Come fly with me!

Flights everywhere seem to be skyrocketing for the summer. If you’re looking to plan a getaway, you may be stressing over money already. Many worries and questions come to mind when dealing with booking flights – Are there any deals left out there? Will there be any upcoming deals? Should I book now? Should I wait to book? Which Airline? etc. The list could go on…

You’ve signed up for alerts, you’ve signed up for every travel/airline email out there, you read every article you stumble upon having anything to do flights, you google ‘flight deals to _____’ over and over. Is there anything else you could possibly do?

Yes, actually there is.

Twitter seems to be the best way out there in reference to staying up-to-date on travel information, including special offers, sale dates, giveaways, and more. There are a ton of airlines as well as travel search sites to follow. Twitter is, for those of you who don’t know, a social-networking/microblogging website which provides you with the ability to share snippets of information with others as well as receive snippets of information from others (of your choice, people you ‘follow.’) From, ‘Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now.’

  • Here is a good article explaining more about the use of Twitter with travel on –

  • Informative article on summer travel from USA Today –

A very important question … Who should you follow on Twitter in order to get the highest quality travel information? Here is my top 25 list of who you need to follow in order to score your dream summer vacation (or perhaps spring vacation? You never know…) 

*Listed with airlines first, travel search sites after. In no particular order other than that. 

1. @AAirwaves
2. @DeltaAirLines
3. @SouthwestAir
4. @BritishAirways
5. @KLM
6. @AirFranceUS
7. @FlyHawaiian
8. @UnitedAirlines
9. @AerLingusStuff
10. @TheNegotiator
11. @Travelzoo
12. @travelocity
13. @RoamingGnome
14. @KAYAK
15. @FareCompare
16. @expedia
17. @FareCompareLabs
18. @easyJet
19. @sbc_orbitz
20. @Orbitz
21. @Airfarewatchdog
22. @fareologist
23. @fly_com
24. @yapta
25. @momondo
  • Another tip – follow your local airport, for example @BostonLogan for those here in beantown. Also, look for flight deals specific to your city, for example @flyfromBOS. Follow @Gadling, which is a travel blog from experienced travelers/writers bringing you some interesting tips, tidbits and advice.
Colin and I have been obsessed with searching for the best deal we can get to Ireland this summer for Megan and Matt’s wedding. We’re young and are just beginning to watch our savings grow little by little, we don’t want to see it all wiped away with one swipe of the credit card! However, we are getting to that wedding one way or another. Stay tuned to see whether we actually get a good deal on flights, if we have to pay an arm an a leg or if we’ll have to take matters into our own hands by building a rowboat in order to get us there… With Twitter on my side, I believe we’ll be able to keep our arms and legs as well as our rowboat-free lifestyle. Fingers crossed!