New Year’s Eve (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 61)


resolution pronunciation /ˌrɛzəˈluʃən/  Show Spelled[rez-uh-loo-shuhn] 


1. a resolve or determination: to make a firm resolution to do something.
Another year is quickly coming to an end. It’s crazy how fast time goes by these days. Rather then feeling sadness, I feel excitement, hope and motivation when I think about the blessing of a new year. 2011, I welcome you with open arms. I know you’ll be good to me. :)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been hearing the word ‘resolution’ thrown around the past few days. It’s time to make those lists that you know you’ll never actually stick to the whole year. Now, whether you follow your new resolutions to a T or you forget about them come February, I still think it’s a nice idea to think about what you’d like to do better with the year laid out in front of you. It’s always good to take a moment and reflect on the year that has ended and to think about what you’d like to accomplish in the months ahead.

When the ball drops tonight, wipe your slate clean. Give 2010 a pat on the back, and give yourself a fresh start. Look 2011 in the eyes and say ‘bring it on’, because you’re ready for it. I know I am!

A few of my resolutions and goals for 2011:

1. Write a book. I have an idea, I’ve started to build the characters, and I’ve even begun the writing process. Maybe by 2012 I’ll have a final product?

2. Run half marathon numero dos. I have my sights set on the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville on April 30th – the day before my 25th birthday.

3. What’s a New Year’s Resolution list without something about fitness, eating right, or losing weight? For 2011, I’d like to make a serious effort towards taking better care of my body. What do I mean by this? I mean, I want more energy! I want to feel healthy, strong and good about myself. I mean using the gym membership I’m paying for. Setting aside time to take the classes I enjoy. Figuring out what vitamins/foods I need to be eating to get plenty of vitamin D (recently found out I have a deficiency and I want strong healthy bones!). Using less sugar, and potentially no sugar at all, in my coffee. And probably most importantly, getting more sleep.

4. Constantly work on balance. Balance is so incredibly difficult. I struggle with my work vs. personal life balance every day. Personal life meaning: Colin, family, friends, my blog, working out, reading, doing things that I enjoy, etc. I can’t even imagine when I have my own family with children thrown in the mix. I want to try to understand balance better before that happens!

5. Be on time. Get rid of ‘Colleen time’ and work on understanding ‘real life time’ a bit better.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Be safe. Here are a few fab tips from My Secret Boston on how to ring in 2011. And don’t forget to check out 2010 In Review from the Huffpost Bloggers as well as all of TIME Magazine’s lists (they have a ton) capturing the funny, sad, terrifying, happy, viral, crazy, scandalous (and more!) moments of 2010.

My kindness today:
Why, I’m wishing everyone I see a Happy New Year of course!


Happy 2011!

Little tidbits for my 100th post

This is my 100th post. YAY! *Happy Dance*

On that note… There are days when I feel like I can literally do anything. Days when for some reason, I’m just feeling good. I feel like I really can write a book, I really can run another half marathon, I really can accomplish whatever the hell I want to. I always wonder on days like today, where does this random burst of inspiration come from? I guess today is a day I feel like sharing random tidbits with everyone…

My thoughts are jumbled. I have a few tips. I’m not an expert. I don’t know it all, I know a little, I want to know more. Take ’em or leave ’em people.

If you meet a guy/girl and you both like one another, don’t wait around – make the move if you want to. Call or text him/her, whatever. What do you have to lose? Just go for it.

If you want to break up with someone because you’re in a relationship that isn’t working, do it. Don’t stay in the relationship because you feel bad, or worse, guilty.You both will be happier for it, eventually.

Learn about yourself. What is going to make you happy? You can’t put yourself first all the time, but most of the time you have to. This is how you’re going to help everyone else in your life be happy as well.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Communication is key. In relationships, in friendships, within families. You have to talk about things. Unfortunately there aren’t enough mind readers or magicians in the world. People aren’t going to just know what you’re thinking, or know what you want. You have to speak up for yourself. Voice your opinion.

