A Long Island Saturday (and Congratulations Kelly!)

I love Boston. It’s funny though, because on the weekends, I’m rarely there. (And I’m also contemplating moving back to Andover, if anybody knows of one bedroom or studio apartments in the area let me know! That’s neither here nor there though…) This weekend we’re home on Long Island visiting the family. Unfortunately my grandfather experienced a stroke while we were in Ireland and once he was able to come back to the states he had to go right into a stroke rehab facility. Anyway, today he comes home! So, I thought this would be a great weekend for Colin and I to come to Long Island for a visit.

This morning my Mom, Dad, Colin and I went to Glen’s Dinette, right in Babylon Village (where my parents house is.) It was lovely! It’s a hotspot in Babylon, but luckily our wait was only about 5-10 minutes. Good thing, because I was huuungry. I got “The Traditional” or as my two best friends (Mary and Heather) and myself call it, “The Traddy.” Two eggs over easy, with home fries, whole wheat toast and a side of bacon. YUM. I also had plenty of O.J. and coffee of course. It was delicious! And we had a great time. I love spending some QT with the parentals.




Later my dad is grilling for dinner and my buddies Mary and Heather are going to come over for a visit. My sisters Molly and Kelly are around too which is GREAT. Kelly just graduated from the Vidal Sassoon Academy in LA! She is a PRO hairstylist now, it’s so amazing. She has cut my hair before and it came out great – but truthfully, I really can’t wait until she highlights my hair, woopwoop!

I’m so proud of my beautiful sister Kelly. She’s extremely talented. She has found exactly what she wants to do with her life and exactly what she was meant to do. What a wonderful thing! (I’m still trying to figure that out…) She’s back in New York and ready to style some hair! Who needs a new ‘do??


Kelly hard at work!


Also, if you have a second I’d really appreciate your help on this… My Aunt Nancy (one of my biggest blog supporter/fan!) entered her cute little puppy in Newsday.com’s Cutest Canine Contest on Long Island. If she wins, she gets $1000!!! Please vote for little Ginger! Thanks guys!

Ok, time to prepare for Pa’s arrival! Have a great Saturday! :)