Happy Memorial Day!

My grandfather (Par) was in the Army. I was home this weekend and got to ask him what Memorial Day meant to him. He said, ‘It means paying respect to all those who have fought in a war, who were in the military. Especially the men who went over to Korea. Some of us didn’t have to go, but for the ones that did, I remember them.’

For me the first thing that comes to mind are all the people who have had to go over to Iraq and Afghanistan. Particularly two brave young men – Chris and Rory. I truly admire those who fight for our country. Where would we be without them? So a BIG thank you to all those who have served, who are serving and who will serve!

Today, I went to the parade in Babylon for a little bit with Mary and her parents (always so good to see them!) Mary’s boyfriend Matt was marching with the fire department so we hooted and hollered when he came by of course. After that we went over to our cousins for a nice little bbq. Then it was time to come back to MA (always sad to leave the fam.) And, finally we’re home and I’m going to bed! But first, here are a few pictures…

Happy Memorial Day!

At the parade :)

AOH - Babylon


Matt's back there... can you spot him??

Babylon Fire Dept.

Our little Lola lounging at home after the parade

Just got on the ferry, headed back to MA

OK, more tomorrow.. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Goodnight :)