There’s just something about coming into work on a Thursday morning, knowing that at 2pm you’re headed to Starbucks for a break with your co-workers. Today Starbucks was {kindly} giving out free treats with a drink purchase. We absolutely took advantage, and I believe we may even take advantage again tomorrow (you should too!). It was such a nice little break, and I must say my treat was 100% delicious.


Look at Starbucks with their fancy new logo!



In other random news:

SJP and Christina Hendricks (among many other famous stars) have been filming their new movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” in Boston the past few days. So wished I could have spotted them! Anybody see them around?

Also, I’ve taken the first few steps into the craziness we call ‘wedding planning’ and wow Jenny Yoo has some amazing dresses! (For both brides and bridesmaids)