy Trinity, a performing arts high school, studied musical theater at Marymount Manhattan College, has appeared on Broadway in productions such as ‘The King and I’ and ‘Spring Awakening’ and has also dabbled in independent films as well as television prior to getting cast in ‘Glee.’ Jenna Ushkowitz is a name you will be hearing more of; she has a great deal of talent along with a warm, bubbly personality and a ton of promise.

Let’s get started…
CM: How did you get into acting at such a young age?
JU: I was one of those kids who would walk up to strangers tables at a restaurant and say hi, so my parents put me into modeling at 3. I started off doing Commercials and Print ads like Jello, Hess Truck.. then i got into Musical Theatre and that sparked my love.

CM: Do you have a say in Tina’s wardrobe?
JU: I really trust our wardrobe ladies but sometimes, since Tina has so many accessories, they’ll pick out the outfit and I’ll be able to choose what jewelry goes with the outfit. But, they are really great and would never make me wear something I wasn’t comfortable in.


CM: So, how do you feel about Tina lying about her stutter to impress Artie? Do you think they will eventually get together?
JU: I wouldn’t say it was to impress Artie, she just thought she found a real friend in him and thought he would relate to her but I don’t think she saw the consequences or how he would truly feel after the reveal. I thought the revealing that the stutter was fake was done in a tasteful manner and I really trust the writers with the writing they give us. We hope they get together, we’ve been calling it Team Artina or Tartie, Kevin and I love working together.

CM: Tina was pretending to have a stutter to be ‘different’, can you relate to that, to feeling different?
JU: Absolutely. The first thing that comes to mind was being in 4th grade and doing a Broadway Show and auditioning. Other kids were playing sports and doing afterschool activities and I was working a professional job with adults. It was such a wonderful world but the kids at school didn’t really understand it so- it was weird being torn between two completely different worlds.

CM: Did you do anything like ‘Glee’ in High School?
JU: Yes, I was in “Select Choir” and I did all the school Musicals. Select choir was very much like Glee. We performed numbers and put on reviews at the end of the year.

CM: Seeing as it is typical for older actors to play younger characters on television, is it funny to be back in the world of High School? Bring back memories?
JU: It’s really great as an actor to be able to pull from real experience, as ‘Glee’ is pretty similar to my high school experience. I feel like I’ve gotten to go back to school in someone else’s shoes. It brings back memories but I was not like Tina at all, so its really fun to relive it differently.

CM: How is working on a hit TV show different from working in musical theatre? Similarities?
JU: They are completely different. TV is pretty new to me. I love working in Musical Theatre and that’s always been where I feel most at home, but I’m really enjoying being a sponge and watching people like Jane Lynch work. It’s much smaller for the camera, all your moves and actions and faces. But we get to sing and dance on TV so it’s a whole new genre we are experimenting with. I can’t really say which I like better. I love aspects of both.

CM: Are people starting to recognize you? How does that feel?
JU: People are beginning to recognize me a little. It’s weird and rewarding at the same time. People actually care about my life and our show which is weird but so cool at the same time. But it doesn’t really change things, I just appreciate the acknowledgment, I guess.

CM: How are your cast members? Does everyone get along? Any funny stories from on set?
JU: We are one big happy family.  Everyone is so dynamic and different, but it works. We all love each other and actually hang out all the time on and off set. There are so many good times on set but in between takes we all sit in “club cast,” and play mafia since there’s usually about at least 8 of us on set at a time.

CM: Are Corey and Lea dating in real life?
JU: No, Cory and Lea are NOT dating in real life haha.

CM: You have known your castmate Lea Michele for a while now, right? How did you two meet? (It must be nice having someone from ‘home’ out in LA with you..)
JU: We met when we were both working on Broadway around the ages of 8-9. She was doing Ragtime and I was doing King and I and the ‘Broadway Kid’ community is pretty small. So we’ve known each other for a long time. It was very comforting having someone around in LA when we first came out and not knowing anyone else. I joined Spring Awakening and our time there overlapped– so we got to do that together and then she got Glee and then not long after, I got Glee!

CM: Have you enjoyed the musical selection on ‘Glee’? What has been your favorite song to sing?…Your performance of ‘True Colors’ was great! It was really nice to see you do a solo. Should we be expecting big things from Tina as the show continues? Will we find out more about her background, her story?
JU: I hope in future episodes you will learn more.  The musical selection has been quite incredible and I’m so grateful for the amazing classics we’ve been able to do, but ‘Somebody to Love’ is one of my favorite songs in general, so be able to do a really great rendition of it was very cool. We also felt like that was one of our group numbers that really brought us together and we felt like a group.