Take pride in your work, in what you do. If you’re a teacher, if you’re a bus driver, if you’re a surgeon, a hairdresser, a lawyer, a chef, etc. whatever you do – do it 110%. No one likes a slacker.

That being said, dress appropriately at work. No need to wear short skirts, this is not a bar on a Saturday night. Don’t wear tube tops, we’re not at the beach. If you’re wearing a top that’s semi-revealing, bring a cardigan. If you’re wearing a dress, a skirt or shorts make sure they are damn close to your knees (yes I said knees, not your cooch – cause let me tell you, I’ve seen short, and that just ain’t right.)

Be nice to people. Get the chip off your shoulder. No one needs your attitude for no reason. Also, don’t belittle people, that’s not nice.

When someone asks a favor of you, remember one day you’re gonna need a favor as well…

Find a hobby that you love. Spend time with your hobby. Make friends that share in your hobby. It’s fun!

Try new things. Try one new thing every month. I’ve never been rock climbing, I’m going to try it. I’ve never made an apple pie, I want to try that too. I’ve never been in a book club, I want to join one.

There is something you really, truly want to do. I know there is. I may not know exactly what it is, but I know it’s there. So, do it. Get ‘er done. Go after it. I want to write a book. It’s not the easiest thing to want to do, but one day (mark my words) it’s gonna happen. Getting it published may be another story…

Know that you’re at work for a reason; they want you there, you have something that’s valuable to your company. Think about that, remember that.

Stop letting people tell you what to do. Stop letting people walk all over you. You are not a door mat, instead you’re a very nice, capable, intelligent person. Learn to say no. You cannot do everything. Stop trying to.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone fails, everyone makes mistakes. What is the point on driving yourself crazy over this stuff? There is no point. Okay maybe for a few days, or I’ll even give you a few weeks (for big things) but no more than that. Have a pity party for yourself and move on! That’s the only way you’re gonna improve, the only way you’re gonna feel good about yourself again.

Explore your city. Take advantage of all the amazing things going on every day, every hour, every minute… Get out there!

Get a healthy amount of sleep. I am SO VERY bad at this.

I’ll end my little rant (or whatever this is) with a simple one:  When someone smiles at you, smile back.

Goodnight! :)

Half Marathon, check!

This has been a BIG & busy weekend!

Friday Colin and I headed to Vermont after work to his parents house and my parents met us there for a lovely dinner courtesy of the Temples. I loaded up on carbs with delicious pasta – that Mrs. Temple knows her sauce & macaroni I’ll tell ya!

Colin & Dad on our drive to Burlington

My lovely Mum :)

Saturday we headed up to Burlington to visit with my Mom’s Aunt & her cousins. It was great to see everyone and to see the area where Mom spent all her summers growing up. A nice little trip down memory lane… We then went to Church St. in downtown Burlington, had lunch at an Irish pub called Ri Ra (I had a fried egg sandwich & french fries = very healthy) then walked around for a bit. It was a beautiful day!

Ri Ra –

Ri Ra - Irish Pub - Stay for the 'daily' craic ! *Picture by Nancy Temple

Church Street - picture from my phone - not too great a picture...

Ben and Jerry's in Burlington, yum!

Afterward we took a drive past the house my grandfather grew up in! It was very cool to see that –

Mom & Popper's house!

Next on the agenda was Mallett’s Bay where my mother and her cousins spent a lot of time – it was gorgeous! We had a bit of a photo shoot and here are a few pictures – we got some good shots – thanks Mrs. T!

Mallett’s Bay –

Ma & Pa <3

Meg & Pops

Soon to be Mr & Mrs !

A nice little lovefest of pictures!

