Last week Meg and Matt rented a house on Fire Island (Kismet to be exact), so I got to spend a couple of days over there. Fire Island is a popular summer spot for Long Islanders. It’s only about a 25 minute ferry ride from Bay Shore (a town on the south shore of Long Island). Even though it’s only a short ride over, you really feel like you’ve escaped to a beautiful faraway beach town. It’s lovely! There is a very (very) limited amount of cars over there, the dress is always pretty casual, and the beaches are gorgeous.

Have you ever been? If not, and you’re looking for a calm, laid-back vacation you should check out a rental on Fire Island for sure. :)

Check out a few pictures from our visit:

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A great weekend!

Colin and I went home to Long Island for the weekend to celebrate Heather’s birthday. It was a great time!

We even looked at a place to potentially have our wedding, the Bellport Country Club. :) We’ll see!

Heather's fabulous stylist fixing her 'do

Happy birthday!!!

Such babes!

Amanda and Joe came to hang out for the night!

Catie hung out too!

Tattoos, family & Nate Berkus

When there are things going on in my family, its tough to be away. SO, Meg and I hopped in the car, Moll hopped on a plane and we all headed to Long Island (we missed you Patrick!) It was SO good to all be together this weekend and make each other laugh.

Fun events from the weekend included family tattoos, a trip to Aunt Nancy’s, ‘Easy A’, a beautiful baby shower in Garden City, delicious food, and the Nate Berkus show!

First up, family tattoos: (Meg and I did not get another one, but we will…) Mom, Molly and Kelly did though, and they’re really cool! Nothin’ like a family Saturday night at the Tattoo Parlor!



Wordpress won't let me rotate this photo! But, here is Mom's!

Here is Moll's, she got it on her ribs (although, it's much smaller than it appears in the photo), and Kelly got this same one on her wrist - both include all our siblings initials, MPCKM!

After family time at the tattoo parlor (no big deal) we had some Mexican food at Meson Ole! Molly’s biffle Grace and her lovely boyfriend Rich stopped by to say hi and to make us laugh with all their funny stories! It was very good to see them. :)

Next up was church out in Bellport at Fr. Jerry’s then a visit to Aunt Nancy’s for some delicious food, and more laughter! Thanks for the amazing meal!!

Aunt Nancy's cute little Ginger


Molly liiiikes

Sooo good!

Group shot!

Just the scissors

I also got to see my favorite girlies and have a wonderful meal at Glen’s. Such a treat. :)

And nowww… I present to you ladies and gents… The Nate Berkus Show!

Thank you Twitter for another wonderful connection – tickets to the Nate Berkus show, Blogger Edition. I met a bunch of cool design bloggers, including Amy from Maison Decor, The Moggit Girls, Kwana from Kwana Writes, and a few more! We had a great time, and let me tell you ladies, Nate is just as cute and sweet as you would think. Very well dressed as well.

He did an excellent segment on sprucing up your own home without having to shell out any dough by shopping your own home – it was very interesting and helpful. I’ve been “shopping” my parents home every time I go back to NY for my new big girl apartment and now I learned a few new tips – thanks NB!

He also did a fashion segment with surprise guest Christian Siriano, winner of Season 4 Project Runway! Christian is one of the most darling people I’ve ever seen, he’s the size of a damn Polly Pocket doll for goodness sake – so cute! Also, during this segment they gave the whole audience gift certificates to Payless as well as an accessory from Send the Trend. I got an amazing necklace – and you know what made it more amazing? It was named Mollie (yes, not the same spelling as my sister, but equally amazing).

On our way to the Nate Berkus show!

We're here!

Such a cutie!


So excited :)

Bloggers babay

Lots of design bloggers in one room... why was I there (I'm not a design blogger...) who knows? And, hey, who cares?!

Almost timeee

There he is!

Answering the audience's questions after filming

Such a beautiful set

Had a quick and delicious dinner at The Tik Tok Diner before hopping on the Bolt Bus

It was a great weekend but now I miss my family again (the downside of living away from one another…) Oh well – Hump day is over and it’s almost Friiiday!


