Free Ben & Jerry’s!

Twitter literally amazes me. I’ve met so many talented people, have found a number of inspiring blogs and have had received a handful of opportunities because of said social media channel. It’s how I find new restaurants to try, how I connect with my favorite brands, how I read the latest and most up-to-date news (I mean, how did you find out about the earthquake today? Personally, I found out through Twitter. Amazing!) and so much more. There’s always something new and exciting going on in the Twitterverse – like a month-long event tweeting about free ice cream, asking followers to interact by tweeting their location suggestions. That’s what I call Twitter genius.

So, speaking of interacting with my favorite brands on Twitter…I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the little ice cream brand known as Ben & Jerry’s? Well, let me clue you in:

“Ben & Jerry’s (a Vermont corporation) produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream and ice cream novelties, using high-quality ingredients including milk and cream from family farmers who do not treat their cows with the synthetic hormone rBGH. Ben and Jerry’s products are distributed nationwide and in selected foreign countries in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, franchise Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops, restaurants and other venues.”

Now, did you know that there has been a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck driving around Boston all August long giving out totally free and totally delicious ice cream?! They’ll only be around for a few more days (I cannot believe it’s the last full week in August!) so pay attention to them on Twitter people, because this offer is just too good to pass up.

Flavors on board:

Bon Appetit!

Beer and ice cream. Life doesn’t get much better…

Just an FYI – ice cream and beer? Scratch that…delicious, creamy ice cream and amazing, refreshing beer is a combo made in food/beverage heaven. I first sampled Batch ice cream at one of the Mass Innovation Nights a few months ago and have wanted more ever since. Good thing my fab friend Katie invited me to the beer/ice cream pairing event at the Sam Adams Brewery last week. ;)

I happily sampled the salted caramel ice cream (their handmade caramel? Out of this world!) and a couple of different brews. I decided that I love Brick Red – it is perfect! I could have stayed all night drinking it, but is probably definitely a good thing I didn’t. (It was a school night after all!).

I finally got to meet Becca who runs MA Girls Pint Out (very cool site – check it out!) and catch up with the lovely ladies of We Are Not Martha – Chelsee and Susie. Since I’m such a nerdo/weirdo, I tend to get nervous going to blog events, but it’s always good to see these two at said blog events because they are easy to talk to, fun people! Colin also got to stop by which is nice! (And yes, he did ask Susie and Veronica of Batch about the percentage of butterfat used in the ice cream…such a Vermonter!) Overall, it was a really fun evening and I’m glad I got to participate.

*Batch ice cream (founders Susie and Veronica) uses local, organic and Fair Trade ingredients. You can find Batch in a bunch of different stores in the Boston area. So go out and get some! It’s hot out and you deserve it!

Check out some photos:

My Top 5 Summer Desserts

{Thanks Foodies at Work! I think I might attempt a blueberry pie this week!}

I like a good dessert any day (in fact I eat at least one every day, yes seriously) but Summer desserts are special.  We have the opportunity to use fresher ingredients and perhaps have more time to make homemade treats.  If it’s sunny outside, there’s more incentive to take a walk to get a dessert.  Who doesn’t enjoy a pleasant stroll after big dinner – a stroll to a bakery? If you say no, I don’t believe you!  Here are my favorite desserts to eat during the Summer.

Blueberry Pie

You may be familiar with my thought that fruit does not qualify as a dessert.  Desserts, in my opinion, are unhealthy by nature.  Sure there are low fat and fat free options, but sticking fruit in there is like pouring chocolate on your broccoli – STOP! You’re ruining it!  (Hmm, new experiment?) But Summer rules are different.  Fresh fruit can totally be a part of a dessert in the Summer.  One my favorite summertime activities is picking berries.  And what’s a foodie to do with so many fresh berries? Put them in a pie, of course.

Making homemade blueberry pie is really simple.  For this pie I used store bought crust and filled the bottom crust with blueberries tossed with cinnamon and a little sugar, both white and brown. I cut the second crust into strips to make the criss-cross pattern and topped it with more brown sugar.  Bake according to your pie crust directions and if you want a little something extra, top it with homemade whipped cream!

Ice Cream at a Fenway

I don’t usually choose to eat ice cream, but stick it in a plastic Red Sox hat and I’m sold.  The soft-serve vanilla at Fenway, and probably other ballparks, is so creamy and delicious; it’s a perfect way to cool off on a hot day if you’re lucky enough to be there.  Big surprise, my favorite part of going to a game is the food.