Saturday night we all went out for dinner – my parents, Meg, Matt, the O’Neills, The Temples, Colin and I. We went to this place called the Two Brother’s Tavern in Middlebury, VT. It was GREAT! Such a cute, cozy restaurant with very good service and an interesting/fresh menu. I snapped some pictures of our dinners on my phone –

Meg got fondue

Cheese Fondue (from their Menu* – delish)

Cabot cheddar and Vermont Butter & Cheese chevre melted with Wolaver’s IPA and a hint of maple syrup. Garnished with Steven’s Orchard apple cider and Champlain Valley Apiaries honey reduction and served with honeycrisp apples, warm baguette slices and Vermont Smoke & Cure slab bacon for dipping. Serves two. $11.99

Colin & Mrs. Temple both got the Sante fe Tortellini

Santa Fe Tortellini (from their menu*)

Spicy Cajun grilled chicken, cheese tortellini and tomatoes in a fresh homemade salsa cream sauce. $8.99

Dad got the Venison & Beef Bourguignon

Venison & Beef Bourguignon (from their menu*)

LedgEnd Farm venison, Boyden Farm top sirloin and Vermont Smoke & Cure slab bacon stewed with burgundy, pearl onions, mushrooms and root vegetables. Served in a hot cast-iron crok with a Cabot cheddar and scallion mashed potatoes crust. $14.99

Maple Butter Orecchiette - I got this & it was SO GOOD

Maple Butter Orecchiette (from their menu*)

Baby spinach, roasted red peppers and toasted walnuts sauteed in a Vermont maple butter sauce. Tossed with ear-shaped pasta and Gorgonzola crumbles. $14.99

A shared dessert

Chocolate Porter Cake (from their menu*)

Two Brothers’ signature dessert. A dense, mildly sweet cake made with Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter and balanced with a chocolate Chambord ganache. $5.50

Everything was delicious and reasonably priced. We had a lot of laughs & a lot of great food, definitely an equation for a good night!

So, Today – Sunday April 25th – was the half marathon! I woke up, showered, ate a bagel with peanut butter, drank a ton of water, suited up and headed to the start line with Meg and Matt. We stretched it out, I ate one of those energy gel things, peed 2 times because I was so über paranoid (TMI I know, sorry) and lined up to get going!

I was pretty nervous/excited. The energy was great and there were over 500 runners – from ages 11 to about 70+, it was amazing!

So let me be honest with you all, the race was harder than I thought. It was a beautiful day out today – nice and sunny – so it was pretty hot. There was a nice breeze, but I prefer running a long distance on a chillier (maybe even a light drizzle) type day, so the sun beating down on me was tough. There were also a decent amount of good-sized hills (in VT? Go figure…) which surprisingly wasn’t very enjoyable, so I’m glad I survived those. Everytime I got to the top of a hill I thanked the dear Lord I didn’t keel over. By mile ten I took my iPod off and started concentrating on saying Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s. It was tough, but the route was beautiful – very scenic – which helped me enjoy the run.

I’d like to tell you that completing a half marathon feels absolutely amazing. I decided I wanted to run one, I started training and I actually did it – I am so proud of myself. It was SO WONDERFUL to have my parents, Meg, Colin’s parents and Matt’s parents there to cheer us on! SO SO SO WONDERFUL! They followed the route (in the car) and stopped to get out so they could take pictures/cheer for us while we were passing. Each time I saw them it gave me such a burst of energy which was exactly what I needed to keep me going. I owe part of the credit to them for helping me finish the race – without that support, today would have been an even harder challenge! Having Matt do the race with me was such a comfort as well, I’m so proud of him – he did a great job! About 1 hr and 42 minutes or so. I came in around 2 hrs and 11 minutes – around 10 minute miles,  I was happy with it for my first time + lots of hills haha! Here are some pictures Mrs. Temple took (thanks again, I love them!)

Gearing up to go!

Coming up the hill

Meg ran with me for a bit!! :)

Here comes Matt!

Here I come - finish line!


I swear I don't have a hump back - that's my hood! haha

It meant SO much to me to have my parents there -- SO happy!!!