CM: I really love how diverse the cast of ‘Glee‘ is, you guys really cover a large spectrum. How do you feel about this?
JU: I think that’s what makes it work so well, our chemistry and dynamic is made off of us all being so different. None of us look or act the same. Our personalities are so different and we are so lucky because it really works. The show reaches out to so many different people and I think its great that people see themselves in us.

CM: Do you all film Monday-Friday every week? What is your schedule/a typical day like for you?
JU: When we got to the last few episodes, we were working 5 days a week, 12 hour days. Typically, it takes 8 days to complete an episode and if we are not shooting a scene, we are in dance rehearsal or in the recording studio putting down a song. It’s hectic and crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Luckily, we usually have our weekends to ourselves.

CM: What type of music can we get excited for upcoming episodes? I heard there will be an all Madonna episode which sounds awesome…
JU: Yes, there will be a full Madonna episode which will be A LOT of Madonna music!

CM: How does it feel to be working alongside 3 guys voted on People’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive list?’
JU: Haha – Well, they are more like brothers to me, so ….weird. No – haha – its awesome, im so happy for them and they look great!

CM: Have you ever been starstruck? Met anyone cool?
JU: Of course, Everyday! haha. Josh Groban, Kristen Chenoweth! All of our guest stars! but they all end up being amazing and so lovely. I also met Terri Hatcher who is a Gleek which was amazing!

CM: How was singing at the World Series? (Yankee fan right??)
JU: I am a Yankees fan! And it was INCREDIBLE! a dream come true, really. It was surreal and amazing! We sang the day of the rain delay, so we were like down in a basement locker room with no cell service and then they were like, ok rains done! GO! haha! So much fun.

CM: How is LA compared to NY?
JU: LA is sunny! haha – No LA you drive, it’s a different vibe. It’s really chill and just everyone is really lax. NY, your heart beats differently there. It’s so cool to be in the city and be in the middle of chaos and it’s just home for me, so they both have their perks.

*Sidenote – I really like that, ‘You’re heart beats differently there’ [in reference to NY]… It’s true :)

CM: What was the first major difference you noticed about LA (vs. NY) when you arrived?
JU: Driving! Because I lived in NYC for so long and was so used to the numbered streets and walking everywhere!

CM: What do you miss most?
JU: The busy vibe. Everyone is always moving and everything is always open.

CM: How do you deal with homesickness? Do you do anything to feel connected to home?
JU: It’s so interesting, because you leave for college and home is never really the same, but then you move across country and home seems so far away but I am lucky enough to be able to get back and I have an amazing support system and family that keep in touch with me always so its been a lot easier. When I first moved it was really hard but I get back enough now to NY. I come as often as I can and when I need to go, I do, even just for a weekend. I use email, facebook and my phone to keep me in touch and I have also gained a new foundation of family and friends here from Fox and Glee, So I’m doing alright.

CM: Do you have any siblings?
JU: 1 older brother, Gregg. He’s 33 and he’s the best.

CM: What do you do to stay healthy?
JU: I eat well, I drink a lot of water, I exercise as much as possible (Yoga, Running) I try and walk as much as possible, since I tend to use my car everywhere haha.

CM: What are your vices?
JU: I’m a total coffee snob, I can’t go without it. I occasionally love my sweets and I eat a lot of sushi, probably more than I should.

CM: What do you do to relax and unwind?
JU: I am addicted to my DVR, so I tape all my shows, sit on my couch with my snuggie and just read or watch TV. I also love twitter and facebook, so it’s a nice time to just surf the web and not think about anything else.

CM: Do you have any favorite new shows on TV right now?
JU: Flashforward, Modern Family…

CM: Where do you go to have fun?
JU: We love hanging out at each others’ apartments, I love wine bars, karaoke, bowling or the beach.

CM: Who do you go to to tell your secrets?
JU: My best friends. I have an incredible base of friends who I tell everything.

CM: Who do you look up to?
JU: My dad.

These are a few of my favorite things…
Favorite Movie? Dirty Dancing
Favorite Singer /Band? Right now? Lady Gaga
Favorite Play? Play – Hamlet or Steady Rain (I just saw both) and musical is anything Stephen Sondheim
Favorite Actor/Actress? Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep
Favorite Color? Black
Favorite Athlete? Jorge Posada

Gleek Out!
Mr. Schue with Terri or Emma?
Mr. Shue and Emma of course.