While cupcakes are not specific to Summer, they are and always will be my favorite dessert.  Cupcakes can be enjoyed in any season, but Summer is a great time to try new ones.  Remember that after dinner walk I mentioned? Go ahead and take one.  Find a new bakery and try a cupcake you’ve never tried before.  These cupcakes are from Buttercup Bakery in New York.  They’re special because last Summer I had a list of cupcakes I wanted to try and my friends not only went long with my cupcake plan, they tried them all with me. Do I have great friends or what? J


A traditional summer campfire treat, I’m putting S’mores on my list.  Just graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow.  Three simple ingredients combine to make a crunchy, toasty, chocolately treat.  Make them around a fire on a cool summer night, or make them my way: open faced in the toaster!

Congo Bars

You might call them Blondies, which is fine with this blondie, but at my summer camp we called them Congo Bars.  I always looked forward to BBQs at camp because the dessert was always the same.  Half baked ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie bars.  We never cared about eating the possibly raw cookie dough because it tasted soooo good.  Make your own by following my go-to recipe, the one on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip bag.  Instead of dropping spoonfuls on a baking sheet, spread cookie dough evenly in a brownie pan and under cook them just a little!  Here’s my cookie dough:

A big Thanks to Colleen for asking me to write this list! It was fun and made me hungry!

Scooper dooper

I’d like to announce the winner of 2 tickets to the Jimmy Fund’s 28th Annual Scooper Bowl….

Drumroll please…………………

Congratulations Josie!!! Enjoy yourself. Josie said she “fully intends to try all 30, or as many flavors as I can without exploding, while jamming out to wonderous 80s ballads.” I like your style Josie, I like you style. Please email me your info, where you work or live etc. so we can get you the tickets! Email is –

I don’t have much food in the house at the moment and I’m ashamed of it. I couldn’t even feed my wonderful boyfriend. So, we went to the Boston Beer Garden to grab some beers and burgers. We watched the first half of the game there – Colin had a Cajun burger and I had a spicy buffalo/bleu cheese/jalapeno burger. We washed them down with refreshing Sam summers. Absolutely delicious.

We headed back to my apartment after the first half of the Celtics game ended. We’re only down four at the moment and I might potentially have a heart attack due to the stress, high blood pressure and anxiety I’m experiencing right now so I’m going to go concentrate on helping the Celts win.

Goodnight and Good luck!

The 28th Annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl!

Ice cream is one of my favorite things in the world. I think many people would agree.

Donating money to a great cause is another one of my favorite things in the world. I also think people would agree with this.

Outdoor summer activities, yep, they’re another one of my favorite things. I’m going with the fact that you’re nodding your head right now.

80’s cover band, might be my TOP favorite thing. I’m going to assume it’s yours too.

Free things are also on the list of favorites. Bet they’re on yours too.

Close your eyes. Imagine all of these wonderful things together in one place. No you’re not in heaven, but you’re close. Open your eyes. Get in your car or hop on the T and head to City Hall Plaza. Pay your way and enter into the world of happiness, ice cream and 80s tunes. Come together and join the community in order to benefit the Jimmy Fund at their 28th annual Scooper Bowl. All proceeds go towards cancer care and research for adults and children at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Tell your friends and family! Bring everyone! Try over 30 flavors, like I aim to! (and yes, my sister’s wedding is in a month…I like to live my life on the edge…) Check the Jimmy Fund/Scooper Bowl out on Facebook and on Twitter.

Tickets sold online as well as at the door. $8 – ages 10 and up, $4 – ages 3 to 9, FREE 3 and under. $15 for a Scooper Pass, enter up to 3 times during the event. The Scooper Bowl goes from Tuesday, June 8th – Thursday, June 10th from 12pm – 8pm.

Tomorrow, Wednesday – the AMAZING 80’s cover band, Fast Times will be performing at the Scooper Bowl from 5:30 to 8:00pm (thanks Nicole!!) Another GREAT reason to go. :)

But for one lucky craic reader, you and a guest are going FOR FREE!!! All you have to do is follow @thedailycraic and @TheJimmyFund on Twitter and comment on this post letting me know why you’d like to go to the Scooper Bowl. Or you could follow both of us and tweet about why you’d like to go (don’t forget to include @thedailycraic and @TheJimmyFund in your tweets please) Winner announced this evening, so get moving folks!

Good luck!

Winner winner chicken dinner

We’ve made it to Amsterdam. No not the Netherlands. New York. Today is the lovely Mrs. Temple’s birthday, so we’re up at her fathers house visiting for the weekend! So A – Happy birthday Mrs. T! and B – woopwoop for the weekend, should be a good one. :)

I don’t have much to say about last nights game. It wasn’t pretty. The Celtics did not look like they want to win. Where was the effort? Where was their enthusiasm?

