London: Day 5

Day 5 consisted of the Tate Modern (I love that museums are free!), the Globe Theatre, the Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and another lovely day with me Mum and Pops.

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Day 6 tomorrow…cheerio!

London: Day 3

Day three consisted of the Tower of London, the crown jewels (bling, bling!), beefeaters, a trip to St. Katharine Docks for dinner (which consisted of more good food and prosecco — I think I may be addicted…)

Another absolutely amazing day in London Town!

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Day 4 tomorrow. Cheerio!

London: Day 1

I just got back from London yesterday (I already miss being on vacation big time). It was amazing! Not only was it great to spend some quality time with me mum and pops, it was also awesome to go explore a new city. We walked and walked and walked and saw all the sights. I loved it all. London is a very cool city!

I took lots of photos while I was there, so I figured I would share them here on the craic. On our first day, my dad picked up my mom and I and we headed to their ‘flat’. We were Exhausted with a capital E, so we took a long nap. Afterward, we headed to their discounted tickets booth and grabbed some tickets to see Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre (but before the show we ate a delicious meal at Melanie’s). It was sooo good! Great acting, fabulous music, entertaining, etc. — we were singing the songs like fools our whole walk home. I highly recommend checking it out if you ever find yourself in London’s West End.

We also strolled through Covent Garden, which really reminds me of Faneuil Hall!

(*Sidenote: My cousin Bernard played percussion for Blood Brothers in London for a couple of years when it first started! Very cool!)

Day 2 coming tomorrow. Cheerio for now!