Reppin' Merrimack

Mrs. Temple got some great shots – thanks again!!!

Thank you to my parents, Meg, Colin, Matt, The Temples, The O’Neill’s, all my siblings and my friends for everyone’s  support – I couldn’t have done it without you. When I made it to the top of the hardest hill, or when I thought the sun couldn’t feel any hotter on me, I remembered all the kind and encouraging words I’ve received!

This weekend was awesome – filled with fun, great food, good memories, amazing people, lots of laughs and proud accomplishments. I crossed ‘complete a half marathon’ off my bucket list, not a bad feeling I’ll tell ya.

Well, thanks for reading my long update! Time for some rest, my knees are hurtin’. Goodnight all :)

Here goes nothin’…

I started this week off right. Not that I organized the Boston Marathon, or that I ran in it or anything. I wasn’t even able to go watch (hey, someone has to bring home the bacon! I had work…) But I did read about it – and through reading different stories I felt the inspiration, the motivation, the hard work, the dedication, and the love that had been poured into this event. It is amazing and gives me an enormous sense of encouragement as I set out to tackle my first ever half marathon this weekend. 

The weekend has finally come. It’s time. I’m ready. It seriously feels like it has taken a long time to get here. Truthfully, it kind of has – it has been about two months of training. I decided for Lent that I would DO something positive instead of giving something up. My ‘something positive’ = train for a half marathon with the intention of actually signing up for one and not only signing up, but completing it. And I’m almost at my goal. 

It’s a great feeling to know how hard I’ve worked and now I’m just a day away from success (hopefully!) This process has taught me a lesson – no matter how much you want to give up on something, if you gave your word and if your goal means so much to you – you need to keep going, to push yourself and to finish what you started. 

If you’re interested in running your first half marathon, good for you! I say DO IT! First comes the decision to set out to run a half marathon, then comes finding a training schedule/plan that works for you (my recommendation, Fitness Magazine’s beginners training guide

make sure your sneakers are comfortable – if you need a new pair, invest in them and then when you feel confident – sign up for a race. After you pay the $30 – $50 fee (typically around this amount) + all the hard work you put in, you are going to finish that race! Another tip I have is to constantly update the music on your iPod – it does wonders! My playlist recommendation?

So, Colin and I leave for Vermont soon! We’re heading to Colin’s parents house and my parents are going to meet us there as well. Mrs. Temple is cooking us a big, wonderful, delicious pasta dinner (which I can’t wait for!) and I think it’s gonna be a great time. Tomorrow we’re going to visit my mothers aunt in South Burlington, have lunch with the Temples, roam around and hopefully meet Meg, Matt and his parents at some point! I’m so excited that Matt will also be running in the race and that his family + Meg will also be coming up for the big event! Such a great weekend ahead :) I’ll let you know how it goes. 


For more information on the run go here – 

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for their support and for keeping me going! 

Have a great weekend!!

Lady’s day of surgery :(

As I was on the train home tonight – I looked out the window and saw this:

Very pretty. It made me smile.  :)

Another thing that made me smile on the train – I forgot my train pass/work ID badge at home today (switched jackets – always check the pockets when you do this!) – both this morning and this afternoon the awesome conductors let it slide and didn’t make me cough up another $12.50 on top of what I pay for my monthly pass. Thank you guys!

When I got off the train, Meg and Lady were waiting for me. Poor little Lady was spayed today. She is so tired and seems pretty sore. I feel so bad! I’ve been giving her extra hugs and kisses so hopefully that helps.

Little Lady

This poor little thing!

I held Lady's hand, um actually, paw... to make her feel better

Last night we had dinner with Fr. Jim for his birthday. We had a great time – it’s always so nice to catch up with Fr. Jim and all his stories.

We asked him what the key is to staying so energetic, active – so young – at the age of 80? Fr. Jim said simply being around young people, exercising your mind and making an effort to keep up with the times, with what’s going on around you, are all so important in feeling your best.