*Sidenote* It was funny that Chris Rock got in trouble for his sideline interview during the game. So many famous people at the game – are they even fans? I’m a fan! Can I have your court side ticket? Please? Note to Adam Sandler – you’re from NH, you should have had some Celtics gear on, FYI.

I truly (madly, deeply) hope they play better (way better) on Sunday. Say a prayer, cross your fingers, pet your lucky rabbit foot. Do what you gotta do people, because we need to BEAT L A !

On a happier note, it’s time to announce the winner of a FABULOUS pair of CitySlips!!! Who will it be?

That my friends is @aeparker on Twitter who tweeted about the giveaway! Please send me your information – name, address, whether you’d like small, medium or large and whether you’d like black, gold or silver.  You can email that to and your CitySlips will magically appear. Congratulations!

Special thanks to everyone who entered! I really appreciate it. Hopefully we’ll have another GREAT giveaway coming up soon! Stay tuned…

On another CitySlips note, they have some exciting news – Cravings Boutique in Wayne, NJ is now carrying these amazing ballet flats! So women of Jersey and New York alike, get your tired, hurtin’ feet to Cravings and treat yourself to a pair of these ‘FUNK-tional’ flats will you?

Things to do –

The Jimmy Fund’s 28th annual Scooper Bowl is next week!

When: Tuesday, June 8th – Thursday, June 10th

Where: City Hall Plaza in Boston

Ticket Prices: Ages 10 and up – $8
Ages 3-9 – $4
Kids under 3 – free
Scooper Pass – $15 to enter up to three times during the event

Why: 30 delicious ice cream flavors to try all the while supporting cancer care and research for both adults and children at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Need I say more?

I’ve just learned about ‘Portsmouth Friday Nights’ and I want to go. This awesome city hosts tax-free shopping in local boutiques and galleries (which stay open late for the event) with musicians playing outside and some food to nibble on. Every Friday through Columbus Day so you have plenty of time to plan your little trip up to the great NH. Enjoy!

I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid…

Growing up is tough.

I’ve always know this. I mean, doesn’t everyone? But lately I’ve really, truly been realizing how overwhelming it can be. Lots of changes are happening and along with said changes come a plethora of emotions. I am an ’emotional creature’ (if I may borrow these words from Eve Ensler) and when I feel something, I really feel it. So since a lot has been coming at me, I’ve been giving a lot back emotionally and it can be draining. On one hand I may feel overwhelmed, but on the other hand, I feel so positive about all these changes. I’m excited and I feel as though I’m in a really good place right now. Maybe I just need a thicker skin if I’m going to be a big girl…

May 1st marks the start of an important month for me. I turn 24 on the first of May and I’m currently feeling very adult like. Are you supposed to start feeling like this in your mid-twenties?

I’m leaving my current job and starting a new job on May 10th. This was a tough decision but ultimately I believe I made the right one. I’m investing in my career and hoping to make my mark out there in the world (what an adult like thing to say, right?!)

I’m moving out of my current apartment in Andover which I share with my sister Meg and her fiance Matt, to an apartment in South Boston with a few girlfriends from college. I’m sad to leave Meg and Matt because I love living with them, but since they’re getting married in July I figured I better get out of their way! At the same time, I’m excited to live with the girls and be closer to Boston/all the action. Should be a fun summer. :)

Lastly, I bought my first set of tires today. How thrilling – NOT ! Apparently big girls take care of their cars and when their cars need new tires they whip out the ol’ credit card and make that Chevy feel better. I was under the impression Ol’ Betsy would be getting an oil change for $19.99 but was sorely mistaken. Four tires, an oil change, glueing the rearview mirror back on (yes, this is the second time it has fallen. Yikes!) and $450 later I was feeling extremely adult-like and I’m not sure that I liked it very much. Can I stay 23? I don’t think I want to be 24 anymore.

