Hey, It’s OK…

…to buy two iced coffees in one day (oops!).

…to be proud of yourself after a work out.

…to think to yourself, “I could make that”, when browsing on Pinterest or Etsy.

…to want to escape from it all.

…to put a random dinner together with what’s left in your fridge (you might end up with three crescent rolls and a bowl of kale, but hey — it’s better than nothing.)

…to enjoy a Friday cocktail (or two…or three…)

…to wonder what exactly goes through Lady Gaga’s head, or Nicki Minaj for that matter.

…to be pumped when Showgirls is on TV (it’s so bad, it’s good).

…to wish it were summer break like when you were in high school or college — no plans, limited responsibility, hang with your friends whenever you want. Not too shabby.

…to decide that Friday the 13th is lucky, not scary. (Might buy myself some scratch tickets today…)

And last but not least…

…to vote for me in the Real Simple essay contest! THANKS EVERYONE!

Hey, It’s OK…

…to operate as though your hands / fingers don’t work for hours after you get a manicure (hey, they might still be wet!).

…to want to cry when you realize you’ve run out of toilet paper.

…to damn your car to hell because it doesn’t have cup holders and you just got — and have to transport — coffee for three people.

Lots of coffee

Lots of coffee

…to be proud of Katie Holmes. Girl, most of America never even wanted you to marry him in the first place.

…to also be proud of Anderson Cooper. Honey, we all knew — but regardless — good for you!

…to never want Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to break up. Ever.

The Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears of this generation

The Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears of this generation. Photo courtesy of People.com

…to want to spend the whole summer swimming in a pool or the ocean.

…to not worry what you look like when you’re eating ‘smores, buttery corn on the cob, wings, ribs, or any other messy (and delicious) food. Dig in!

…to want Kelly Ripa to have a permanent co-host already. Come on, enough is enough!

…to love the smell of a camp fire.

Ahh, summer

Ahh, summer

Hey, It’s OK…

…to wanna take a back road

…to be too sexy for your shirt (just don’t be too sexy for it in public, ladies)

…to wanna shoop (the Salt-N-Pepa, Whitney or Cher way)

…to want a Sunday kind of love

…to make it clap

…to put a ring on it

…to step back (if you’re dancin’ kinda close)

…to be walking on sunshine

…to  just wanna have fun (whether you’re a girl, or boy)

…to stay forever young

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend. :)

Hey, It’s OK…

Photo courtesy of the lovely blog, Design is Mine

…to immediately put on a pair of sweats when you get home from a long day of work
…to be mad when you see someone with two free hands, talking on a headset (come onnn)
…to love a movie you swore you were going to hate
…to be disappointed when your lunch order gets messed up
…to be ridiculously excited for Amanda Knox’s memoir
…to be a nerd
…to have a love/hate relationship with money
…to practice your Academy Award acceptance speech (even if you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever coming close to winning one)
…to play rock, paper, scissors with your significant other in order to choose what you’re going to watch on TV
…to wanna dance with somebody

Colin and I are off to Vermont after work today (wish us luck in the ski / school vacation / President’s Day weekend traffic, please!). We have lots of wedding stuff to do tomorrow at Stratton which I am very excited for! Will have to do a wedding update type post soon…

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :)

Hey, It’s OK…

…to believe in signs (I’m pretty sure I got one from my Nana last night)

…to get your hopes up (hey, it’s hard not to do sometimes)

…to only pay attention to the Super Bowl because either A: you’re very interested in winning your office’s pool, B: you love the snacks or C: the commercials, duh

…to truly love and appreciate the fact that the Improper Bostonian is free

…to count down the hours…minutes…seconds…to the start of the weekend

…to melt at the sound of a southern accent

…to treat yourself to lunch on a Friday afternoon (I’m talking to you, delicious turkey sandwich with lettuce tomato and pickles on toasted bread)

…to hope Madonna sings her old classics and not all new shizz we don’t know the words to yet

…to be sad for Demi Moore

…to to be scared of the word ‘change’. But…to also be excited, happy, nervous, ready, etc. That word can conjure up a million different things for all different people

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend. Eat lots of great food and enjoy lots of great company. :)

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Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

Hey It’s OK…

…to laugh out loud at a funny IM, email, text, etc. – at work, in a quiet area (oops)

…to wish you still wore a uniform every day (I did K-12!) – the outfit selection process in the morning would be much easier!

…to waste spend hours and hours on Pinterest (oh, was I supposed to be doing something productive?)

