I hate the circus

Naveen Sultan of Telegraph21, ‘a new video magazine featuring the best documentary films and art videos from around the world’ passed this clip on to me (thank you!), which I would like to share with you. Here is a clip from ‘Cover Girl Culture,’ a documentary by Nicole Clark (producer/director/former Elite model.) 


This documentary explores the world of fashion as well as the thoughts, feelings and self-critiques of young women affected by the messages that designers, models, advertisers, editors, magazines in general, etc. put out into the world. Many people in the Fashion Industry who are partially responsible for low self-esteem among young women (for showing unattainable body images for the average young woman) say they want to see ‘healthy, happy’ girls in their magazines and on the runway. Well, if you want to see them so bad, where are they? One young woman in the clip explains how magazines say, ‘Don’t worry about your weight, but look at this [pin-thin model.]’ This is an unfair, not to mention, confusing message. To those in the Fashion Industry, working for fashion magazines – You can not tell these girls, ‘You are beautiful because you are different, healthy is ‘in’, feel good about your body,’ etc. etc. when you are still only showing extremely thin women in your magazines. 

All we’re asking is for you is to do what you say you’re going to do. Why can’t it be ‘in’ for young women around the world to read your magazines and while they’re reading, they see girls who look like them, girls they can identify with? Maybe it’s time to get in the mindset of – ‘When a young woman reads my magazine, she’s going to feel empowered, beautiful and happy.’ And by saying this I mean showing every type of young women – thin included. There are obviously all different body types, skin types, skin colors, hair/eye colors, etc. let’s help everyone feel included. A young woman’s ego, self-esteem and self-worth are so extremely important –  magazines could play such a huge role in affecting these three things in a positive way, if taken seriously. 

In other news… 

Enjoy $1 off any ‘all fruit smoothie’ from now until April 10th http://www.jambajuice.com/eb/ff/jmff.html 

– Every weekday morning from 8am-10am, Paris Creperie in Coolidge Corner gives away free coffee with a crepe purchase. Yum. 278 Harvard Street, Brookline  – (617) 232-1770‎ 

Wicked is coming to Boston! At the Boston Opera House from September 1st – October 17th. 

From Boston.com e-newsletter*

Pre-sale begins today, and on April 11th ticket sales are open to the general public. It’s an amazing show – I highly recommend it! 




  • – BU students get 15% off at JCrew in Copley Square tonight. Wish I went to BU… http://ow.ly/1s9Gr


  • Free appetizers tonight at Redbones from 6:30pm-8:30pm in celebration of Jay Atkinson’s new book, ‘Paradise Road.’ He’ll be reading and you’ll be listening/picking on delicious food – not a bad deal. http://bit.ly/cZ3QSy – 55 Chester Street, Somerville – (617) 628-2200

            More about ‘Paradise Road’http://www.jayatkinson.com/ 

  •  Like the circus? I don’t! In fact, I hate it. Anyway, Buy With Me has a coupon for their deal of the day to The Big Apple Circus for $15 at City Hall Plaza. Click below if interested…


  •  Living Social’s deal of the day is $10 for $20 worth of food at Conor Larkin’s Grill and Tap – 329 Huntington Ave, Boston – http://livingsocial.com/deals/964?


For more information, please call Bravo at (617) 369-3474. 

With that, I’ll leave you with this – a clip of Jack Johnson’s new song, ‘You and Your Heart’ :
His new album, To the Sea, ‘drops’ June 1st. I truly couldn’t be more excited! :)

Happy birthday H !!

First and foremost, I’d like to wish one of my best friends in the world, Heather an extremely happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I miss her so much and wish I could be celebrating with her right now. We’ll have to make up for it next time I’m in NY. :)

Mary, Heather and Myself at Meg's bachelorette party !

Heather, Colleen and Mary do Hawaii. Heather came out to visit Mar and I when we were living there :)

We're best friends and we play intense games of cranium.

Last night I went to the Shecky’s Girls Night Out event with Nuge, X and Alana. We got discounted tickets on http://www.buywithme.com/ so they were $20 (opposed to $30) and you got 5 drink tickets, along with a goody bag – not too shabby! The goody bag was packed with a ton of great stuff. I <3 free things. Who doesn’t? (*I also got a free gift from Macy’s when I bought some makeup yesterday too – I love free gift time.)

So overall it was a fun time. There were tables set up with clothes from different boutiques (although I was a bit disappointed in the selection – I was in the mood to buy but there wasn’t anything that interested me. Stinky) they also had jewelry, makeup, etc etc. These two girls from NYU were selling these City Slippers which are roll up ballet type slippers that you can just throw in your bag – they were awesome! These girls were in their early twenties and started the business right in their college dorm, I was so impressed! Nuge, X and Alana bought some, but my big flippers didn’t fit! Embarrassing.

My only critiques would be that they should have had food served, or at least available to purchase. And, they should have had more seating areas (they only had one very small section.) I mean, the event is from 6pm-10pm, right after work. I am hungry, my feet hurt (probably cause they’re so big) and I don’t necessarily want to stand around for four hours. However – if there were seating areas where we could have sat, had some food/drinks and chatted after doing a few laps of browsing – that would have been awesome. Just a suggestion… Either way, I had fun, because I always have fun with my buddies.


X, Alana, Nuge xo

Our goody bags!

Creepy creatures on the wall over by the beer tasting we were at....

X and I beer tasting - they made us taste Clamata - clam juice and beer ... yuck!

  • Today’s Living Social deal is $40 for a 60-minute personalized deep tissue massage at the Gregory Beale Massage – 12 Arrow Street Cambridge (617) 388-0939 http://livingsocial.com/deals/
  • Get your most fancy/sexy Snuggie on because tomorrow is the Snuggie Crawl! Starting at 1:45pm at The Grand Canal http://crawlinboston.com/
  • Go the Daniela Corte Sample Sale for some new spring and summer pieces (as well as post-season items at 60-80% off) tomorrow from 10am-6pm at 211 Newbury Street, Back Bay (617) 262-2100. *Prices start at $10, remember – cash or check on
  • Well, I’m sorry the post was late today! Busy day at work and then right after work Colin and I went out with some of my co-workers for drinks at Tommy Doyle’s – it was a good time.
  • By the way, the other day this guy at work asked me if I had a black eye. Yeahhh, I just got into a fight on a casual Tuesday night and came into work without putting makeup on my shiner. No, you idiot I don’t have a black eye – those are my under eye circles/bags due to lack of sleep, but thanks for asking.
  • On that note… this week has left me beyond exhaustion. Time for me to get my much needed beauty rest! Goodnight :)