On to today’s news –

To benefit local fire stations Baskin Robbins will be hosting 31 cent scoop night from 5pm-10pm. You know I’m gonna take advantage of that! In about ten minutes to be precise…

Attention caffeine addicts! Today’s Save is $15 for $30 worth of coffee/tea on Buy now –

I just found a new,  cute blog – The Economical Eater – and saw that The Living Room offers great happy hour specials! Check it out –

It’s Derby time! Looking for a party? Head to Drink this Saturday (from 3pm-7pm) for cocktails, food, bow ties, seersucker, outrageous hats and preppiness galore. Drink – 348 Congress Street, Fort Point – (617) 695-1806. Tickets $45 and don’t forget your hippest hat for their competition. Review of Drink from

Don’t want to Derby? Go to Ladies Luxury Escape at the Millenium Bostonian Hotel on Saturday from 11am-7pm to check out dozens of boutiques, spas, salons, etc. General admission tickets are only $10! More info here –

What’s better than flea market browsing on a Sunday afternoon? Not much. So, go to the Top Shelf Flea Market presented by An Affordable Wardrobe. Where? 371 Summer Street, Somerville. When? Sunday 12pm-6pm. Why? Because it’s *free* and it sounds awesome. More info here –

I hope tonight brings you something wonderful. I’m headed to get my 31 cent ice cream and then to play Stump trivia with some friends. We’re hoping to take home the gold tonight. Wish us luck!

Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head…

Now ladies and gentlemen, this person is prepared:

The biggest umbrella in America

Wanted to take the 4:30pm train. Didn’t. Got to North Station a few minutes early for the 5:15pm train. Nice. Ugh, delayed. Sit down. Homeless man comes over to me. “MOVE THAT STUFF SO I CAN SIT DOWN.” Yes sir. Moved stuff. Got a whiff. He unfortunately reeked of urine. I didn’t enjoy it. I’m sure he didn’t either. Actually, maybe he didn’t mind – was having a lovely conversation with himself. Not breathing/smelling through my nose. Waiting for the train. Please come, I’m nervous. Getting anxious. Don’t want homeless man to yell at me again. Don’t want to get up and move, will look rude. Waiting. Waiting. Ding! ‘The 5:15 train is now boarding on track numbah 4.’ Thank you Jesus. Got a seat on the train, sat next to man with delicious smelling popcorn. Disliked him for it. Passed out, mouth open. Sleepily woke up in Andover. Walked to gym in rain. Somehow found motivation for my run tonight. Finished without collapsing. Success. Walked home in the rain. Kind of enjoyed it. Came home to surprise cookies Meg made for me. She’s the best. Some American Idol. Falling asleep as I blog. Finishing this post and going to snooze.

  • The Addams Family comes to Broadway!

  • Today’s deal from Buywithme – $12.50 for $25 worth of batting at Extra Innings in Watertown

  • The Trapp Brewery’s Grand Opening is April 16th-19th in Stowe, VT.

Book your reservation here –

  • Boston’s sustainable living expo is at the Hynes Convention Center April 9th-11th

Get your tickets here –

*For the Local Bites preview party (Friday, April 9th 5pm-9pm), you pay $20 (online) or $25 (at door) and use that ticket the whole weekend. This will feature local chefs, green restaurants, sustainable wines and lots of sampling. More information call (617) 266-6540
  • Today (not much time left…) and tomorrow, receive 80% of all gift certificates bought on by entering ‘ZOO‘ (as in TravelZOO) as your promotional code. We can thank Nuge for that one!
  • April 17th the Coolidge Corner Theatre (290 Harvard Street, Brookline – 617.734.2501) is showing ‘Singin’ in the Rain‘ starring Gene Kelly! How appropriate for these past few weeks…
  • Celebrate Opening Day with cheap eats at the Fenway Cantina!
  • On Friday, April 16th The Outnet is celebrating their 1st birthday with a HUGE sale. Designer dresses, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. for $1! Not even kidding. Limit one item per person (except for one lucky winner who will be allowed to purchase up to 5 items.) You have to RSVP before April 11th so get going!
  • A wonderful article from The Boston Globe of a former model who opened her own online makeup boutique that caters to all women – every color, every hair type out there. Here is Ms. Faint’s website –
  • Need a reason to head to Waltham? Here you go, the Candied Bacon Ice Cream Sundae. Served up at Jake’s Dixie Roadhouse. It has a fried bacon chocolate chip cookie (wtf? I don’t even care, because it sounds so damn good), maple-syrup-candied Vermont bacon ice cream, a BIG chocolate chip cookie, chocolate covered bacon bits on top as well as a drizzling of bacon vodka chocolate syrup, which can also be substituted with regular chocolate syrup. Sounds like my dream come true.

  • And in more bacon news (so I can dream about it when I go to sleep), The Boston Bacon and Beer festival is Saturday, April 24th from 2pm-4pm at 540 Harrison Ave, Boston. *I hope they have an ambulance standing by.
To sleep, perchance to dream (of bacon…) Night! :)