Two cool things

I have two cool things to share tonight –

The Jimmy Fund is hosting a BIG, FUN race this Tuesday called:

Race to “The Town”

Where you can: “Take to the streets of Boston for a scavenger hunt benefiting the Jimmy Fund, and win tickets to the premiere of Warner Brothers “The Town,” starring Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner.

Teams of two will race throughout the city to pick up clues at different locations featured in the Boston-based film. The first 15 teams to complete the race will win tickets to the Sept.14 movie premiere at Fenway Park, and the top 2 teams will also be granted access to mingle with the stars at the afterparty.”

“The Town” –

I’m sorry, but anything involving an amazing charity PLUS Ben Affleck gets not one but two GIANT thumbs up from me (Ben Affleck is my #1 celebrity crush and always will be). The movie looks reeeally good as well. If I didn’t have to work, I would be there in a SECOND! Sign up and good luck!

Also, congratulations to all of those who participated in The Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk today!


This Wednesday is free yoga in Copley Square hosted and taught by a Healthworks Instructor in partnership with City Sports. This is the last of the three-week series, so make sure you don’t miss out! Class is from 6:00 am – 7:00 am; bring your mat and sign up by emailing

Blogoddesses in the square

Healthworks has gone and done it again. They so graciously invited me to their Blogger Picnic this past Tuesday, so of course I obliged (those ladies know how to treat their bloggers!) They started the evening with a walk through the Copley Square Farmers Market (which unfortunately I didn’t get there in time for) and then they moved on to a Bosu class with Kate (which I was tid bit late for but made it to most of.) Kate was a great instructor – really cheerful and motivating and not in an annoying way at all (which I always appreciate in an instructor.)

The Bosu class was WAY more difficult than I thought it was going to be! I should have known after the intense spin class from last time (and I was only there for like 20 minutes! I need to step it up.) I honestly thought I was someone with relatively good balance until I stood on the Bosu. It was hard, but there was definitely an element of fun in the class as well – good music, good company (and I liked jumping and bouncing all over the place to be quite honest.)

After class we all showered (not together, you sicko!), grabbed our bags of food (courtesy of Whole Foods) and headed out to sit and chat in Copley Square. It was a gorgeous night for some maxin’ and relaxin’. I’ve never just sat and hung out in Copley Square. It was awesome and I’m glad the Healthworks mamacitas chose that as our spot.

Farmer's market

Little crooked

Bloggers everywhere

First we heard from the ladies from Whole Foods (they provided us with our delicious food, either a Turkey sandwich or Avocado – I had avocado – and also orange, cashew and quinoa salad as well as some fruit. So good.) Melissa and Lynay talked to us about their new healthy living revolution. Whole Foods is committed to making it as easy as possible for customers to choose healthy options in order to live a more balanced life. They’ve partnered with Eat Right America to personalize a program for each individual. Basically we have to eat right in order to reach our ideal weight, to feel our best, to have more energy, to overall lead a better life.

Whole Fooders

Outside shot


From their pamphlet –

“Whole Foods market was founded in 1980 out of our desire to be a resource for people looking to eat a healthful diet, free from artificial ingredients. Over the years, our Quality Standards have become the benchmark for natural and organic foods.

Our goal remains to help you understand the value of eating natural, fresh, whole foods that are minimally processed. By choosing nutrient-rich foods, and eliminating foods with artificial ingredients , you can improve your health and vitality.”

We also heard from Lauri Meizler, the founder of Joos. All juices are made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables. We got to try the greens based juice, the carrot based juice and the beet based juice. They definitely had a bit of a zing! to them; I think I liked the carrot based juice best.

I mean, if she has arms like this, maybe I should drink a lot of Joos...

Last, but certainly not least, we heard from Kelly the owner of Mix Bakery. The only thing I can say is that I think I’ve become obsessed with these cupcakes. I dream about them, think about them often and wish that everything I eat could be a Mix Bakery cupcake. They are beyond words amazing. I’m not just saying this because Kelly seems like a really fun, nice person, I am saying this because these are 150% the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. My whole idea of heaven has changed. It’s not clouds and spirits and all of that. Instead, it’s a world filled with Kelly’s cupcakes. Beautiful, fluffy, delicious cupcakes all over the place. And not only are you surrounded by a sea of cupcakes, you can also eat as many as you want, whenever you want to.