Do you think Sue should have a love interest? What about Kurt or Mercedes, do you think they will eventually have love interests? And of course Tina and Artie will happen!….
I think Sue should have a few love interests but nothing substantial, it’ll kill it for now i think. I’m sure in the future she will. I hope that Mercedes and Kurt each get boyfriends. I can’t wait to see what they do with Tina and Artie! We have no idea! I’d love to see Mercedes’ get a boyfriend and Kurt maybe a sugar daddy haha.

Should Tina wear less black? How do you feel about it? Will she be trying other colors in her hair or just sticking to blue?
I hope she can try some new colors eventually but I’m loving the blue right now. Tina has “pops” of color. I like the black base. I’m a fan of black, grey and white though as Jenna, so I don’t mind it!

Should Artie miraculously be able to walk?
No, I don’t think so. I think that Kevin is a great dancer, but it would take away the reality that Artie really is in a wheelchair and that would kind of be an insult to what he’s representing. I was almost scared of Tina faking the stutter but I think it was done tastefully.

Should Quinn keep the baby?
I don’t know. I don’t think so.

Lastly, a few random factoids…
I’m actually shy
I love rollercoasters
I love to clean
I’m a Vegetarian
I am terrified of spiders
What a year it has been for Jenna along with the rest of the cast of ‘Glee‘! I mean, Golden Globes, performing at the White House, going on Oprah?! ‘Glee‘ has become a total phenomenon. It’s a great show with a ton of tricks up their sleeve for the spring season… Stay tuned!
Glee premieres tomorrow (Tuesday, April 13th) right after American Idol on FOX at 9:28pm!

And it’s just another Manic Monday

When I say ‘this weekend was a busy one’, I mean it. We had so much to do which made those two precious days go by so fast!

Friday I got to leave work a little earlier than usual, got on an early train and had time to relax before I headed out for the evening. It was so nice! I just vegged out in front of the TV – caught up with the cast of ‘Glee’ on Oprah. After spending time with Oprah, I spent time with Danielle. D and I grabbed some delicious sushi then headed to Merrimack to see their performance of RENT. It was excellent; I was very impressed – such amazing voices!

Saturday morning I woke up with a migraine. TERRIBLE! Like, seriously – why on a Saturday? I slowly got it together and made some moves. First move – buy Jack Johnson tickets for July 12th. CAN NOT WAIT for the concert – I loove me some Jack Johnson and I’ve never seen him perform. I have however met him at the Pearl Jam/U2 concert in Hawaii a few years ago. That was one of the best days of my life. Second move – go run important errands and browse a few shops. Since I dropped the ball on Rent the Runway, I figured I might as well have a look… I found a really cute dress to wear to the wedding so I was pumped!

Not the best picture, but you get the gist...

Saturday night was the wedding and although I had a migraine I powered through and we had a great time – so much fun! Bim looked gorgeous and extremely happy – her and Scott seemed to really enjoy the whole evening.

It was funny to be socializing/drinking/dancing with ‘work people.’ Colin was a huge hit as usual! I love having him with me at social events, he is so good – talks to anyone, doesn’t mind dancing, just likes to have a good time. He makes everyone laugh and people generally love him (especially me!)

OH! Also… I caught the bouquet! This little man visiting over from Thailand (Bim is Thai) caught the garter. I had to sit on the chair in front of everyone while this man put the garter on my thigh – in front of work people. Pretty interesting…

Sunday morning we got up early and hit the road – destination, St. Johnsbury VT for Colin’s grandfather’s birthday party! It was a really good time – I love getting to see all of Colin’s family. The drive back was beautiful (and I was actually awake for most of it.)

Still a little snow on the mountain...

Now, onto today’s business –

On 4/15 bring in a reusable tumbler and Starbucks will fill it for free in an effort to get rid of paper cups!

Conan just announced today that he will have a new show on TBS at 11pm starting this November – pumped!

Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for his Master’s win!! The good husband, dad, son, person, etc. won and that is something to celebrate. After a tough year supporting his wife as well as his mother with their battle against breast cancer, he won a battle of his own. He might have even taught Tiger a thing or two about karma.

Great article here –

Today’s Save – $25 for a trial membership at the Cambridge Athletic Club (25 day pass + 1hr free personal training session.) Not too shabby!