OK, down to today’s business –

Tomorrow is Thrifty Thursday’ at GSpa.  Here’s the deal, you get 50% off any cut and/or color. Bonus! 50% all facials/waxing.

Tomorrow, get yourself a slice of delicious and *FREE* cheese pizza at G’s Famous Pizza – 1033 Mass Avenue, Boston (617) 442-9463. They’d like to thank everyone for their support in celebration of their one week anniversary! Congrats!

Brunello Bistro in Somerville serve up $1 appetizers Monday – Friday from 4pm-7pm. Score!

Apparently, Monday – Friday the Harpoon Brewery offers *free* beer tastings. I wonder if they’re worth it? Sounds awesome… Anyone ever been/heard anything about them?

Such an amazing deal – for the month of May, Masa in the South End have $5 margaritas!!! So pumped about this. And to top it all off, they have .50 cent tapas at the bar all week from 5pm to 7pm.

We finally did it! Colin and I have booked our flights to Ireland. We didn’t get an amazing deal but we are happy with what we found/paid. It’s so nice to have this taken care of – feels like such a weight has been lifted. Now we are even more excited for THE EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!! (Meg and Matt’s Wedding!)
Ok, early bedtime tonight – I have a half marathon to run on Sunday – woop woop. Goodnight!

The ‘Best Effort’ Award

I gave myself an award this weekend. In the ‘Running Category’ I received the ‘Best Effort’ award (hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to stay motivated…)

Wow, I am shocked! What an honor this is! I never thought I would be accepting the ‘Best Effort’ award. Jeekers, I didn’t even prepare a speech or anything. Well, I couldn’t have done this on my own that is for damn sure. I have so many people to thank. I’d like to thank God along with the Academy. First, I’d like to thank Colin for always giving me great pep talks and for showing me some good stretches this weekend. I’d like to thank Matthew for giving me advice (he is a pro at running), my fabulous parents, my siblings, Meg, Mary, Heather, Nuge, Christine, LVP, the Temples for the extra encouragement, Lady (the dog) for licking me while I was stretching, the people who honked and waved at me while I was running and the cool breeze for keeping me from keeling over. Thanks to Fitness Magazine for their amazing half marathon training schedule! Also, let’s not forget those people who were following me my whole run – Fatman Scoop, Rihanna, The Black Eyed Peas, Miranda Lambert, Timbaland, Ke$ha, LMFAO, Stevie Wonder, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, y’all my peeps. This was a team effort, so THANK YOU ALL!

I ran 11 miles yesterday, with no walking, and under 9 minute miles. I am so happy with my run yesterday, I can’t even fully explain. I didn’t want to run AT ALL, it was rainy and gross which made me just want to sit on the warm, comfy couch and catch up on the DVR. But, I knew if I did not run the 11 miles, that I would have a real tough time at the half marathon next weekend. I kept delaying all day yesterday. Colin motivated me by asking, ‘You know what the difference between good and great is?’ No, what? ‘Doing something when you don’t want to do it. Anyone can do something when they want to do it.’ Very true. I’m going to keep those words with me this week.

This is how I felt:


Anyway, Matt showed me a great loop to do, so I had half of an avocado + a Kashi Go Lean crunchy chocolate and caramel bar, drank some water, put on my gear, downloaded some new tunes, stretched it out with Colin, and got on the road.

I felt good the whole run, which kept me feeling pumped up. Everytime that devil appeared on my shoulder urging me to walk, I checked in with myself, ‘Does anything hurt?’ ‘No’, ‘Are you still breathing okay?’ ‘Yes’, ok then – shut up devil, I’m running.