Okay, honestly these are the best cupcakes in town so check out her site and place some orders people! You need to try them. We were lucky enough to try Carrot Cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as well as Peanut Butter cupcakes. (Thank you Kelly!)



I had such a lovely time. It was so good to see Elizabeth, Chelsee and Susie, Bridget, Meghan, Elina, Jean, and to meet Sharon and the rest of the bloggers! I wish I got a chance to chat more with everyone, but hopefully we’ll have many more fun blogging events to catch up at. :)

Thanks Judith and Hannah for a fabulous event!! You two are

And for the daily craic-ers, if you’d like to give Healthworks a try, by all means, please do so with this three-day pass! They weren’t named the Best Women Only Club in America (2010) by Fitness Magazine for nothin’. They are the best. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Jack Johnson is amazing. So is Cafeteria Boston & Healthworks (while we’re at it…)

First week back from vacation in one word: busy.

Saturday night we had the Jack Johnson concert, in one word: amazing. ALO played (great band. Their song “Girl I Wanna Lay You Down” is one of my all time favorites) and Glove played as well, so it was a perfect line-up.

I’ve been a huge Jack Johnson fan forever, yet this was my first concert of his and it was just so damn good. He is one of the bests live performers I’ve ever seen. We started our evening out with some sandwiches, chips and beers. :)



Secondly, you all know how much I love a good deal. And if you read my guest post over at the Foodies at Work you probably know that I love a delicious burger even more {there’s just nothing more satisfying than a good burger.} Last night I found a fabulous combo of the two; a good deal and a delicious burger. Now, you know I was in heaven, right?!

I met Nicole (my work best friend from my last job) for dinner at Cafeteria Boston on Newbury Street. They have perfect outdoor seating, but it was raining on and off so we sat inside at the bar. We started off with some sangria which was so good, very refreshing. Neither of us knew if we wanted red sangria or white sangria, so the bartender (I am a jerk and am forgetting his name which I’m sorry for because he was so friendly and we really liked him!) let us taste a little of each to help us decide. Ultimately, I chose the white (although they were both very nice) and Nicole chose the red.

Mmmm sangria

Lucky for us, they had $5 burger special! You know I had me some of that. It.was.perfection. The burger was cooked just the way I like it – it wasn’t too small, wasn’t too big or overwhelming, and it had the special Cafeteria sauce on top which was a tasty little surprise. It was honestly so good (and I was insanely hungry) I wanted to order another burger but I had to control myself/didn’t want to embarrass myself…

We also ordered a side of Parmesan fries which was big enough to split between the both of us (I mean I could have finished a whole side by myself, but we were being good.) All their dishes are created using organic grass-fed beef and lamb along with local, organic produce – you gotta love/appreciate that.

I’d like to send a HUGE thank you out to Demetri from Cafeteria, he was so great to us! I’m definitely going back!

Tomorrow I’m hosting a dinner party for Christine’s birthday (I missed it while I was in Ireland) so I’m really pumped about it. Hopefully all goes well – more details to come! I can’t wait for the weekend. You?

And last but not least…I hope you took advantage of Healthworks Free Workout Day today – it’s the best gym ever! And on Friday Healthworks Back Bay is hosting a Les Mills launch for Body Jam and Body Pump, you should check it out. They’ll have prizes from Redbones and City Sports as well as refreshments from the Healthworks cafe!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

You need to trust him or her. He or she needs to know how to make you feel beautiful, make you feel good. They need to know what’s best for you. They can not be selfish. They need to take care of you as if you were as fragile as a baby bird. They need to talk to you, and in turn really listen to what you have to say. Communication is key with this person. They are one of the most important people in your life.

No, not your significant other.

Your hair stylist!