Family, friends, food & wine, always makes for a good time

This past weekend was so much fun! My grandpa is home and feeling/looking great, the weather was beautiful and I got to hang out with my sisters, my parents and my best friends. Not a bad weekend. :)

Saturday evening we had my best friend Heather and my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Kevin over for dinner. We sat outside and grilled (thanks Mom and Dad, dinner was delicious!) It was such a nice night out. The food was wonderful and the company was even better!

The star of my blog this weekend, Uncle Kevin!


I <3 burgers

S'more? S'more what?

After dinner we hung out, chatted, looked at pictures from the wedding and whatnot. Afterward my cousin Catie who lives across the street came over to hang – it was so good to see her!

(*Side note, Catie grew up five blocks away from me – well, for most of our lives anyway – and she married “Chris across the street” (from my family.) Basically, Catie my cousin married Chris my neighbor, who is like a brother to me! Quite romantical.)

Anyway, Colin, Catie, Heather and I went into town to meet my other best friend, Mary and her boyfriend Matt at Horace and Sylvias for a few drinks (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!)

Sunday Colin and Pops went out to Greenport to golf and my Mom and I got up early, went to mass, then headed out east ourselves. We had a different agenda though. Golf? No thanks! Wine? Yes please!

We packed a kick-ass lunch and brought it with us to Jamesport Vineyards, a beautiful, sustainable vineyard in Jamesport, NY that has been around since 1981.

From their website:

“Sustainable farming attempts to minimize environmental impacts and ensure economic viability in a safe and healthy work environment. We incorporate environmentally and economically sound production practices in our management of vine growth, weeds, diseases, insects, and soil fertility. We encourage you to come visit us to learn more specific information about how Jamesport Vineyards practices sustainability.”

Jamesport is one of my parents favorite wineries out east on Long Island. They also love Pellegrini Vineyards which is gorgeous as well…Both nice places for weddings. :)

My mom and I had such a lovely time together!! I literally LOVE when I get to spend some one-on-one time with my mom. We laugh so much, and she always makes me feel better about all my worries. I feel like I have a lot going on right now and a lot on my plate so it was so great to just let it all out and have my mom be there to listen and make me feel better.

While we were there we tried all whites – The Reserve Chardonnay 2007, The Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2009 and Riesling 2008. I really loved the Sauvignon Blanc – very tasty. I literally could have hung out here all day; the sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, we had food and wine and to top it all off a great band was playing. What more do  you need on a Sunday afternoon?

Mom :)

Jamesport Vineyards

Our wines


So pretty

Friggin love a good turkey sandwich

The band

Enjoying my vino



Such a cutie

Hi Birdie

After the vineyard, my mom and I met up with Dad and Colin along with the O’Doherty’s (close family friends who have a house out in Greenport) for lunch. I had an amazing lobster roll at Claudio’s.

When we finished lunch we said bye to Mom and Dad and headed to the ferry. Back to Boston!

Overall, an A+ weekend. SO happy to see my parents, my sisters and my best friends. :)

A Long Island Saturday (and Congratulations Kelly!)

I love Boston. It’s funny though, because on the weekends, I’m rarely there. (And I’m also contemplating moving back to Andover, if anybody knows of one bedroom or studio apartments in the area let me know! That’s neither here nor there though…) This weekend we’re home on Long Island visiting the family. Unfortunately my grandfather experienced a stroke while we were in Ireland and once he was able to come back to the states he had to go right into a stroke rehab facility. Anyway, today he comes home! So, I thought this would be a great weekend for Colin and I to come to Long Island for a visit.

This morning my Mom, Dad, Colin and I went to Glen’s Dinette, right in Babylon Village (where my parents house is.) It was lovely! It’s a hotspot in Babylon, but luckily our wait was only about 5-10 minutes. Good thing, because I was huuungry. I got “The Traditional” or as my two best friends (Mary and Heather) and myself call it, “The Traddy.” Two eggs over easy, with home fries, whole wheat toast and a side of bacon. YUM. I also had plenty of O.J. and coffee of course. It was delicious! And we had a great time. I love spending some QT with the parentals.