When I was done I felt like this:

But, my foot felt like this:

Because of this:

Sorry, I realize that picture is both TMI as well as relatively disturbing, but it is necessary to show in order to prove my commitment to running. I got the blister half way through my run which kind stunk but it kept my legs from feeling completely numb which I think is a good thing…. Colin and I are going to go to New Balance after church to look into new sneakers. I really should have thought about getting new sneakers when I first started training but I’m a fool and didn’t. I’m not sure if it is the best idea to get new sneakers with only a week till the half marathon but I guess I’ll ask the people at New Balance… If you have any thoughts/suggestions on this I welcome them.

The other day I was talking to someone about the New Balance ‘love/hate relationship with running’ commercials. I think almost every runner can identify with this. I know I can!!!

So, the race is next weekend and I’m getting more excited rather than nervous! My mom is coming up to Boston on Friday to ride up to VT with Colin and I, my dad will be in England this week for work (as long as he gets on a flight!) so he will fly into Boston next weekend, then up to Burlington. Meg and Matt, along with his parents will be coming up to VT on Saturday and Colin’s parents will already be there of course! It’s going to be a lot of fun and I am so thankful that Matt will be running the race as well and that all our family will be there cheering us on. :)

Other than running yesterday, we also went to Merrimack last night to hang out with Colin’s sister Liz and her friends. We kept saying we will definitely come hang out/drink with them before they graduate and it’s already halfway through April! They’re graduating in a month! So we decided last night was the perfect night to make good on our promise. We headed over there around 8, Liz had made sauce and Colin made the dough + pizzas. We ate, drank, played games and had fun! It’s always funny to be back on campus and I think that was our last time ever! Once Liz graduates I just don’t think it will be acceptable for Colin and I to go back. Miiiight be a little creepy….

Friday night I went out with some co-workers after work for some drinks. We decided to go over to Faneuil Hall. First try was McCormicks and Schmicks – too crowded, next stop Kitty O’Sheas – dead, third stop McFaddens – decent amount of people, plus Nicole scored a table = win for McFaddens (even though I truly, truly dislike McFaddens. Sorry if I’m offending anyone.) We had a such a great time at McFaddens that we decided to continue on to Hennessy’s around 9:15ish to see Fast Times, the best 80’s cover band ever. My friends and I used to pretty much stalk them in college and had way too much fun doing it. It was great to see them but a little weird without my girls!

Overall, a very good Friday night.

We’re heading to church in a little bit, then New Balance. Later, I’m meeting up with Nuge and Christine for dinner. I can’t wait to see them and catch up!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday :)

I’ll leave you with a few little tid bits –

  • Twitter is awesome:

  • Unemployment rate falling in MA:
  • The Material Girl herself approves of the all Madonna episode of Glee:

To all those running the Boston Marathon tomorrow: you are extremely impressive, I admire you, you should be proud of yourselves and I wish you all the best of luck! I give you my ‘Best Effort’ award!


AA’s to DD’s? No!

I can’t believe I’m running a half-marathon in 10 days! I’m getting a little nervous…

Some tips I’m going to follow next week (week of race) ––preparing-for-race?sssdmh=dm17.442335&esrc=halfmarathon_Wk8&email=2450190409

Apparently Kate Hudson got a boob job. Now, I’m not the biggest plastic surgery advocate by any means, but I would just like to say that this is a case where plastic surgery makes sense. Kate Hudson is a beautiful woman with a very small chest (from one small chested girl to another…) and I’m assuming she just wanted a little extra somethin’ somethin’, so she used some of her millions of dollars to upgrade to a very reasonably sized chest. She is in her thirties, is a mother, accomplished actress – I’m pretty sure she is confident in the decisions she makes. She didn’t go overboard and upgrade from AA’s to DD’s, I am guessing she went to a full-sized B, nothing too extravagant. And you know what? They look good! So congrats!

Heidi Montag is the complete opposite. She has gone WAY over the top with her plastic surgery. Pre-surgery she was ridiculous, post-surgery she has crossed over into beyond ridiculousness, craziness even… Heidi’s situation is actually pretty sad. She is only 23 years old, married to another crazy, hoping to make it big as movie star.