I recently visited the gang over at Rock, Paper, Scissors Salon on Newbury Street courtesy of the amazing ladies at Healthworks (thanks again!) They very wonderfully squeezed me in after work on a Friday evening so my hair could look gorgeous for a Friday night out on the town for a Friday night watching the Celts play in my apartment. Hey Colin and some of the girls came over so at least they could appreciate it!

Anyway, I walked into the stylish salon and immediately felt ‘cool’ (surprisingly I don’t always feel cool – I know I know, it’s very surprising.) The vibe you get from the exposed brick walls, to the interesting photographs that decorate the walls, is ‘effortlessly hip.’ The salon manager Tracey was so friendly and made me felt at ease right away (it’s always nerve-wracking trying out a new salon!) My hair stylist was Mia, and not only was she talented and extremely nice (she even got me a coffee from Starbucks when I was waiting for my color to finish – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! SO friggin nice. I loved it) she was also cute, bubbly and made nice but not forced conversation. I appreciate that when I’m getting my hair done!

And now…the hair. I loved it! It came out great. Subtle highlights, a great cut and a perfect blowout. Mia was And, I also bought some fabulous products before I left. I NEVER do this. I actually always make fun of my sister Meg for doing this. However, I am a big girl now and hardly own anything to put in my hair, so I bought some hair clay and hair tonic (all their products are made with SPF, so I thought this would be good for the summer!) Overall, I highly suggest RPS.

RPS is dedicated to ‘making you the best version of you’ with very reasonable prices along with open arms welcoming everyone and anyone. ‘There are no judgements here’ their website says.

From their website:

“Rock Paper Scissors takes the idea of a luxury salon and molds it into something that feels comfortable and easy going.
We like to laugh and smile and want our customers to feel like they are at a chill Sunday afternoon at their best friend’s place.
Bring an instrument, an iPod, a new band’s demo to listen to in the salon or a concert dvd to watch on our flatscreen.
Come on in and make yourself at home.”

They are located at 163 Newbury Street, Boston. Hours are Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 8pm and Saturdays, 9am – 6pm. (617) 236.6300

Check them out on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. :)

Rock Paper Scissors

Before front

Before back

Before side

After front!

After back!

After side!

The lovely ladies at RPS

Thanks RPS! See you soon!

Healthworks Blogger Bash!

Last night I attended the Healthworks Blogger Bash and it was awesome! I had such a great time mixing and mingling with all the fabulous women in attendance (there were about twenty of us.) Since I’m a relatively new blogger to the scene it was great to ask questions and get some answers from the more experienced bloggoddesses (just made that word up woopwoop.)

We started with a spin class at Healthworks Back Bay (I was so late! but snuck in a pretty decent workout for those 25 minutes!) The instructor Eden Kessler was amazing, she played such good music. I wanted to hop off the bike and dance. After the class we showered and got ready in the beautiful locker rooms (I had some Vita Coco coconut water as well – very refreshing.) We met back in the lobby once everyone was beautified and headed to the T. All twenty bloggers plus the wonderful Healthworks ladies – Hannah and Judith – hopped on the T with all our swag. I felt like a kid again on a school field trip! :) The only thing we were missing were those leash things to hold everyone together!


Blogger bunch making our way to Alibi...

Next stop was Alibi in the Liberty Hotel – which was once the Charles Street Jail. I had never been before so I was very excited! I’ve heard great things about Alibi and I must say, they are all true. The decor is fun, playing on the jail theme – celebrity mug shots line the walls which is really funny. There is an awesome outdoor patio – which was packed (so obviously the place is good!), the couches are comfy, the lighting is perfect, the food provided for us from Scampo = SO delicious.

The Liberty Hotel

Such a glam mug shot

Bloggers mingling

Introductions :)

We were provided with amazing cocktails (thanks to Ripe drink mixers and Double Cross Vodka!) They were perfection- I started off with the strawberry Tom Collins drink they had going on (including some basil in there which was such a pleasant surprise – probably going to be my new summer drink) and then I moved on to a Bloody Mary (nice little kick to it) and even had a shrimp and a (green – my fave) olive on top. YUM!