Also, check out Eversave on –

Today’s Groupon – $5 for $10 at the Pita Pit – 479 Harvard Street, Brookline.

Today’s deal on is a discounted cleaning service – Crystal Clean Home Cleaning Service*new customers only.

Today on Buywithme, $15 for $30 at Savenor’s (market) in Cambridge or Beacon Hill –

Wine Riot – Saturday 1-5pm and 7-11pm at Cyclorama –  539 Tremont Street, South End (617) 426-5000. Eats from Tremont 647, Red Bones and Masa.

Get tickets here –

Go for a run tonight with Boston Community Runs. Three, five and seven mile runs are offered around the Charles. After your run you’re rewarded with complimentary appetizers. This happens every Monday at 6:30pm – meet at McGreevey’s (911 Boylston Street, Back Bay) and go from there…

Attention all ‘Massholes’, get ready to become a star!

Tomorrow, Glee is back with an all Madonna episode! More info here –

And here is a preview from Broadway World –

Lastly I leave you with these two pictures…

Denise Truscello - Wire Image - From

Why Heidi? Why? I’m sorry but this extreme boobage, extreme blonde, extreme sparkle, etc. is just not for me…


Kim, your heiney is showing a little bit…

Have a good evening! I have a Glee-ful surprise for you later… Stay tuned :)

Peace and quiet

I’m in the house by myself. I’m currently sitting in my room in peace and quiet. It’s honestly a miracle after the past few days I have had. I’ve been going non-stop and let me tell you – it is draining. Do you ever feel like all the energy is just sucked right out of you? Or that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Ugh, why can’t I be a superhero? They can do everything…

Anyway, I am SO SORRY for not posting yesterday and all of today! I’m not following the rules of ‘no excuses, blog like a champion.’ I’m ashamed of myself and will strive to be a better blogger everyday. Especially for you Jean!

So tonight I helped judge the science fair at Meg’s school (Bellesini Academy in Lawrence, all boys grades 5-8.) At first I felt stupid, ‘Wait what is the variable? The thing that stays the same or the thing that changes?’ ‘And the control is the opposite, right?’ Ugh, I was never good at science.

I learned a thing or two which was nice. The judging part was hard, they all did a nice job so I was throwing 5’s out left and right (scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest score.) I didn’t want the people tallying up the points to think my scoring was fishy, so I threw in a few 4’s and one or two 3’s – it was stressful. Oh, I also think it’s worth mentioning that the boys at Meg’s school all think Meg and I are twins – mainly because we’re white, tall and have blond hair. They get a reeeal kick out of saying ‘Miss Mescall ‘and having both of us turn around to respond. Oh adolescent boys!

Apparently today was National Beer Day. You have 2 hours left – go grab yourself a cold one!

Groupon of the day – hurry! -$25 for $50 worth of food + drinks at the Ashmont Grill

*Side deal, $8 for 2 tickets to The Comedy Studio

The Save of the day – hurry! – $35 for a $75 haircut at The Salon at 10 Newbury Street

*5% of proceeds go toward Wigs for Well-Being!

Coupme deal – $30 for a photography sitting ($285 value!)

From Boston Restaurant Talk – 5 restaurants with outdoor dining on the water for the beautiful, summer like weather we had today (I’m sorry, but I just don’t think it’s OK for it to reach 90 degrees in Boston in April. Anybody with me here?)

The Russell House Tavern opens in Harvard Square tomorrow. They are now taking reservations (617) 500-3055

Round 1 Celtics playoff tickets are now available –

Here are the ‘Beats by Dre’ Red Sox headphones I blogged about the other day –

Are you an old Italian man trapped inside a young 20somethings body? This might be just for you –

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Pre-order the new Jack Johnson album, ‘To the Sea’ now!

Daily Candy makes curling your hair look easy –

More tickets WILL be available tomorrow for the Boston Bacon and Beer fest!

This Saturday, April 10th, the Phantom Gourmet Wine and Food Phest is coming to the Bayside Expo Center in Dorchester from 3:00 – 8:00 pm – tickets are $30 in advance.

Fashionably Late at the Liberty Hotel is tomorrow from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am. This event will benefit Ray Allen’s Ray of Hope Foundation as well as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Interested in fashion + music for a good cause? RSVP to More info –

Are you a blogger in New York? This could be a perfect job for you! Check it out –

Well, I’m pooped! Time for bed. Goodnight! :)

PS – I hope you caught the cast of Glee on Oprah today! I DVRed it so will have to watch it within the next few days!