Heidi, please, please, please take it down a notch.,,20359973,00.html

On Saturday from 11am-7pm go to the ‘Closet Raid for Charity’ in order to score slightly worn designer pieces ($5-$199) from labels such as Adam, Elizabeth and James, True Religion, etc (sizes 0-12.) All proceeds benefit Women for Women International. 12 Fleet Street, North End (617) 523.8008 (via Daily Candy.)

Ok, I am officially pooped. Spent the night doing absolutely nothing. I guess you need nights like that!

Sleep tight :)

A VS model isn’t happy with her body? Seriously?

I often see this woman on both the commuter rail as well as the shuttle I take from North Station to Kendall Square in the mornings. She seems very nice and is always friendly towards everyone. This morning I overheard her talking to someone about how ‘they’ were looking for a house in Newburyport. Isn’t it funny when you learn something about someone you don’t really know but you see everyday? I wanted to interrupt her conversation and say, ‘Wow, congratulations! I didn’t know you were looking for a house in Newburyport!’ Most likely she would have thought I was a weirdo… Anyway, not only did I see her on the train this morning, I saw her on the train this evening as well. After she got off, I saw that her husband was waiting for her. When he saw her his eyes lit up! She hurried over to him excitedly – both with big smiles – and grabbed onto each others hand. He started chatting right away, catching her up on all of today’s events. I heard them laughing and thought how wonderful this was to watch. I don’t know for a fact or anything, but my guess is that they’ve been married for a long time. They know each other like the back of their hand, and they still can’t wait to see each other after a long day at work. They still have so much to talk about and not only that, but their love for one another is still so evident, even a stranger can see it.

In other news…

No need to feel guilty for drinking too much coffee! Apparently there are plenty of benefits that come along with your morning cup, your mid-morning cup, your afternoon cup, your pre-commute home cup, etc. etc. etc.

Cafenation is the hot spot in Brighton to go for some coffee and crepes. Try it out –

A Victoria’s Secret model is not happy enough with her body? Is that a joke?

Come on? On one hand it’s like – how can she even say she wants ‘more of a booty’ that she’d be happy with that? She has a perfect body – she shouldn’t want more or less of anything! On the other hand, maybe she has a fast metabolism, is naturally thin and after losing baby weight had no shot of having curves. Maybe now she misses them and wants them back? Doubt she’ll go as far as gaining extra weight in order to get those curves back! I wanted to post this, because it truly goes to show you that you can be 5’10, 120lbs and still not be satisfied with your body. You can be 5’5 and 155lbs, or 4’11 130lbs, 5’8 185lbs, and you’re not happy with your body – you want to be skinnier, you want bigger boobs, you want a smaller waist, longer legs, more junk in your trunk and so forth. Wish for what you will, but remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Whether you’re happy with your body or not, setting a goal to run a race (be it a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon) will definitely make you feel good about your body. You’ll feel strong and proud. Consider it…

And if you do consider it, remember that it’s not all about what your body can do, it’s also about what your mind can do. Here are a few pointers from MORE magazine that will help you keep your mental focus in tact during the race.–sharpening-your-mental?sssdmh=dm17.440999&esrc=halfmarathon_Wk7&email=2450190409

And with that, I’ll leave you with this:

Remember my friends and I went to Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out? Well, my beautiful, trend setting friend Christine (X) made their website in her awesome red coat! Check her out –

It’s been a long one – time for bed! Goodnight :)

Get this devil off my shoulder!

When I run, there is a devil on one of my shoulders and an angel on the other. The devil is a mean little bastard who tells me it’s okay to give up, to stop running, to just walk the rest of the way. The angel tells me I’m doing great, to keep pushing, and that if I quit now I’ll never be able to run the half marathon so I better suck it up.