Strawberry deliciousness

I heart Bloody Mary's

Some food pictures… (Coincidentally I am starving right now and these pics arent helping!) –

I think I had dreams about this last night...

It was so great to meet a whole new group of people! All the bloggers were there – Meghan, Chelsee, Leslie, Jean, Julie, Alicia, Elina, Tina, the Healthworks bloggers, and a bunch of other fabulous ladies. Nice to chat with everyone!

When I got home I was blown away by the wonderful swag bags we received – can’t thank Hannah, Judith and all of Healthworks enough! So generous. :)

Siggi's bag!


We got popchips, Mad Hectic Oatmeal, Healthworks hat, Luna bars, gift cards, City Sports Boston t-shirt, NUX sportsbra, 50-minute massage at Healthworks, Siggis coupons, a gift card to SkinHealth Centers for a spray tan, complimentary cut and color from Rock, Paper, Scissors hair salon on Newbury Street, a free task from Task Rabbit, and MORE. Like seriously, outrageously good swag! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Healthworks is also giving the daily craic readers a free trial! Get your 3-day pass here!

The blogger bash was such a success and I am so happy I got to be apart of it! I love hanging out with other smart, interesting ladies (cause obviously I’m smart and interesting too – toot toot – that’s me tooting my own horn.)

OK I’m out – have a great weekend! HAPPY FRIDAY!

You park like an asshole (pardon my French)

Hoping that no one sits next to you on the commuter rail during the morning commute is like hoping Michael Jackson will come back from the grave. It’s just not gonna happen. Today a girl sat next to me (in a 2 seater – the worst! – so squishy) while there were still aisle seats open in a bunch of 3 seaters (person near the window, no one in the middle, you on the aisle = makes more sense than you squishing in next to me in a 2 seater!) I mean, come on, there are a bunch of seats open! How did  you pick me?… I might look nice, but I’m not, I’m making fun of you on my blog right now, definitely not nice. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. To top it all off, she cracked open a can of diet coke at 7:15 am! Really

On another note … it is one of my best friends ever, my roommate from college, Danielle’s birthday today! Happy birthday D! 


She is a rock star!

I got to see Danielle yesterday (hadn’t seen her in a while) so it was so good to catch up – she picked me up at work (train break, so nice!) and we brought Chinese food in. So delicious. It was so great to see her – we have one of those relationships that it doesn’t matter how long you haven’t seen each other you just pick up right where you left off last time. Love those. 

 Tomorrow we’re going out for D’s birthday celebration, it’s gonna be awesome!

Today from 4pm-6pm, Copley Square there will be a free punkrope/boxing class from Healthworks! *sampling of Luna Bars and Pop Chips as well.

Burger and a brew Saturdays at Burton’s Grill offers the delicious pair for $10 – available from 11:30am-6pm at their Boston location – 1363 Boylston Street, (617) 236-2236 

Hey, next time you get pissed at the Escalade that took up two spots so that you couldn’t get into one which meant you had to continue to slowly drive around (like a creep), wasting your time looking for another available spot, DON’T slash their tires. DO leave them a nice little note… 

Jennifer Aniston’s next movie (not The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler, that comes out tonight) is due out this August. It’s called The Switch with Jason Bateman (along with Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum) and it looks pretty funny! 

This time of the year reminds me of going on Alternative Spring Break (no not alternative lifestyle, just alternative to wet t-shirt contests in Cancun) with Merrimack. I miss those trips! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of our trip to Tijuana, Mexico my senior year (March 2008.) We spent time at Hogar Infantil La Gloria, an orphanage where a good 50 or so children are provided with a comfortable, loving home. Everyone on the trip fell in love with the beautiful children there, I especially with a little boy named Luis! If I could have taken him back to America with me, I would have. 

It was such an amazing trip and a truly wonderful experience.  If you’d like more information or to donate to the orphanage go here – 

Luis and I

The work we did :)

Baby Danny

Luis again!

Another shot of Luis!!

