Running 8 miles gives me butterflies

I let myself sleep in today – these past few weeks have been exhausting. After I finally pried myself from my bed, I made some pancakes (special treat!) and got ready for mass. I’ve always liked Palm Sunday mass – it reminds all of us how much Jesus went through not for himself, but for others. No matter what you believe in, or don’t believe in – you have to give Him credit.

I was dreading my run since my eyes opened this morning. Today was the BIG one (for me at least) – eight miles. I’ve never run eight miles at one given time in my life. As I laced up my sneakers, had a little water, and stretched everything out – I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous. However, my iPod was charged (with a kick-ass playlist), I did feel well rested and I had my favorite sports bra on – I was good to go. I went to, created a nice eight mile loop, and then went off to actually run that loop.

I made it! I finished doing a little under ten minute miles – which I’m quite happy with for now. I had a little cramping around mile five or so, which was frustrating, but other than that it went really well. I even saw Meg and Matt (in their car going to the grocery store) towards the end of my run – they were waving and cheering for me which gave me an extra boost!

After my run I was thinking… I’m really lucky to be surrounded by people who encourage me. My sister lives a very healthy lifestyle – eats really well and works out almost everyday, her fiance Matt has run 1/2 marathons as well as marathons, Colin gives me the best pep talks and always helps me celebrate after a big run, a few of my girlfriends are also planning on doing a 1/2 marathon (at the beginning of May), my parents are coming up to Vermont for the run, Colin’s parents are also going to come watch, Meg’s coming, Matt might run with me, and of course my main man Colin will be there cheering me on. I have all of these people encouraging me and helping me each step of the way. I’m pretty sure I would have given up a few weeks ago if I didn’t have such a great support system. Thanks guys :)

So, I signed up for the race. Now I definitely, 150% have to do it. Ahhhhh!

Need some running tips? I found a good list…

Such an inspiring story from the Globe – it really is amazing what kindness can do for people.

Harvesting hope from a giving tree – The story of three couples, three kidneys and one goal: life

Did you miss Boston’s Restaurant Week?? Well, you’re in luck! The North End Restaurant Week started today, Sunday March 28th and will run until April 2nd, then again from April 4th – April 9th.

I’ll leave you with this – Rachael Ray’s Taco Pasta Toss

I made it for dinner and it turned out really good!

Goodnight and have a great Monday morning! I heard there’s gonna be rain – stay dry!