Today my run was 9.5 miles (it’s really supposed to be tomorrow but since it’s Easter I figured I better run it today.) I went at about 9:30 this morning and it was already very hot. It’s 82 degrees out right now! The heat added a bit of a challenge, but other than that I would say the run went pretty well. I didn’t have my iPod charged, so running that long without music was difficult, I don’t think I’d do that again – the angel and devil are too loud without music. 

If you ever have the chance to run outside in Vermont, I’d say take it. While running, I was thinking how lucky I was to have the mountains surrounding me, such beauty is inspiring. (Although at times I was thinking how unlucky I was to be running 9.5 miles in 80 degree weather, but thats neither here nor there…) I don’t know how I did it, but I did! I finished and am another step closer to crossing that finish line. 

In other news… 

Looking for restaurant/food events going on in April? @HiddenBoston (on Twitter) posted this link and it has a ton of good information – 

So the iPad made its debut today. People are lining up all over the place. I don’t understand this to be honest. Does Apple trick people? Do they brainwash them? Why are these people standing in line for hours to get a new piece of technology? Don’t these people realize that Apple will release a cheaper, upgraded version in a few months? 

Since today is so beautiful, the Temple’s are having some people over and we’re gonna grill outside! This means I get to have some of my favorite foods – hamburgers + Mrs. Temple’s delicious grilled shrimp! They feed me well when I come up here. Good thing I did some running this morning… 

Well, in observance of Easter I think I’ll take the day off from blogging tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Easter with their families! :) 

Some funny Easter pictures for y’all… 

Because I date a hunter...

Funny Easter baby


Running 8 miles gives me butterflies

I let myself sleep in today – these past few weeks have been exhausting. After I finally pried myself from my bed, I made some pancakes (special treat!) and got ready for mass. I’ve always liked Palm Sunday mass – it reminds all of us how much Jesus went through not for himself, but for others. No matter what you believe in, or don’t believe in – you have to give Him credit.

I was dreading my run since my eyes opened this morning. Today was the BIG one (for me at least) – eight miles. I’ve never run eight miles at one given time in my life. As I laced up my sneakers, had a little water, and stretched everything out – I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous. However, my iPod was charged (with a kick-ass playlist), I did feel well rested and I had my favorite sports bra on – I was good to go. I went to, created a nice eight mile loop, and then went off to actually run that loop.

I made it! I finished doing a little under ten minute miles – which I’m quite happy with for now. I had a little cramping around mile five or so, which was frustrating, but other than that it went really well. I even saw Meg and Matt (in their car going to the grocery store) towards the end of my run – they were waving and cheering for me which gave me an extra boost!

After my run I was thinking… I’m really lucky to be surrounded by people who encourage me. My sister lives a very healthy lifestyle – eats really well and works out almost everyday, her fiance Matt has run 1/2 marathons as well as marathons, Colin gives me the best pep talks and always helps me celebrate after a big run, a few of my girlfriends are also planning on doing a 1/2 marathon (at the beginning of May), my parents are coming up to Vermont for the run, Colin’s parents are also going to come watch, Meg’s coming, Matt might run with me, and of course my main man Colin will be there cheering me on. I have all of these people encouraging me and helping me each step of the way. I’m pretty sure I would have given up a few weeks ago if I didn’t have such a great support system. Thanks guys :)

So, I signed up for the race. Now I definitely, 150% have to do it. Ahhhhh!

Need some running tips? I found a good list…

Such an inspiring story from the Globe – it really is amazing what kindness can do for people.

Harvesting hope from a giving tree – The story of three couples, three kidneys and one goal: life

Did you miss Boston’s Restaurant Week?? Well, you’re in luck! The North End Restaurant Week started today, Sunday March 28th and will run until April 2nd, then again from April 4th – April 9th.

I’ll leave you with this – Rachael Ray’s Taco Pasta Toss

I made it for dinner and it turned out really good!

Goodnight and have a great Monday morning! I heard there’s gonna be rain – stay dry!