…to have to force yourself to go to the gym

…to screw up

…to buy yourself a coffee in the morning and afternoon (only on very special days)

…to be excited about staying in on a Friday night

…to believe that Twitter = the news

…to cheat on your ‘healthy eating plan’ on the weekend

…to only like fortune cookies because of the fortune

Happy Friday! Tonight Colin and I get to babysit my wonderful nephew Declan (so if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll most likely see a picture…or ten…of my little guy). I’m so excited to just get some sushi, watch the Celts and hang out with my boys.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a great time with whatever you do!

Hey, It’s OK…

…to freak out.

…to be very, very, very excited for Thanksgiving.

…to think the Kardashian Klan is kompletely krazy, but also secretly think they’re pretty damn smart (hey, they’re the ones getting paid to shop, chat, dress up and go out on the town — they ain’t sittin’ in a cube all day!)

…to change your hair color with the seasons.

…to have a light lunch so you feel okay about stuffing your face for dinner.

…to be sad that Regis is leaving — it’s the end of an era.

…to also be sad that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are getting a divorce. I thought they were one of the good celebrity couples (is there such a thing?). You screwed that one up Ashton!

…to cry during holiday commercials (they’ll get ya!)

…to wish you could wear sweatpants to work some days (especially when it gets really cold!)

…to prefer reading physical books vs. reading them electronically (and vice versa).


I’m off to the North End for dinner tonight and Mohegan Sun tomorrow – woop woop! Hope everyone has a great weekend. :)

Hey, It’s OK…

… to have a quarter life crisis. We’ll get through it, people.

… to truly believe that your life will change when you buy a scratch ticket. “I wanna be a millionaire so friggin’ baaad”…

… to go for a harmless afternoon snack at the vending machine and literally want to eat everything in there.

… to pick and choose what you donate to. We all want to help, but we’re not all made of money.

… to be pissed that Modern Family didn’t have a new Halloween episode this year (I mean, come on – it’s Claire’s favorite holiday!)

… to give some dude you’re not interested in at the bar, the phone number 867-5309 (tell him your name is Jenny while you’re at it).

… to have a glass of wine (or two) on a Thursday night for the pure fact that you’re just so happy the next day is Friiiday!

… that your heart melts a little anytime you hear an accent – Southern, Irish, Australian…Vermont…? (Hey, I’m engaged to a Vermonter – what do you want from me?!)

… to be a 25 year old woman and not be ashamed that you’re extremely excited for the newest Twilight movie to come out.

… to expect each wish you make at 11:11 (AM and PM) to come true today. If not on 11/11/11 then when?

Happy Veterans Day and a special thanks to all our soldiers who have defended and will continue to defend our country – past, present and future. We owe so much to you!

Also Happy Friday and Happy 11/11/11 – have a great weekend. :)

Hey, It’s OK…

Glamour is my all-time favorite magazine ever – it’s classy, smart, empowering and inspiring. I happily pay my yearly fee to subscribe to it, and eagerly await my new issue every month. One of the things I look forward to reading most is the “Hey, It’s OK…” tidbit they have. These witty little blurbs always either make me smile, or nod and say to myself “yes, exactly!”. I often find myself thinking of “Hey, It’s OK”‘s , even jotting them down sometimes…so I’ve decided to jot a couple of down on the craic! Hopefully I can make this a weekly feature (because, let’s face it…we all can see I need a little nudge when it comes to blogging on a regular basis these days…)

Hey, It’s OK…

…to desperately want to call in sick so that you can stay at home in bed and watch TV on a crappy, rainy day.

…to have thought it was completely ridiculous that Kim K. wore not one, not two, but three wedding gowns.

…to want to package up Sophia Grace (of recent Youtube fame) and carry her around in your pocket.

…to be really sad that Amy Winehouse will never make a new album again (that voice!).

…to eat a little bit of that raw cookie dough in the fridge, because you (plain and simple) really want some.

…to buy books in the Young Adult section.

…to wish your life had a soundtrack and that the music followed you around like you were in a movie.

…to get into a red lipstick phase one weekend and then decide that moving forward, you feel absolutely naked without it.

…to have a girl crush on Emma Stone.

…to get the Sunday Blues because you want the weekend to be just a little bit longer (please?!).

…to wish you were allowed to eat a cheeseburger and fries every day of the week.

…to be mad that they remade Footloose, but secretly really want to see it.

…to be mad at Julianne Hough for looking like that.

…to want to punch hot yoga in the face.

…to dance like you mean it, no matter what you look like.

…to literally want to do cart-wheels around the office because you’re so damn happy it’s Friday.

On that note, enjoy the day and have a great weekend. :)