This weekend is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL out! I can’t wait to get to run outside, it’s SO much better than running inside on a treadmill with someone farting next to you. Enjoy the fresh air! Thinking of having a picnic, or going for a hike? You might find some good places here –

Enjoy! :)

Goat cheese and Nudity

Today was not the most jam packed, crazy/exciting day at work. Thankfully I had two afternoon adventures waiting for me as soon as the computer was shut down.

The first was an after work outing to Noir, the bar in The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. After reading about their 5-4-3-2-1-0 deal, I had to try it out. The deal runs from 5-7pm, Monday-Thursday. Almost everything on the bar menu is discounted; Flatbreads are $5, Sandwiches $4, Appetizers $3, Salads $2, Desserts $1 and Bar nuts – Free! Only catch is there is a $6 drink minimum, perfect price for my cold glass of pinot grigio.

Noir website –

With specialty drinks such as the Black Dahlia and L.A. Confidential – among others – they really play up their film noir vibe. Surrounded by very soft lighting, music such as Imogen Heap, an old movie projected on the wall and trendy decor, I think this could be a great selection for a first date. Especially if you’re just meeting for drinks. Even if the date doesn’t work out, he didn’t turn out to be Mr. Right, if nothing else, the lighting will make you feel confident and extra beautiful. Always a good thing.

The deal on the food was amazing. We figured since the prices were so deliciously cheap, that the portions would be smaller than a lean cuisine (I’m sorry but they hardly have any food in those!) However, we were wrong. We started with the artichoke and parmesan dip served with French bread which was very tasty and not too heavy. Next I had the baby arugula salad with prosciutto, roasted pears, goat cheese and toasted almonds. I learned today that I am a huge fan of goat cheese, who would have thought? Thank you Noir. After my salad I had the smoked turkey sandwich with bacon, more goat cheese (yum), avocado, and cranberry mayo on cranberry bread. Wasn’t sure about all the cranberries, but hey for $4 I’ll buy it. Let me tell you, that was a well spent $4.

I shouldn’t have even finished everything, but I did, and I liked it. What I liked even more – or what my wallet liked even more – was that the meal only cost me $18 total. Not a bad Tuesday night dinner.

My next adventure came after dinner. I won a free year membership to the women-only gym, Healthworks. I won it on Twitter of all things. [Thank you @BosonTweet! – he is a great one to follow for Bostonians fyi.] I went to their location in Porter Square since I was already out in Harvard Square. I filled out my paperwork, got my ID card and headed to the locker room.

Healthworks website –

I hadn’t thought about how ‘free’ women would feel at a women-only gym until I saw it first hand. Lady, at 8:00 at night I don’t wanna see your vagina, put it away, it’s been a long day. Hey you over there, do you really have to do your hair with your boobs hanging out? Cover up. Who knows, maybe this will help me to not be the weirdo hiding in the corner desperately wanting to go in a stall to change. We’ll see about that…

After all the nakedness, I headed upstairs to work out. I needed to get on a treadmill, I saw one open so I  hopped right on. Before my feet could even get moving a woman tapped me on the shoulder to tell me she signed up for this treadmill. You signed up? Umm there were other treadmills open, but this one was apparently hers. I calmly surrendered my treadmill and looked around for some sort of sign up sheet (I’ve never been to a gym with a sign up sheet, and besides this was my first day at Healthworks, cut me some slack!) I found the sheet, signed up for my personalized treadmill and hopped back on.

While running I noticed a sign saying max time on the cardio machines is 30 minutes. Luckily today my workout consisted of walking 2 miles, running 3 miles and walking another 2 miles (insert sarcasm here.) Not going to take 30 minutes. Great. I decided to rebel and stay on the treadmill the whole time. I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous someone was going to come over and yell at me or something but thankfully they didn’t.

Change is hard. I’m fresh off a breakup with my old gym and need time to heal. Healthworks and I just started out, we’ll get there. By the end of my workout I decided it really is a nice, comfortable environment. It was real busy which made for good people watching. They also have a TON of classes throughout the day which I’m excited to try. Plus, it’s free for a year – can’t really beat that!