Later my dad is grilling for dinner and my buddies Mary and Heather are going to come over for a visit. My sisters Molly and Kelly are around too which is GREAT. Kelly just graduated from the Vidal Sassoon Academy in LA! She is a PRO hairstylist now, it’s so amazing. She has cut my hair before and it came out great – but truthfully, I really can’t wait until she highlights my hair, woopwoop!

I’m so proud of my beautiful sister Kelly. She’s extremely talented. She has found exactly what she wants to do with her life and exactly what she was meant to do. What a wonderful thing! (I’m still trying to figure that out…) She’s back in New York and ready to style some hair! Who needs a new ‘do??


Kelly hard at work!


Also, if you have a second I’d really appreciate your help on this… My Aunt Nancy (one of my biggest blog supporter/fan!) entered her cute little puppy in’s Cutest Canine Contest on Long Island. If she wins, she gets $1000!!! Please vote for little Ginger! Thanks guys!

Ok, time to prepare for Pa’s arrival! Have a great Saturday! :)

The weekend in pictures

This past weekend was awesome. I got to spend some solid quality time my family. Mom, Dad, Par, Meg, Kelly and Molly were all around and it was so nice to get to just hang out and laugh all weekend. I also got to see my two best girlies, Mary and Heather which is always a joy! My brother Patrick wasn’t able to come home (he’s über cool – lives out in Cali) which was sad. It’s weird when a bunch of us are together and there’s one or two missing. I got to chat with him on Saturday though, so it was nice to catch up. I miss you brothaman!

We did a lot over the weekend – a bbq Saturday at our (pretend) cousins house where we got to see all the kiddies – such a treat! Did a little shopping for Meg’s honeymoon Saturday night, had tea with Mary and Heather, went out to Bellport to visit Fr. Jerry, saw SATC2 (awesome!), made the seating arrangements for the wedding, saw Kelly’s Brian who is home from Ireland (he was did a semester over there), went to the Babylon Memorial Day parade, another bbq at our other cousins, etc. etc. The weather was beautiful and I was surrounded by people I love. A wonderful weekend indeed.

Some photos for you –

On our way!

Just got off the ferry

We're home!

Welcome to LI wine country :)

The beautiful beach we stopped at quickly


The Garden of Eve - what a beautiful name! If you're in Long Island anytime soon, this is a must visit!!

Garden of Eve Riverhead, NY

The farmers market we popped into

Don't forget to eat your veggies!

Cutest little guys

The Lavender Labyrinth

Meg washing off our DELICIOUS strawberries

The most delicious strawberries I've ever had in my LIFE

Once we got home to Babylon, it was time to head over to our pretend cousins (do you guys have any of those??) house for a bbq. It was such a good time!

Ella on the slip n slide!

Kelly and Brian!

Delicious bbq dinner

Me and my boys - Uncle Kev and Pops

Ella going in for the kill

My beautiful family - Mom, Molly and Kelly


Pretty Moldy


Moll is stealing Patrick's signature move!



Me and my little friend

Megan and her little friend - we each got one! Love twins!

Aw, my little friend isn't happy anymore!

Looking at the boobies

Look at those curls :)

Mmmm dessert

Sunday we drove out to Bellport to visit  our dear friend Fr. Jerry (Mom and Dad have been friends with him since we were little – he even baptized Molly, or ‘Angelina’ as he calls her… He’s one of those ‘Italians’…) We went to mass at his parish, Mary Immaculate and afterward we went to brunch in town. Fr. Jerry will be celebrating mass along with Fr. Jim at Meg and Matt’s wedding so it was good to talk some wedding details with him and get to see him before the big show!

Fr. Jerry's church

Grammy, Popper and Nana's brick outside the church :)

Moms present to Aunt Nancy!

Beautiful church

Rose bush right outside of the Rectory

Love this

'Many people have eaten my cooking and have gone on to lead normal lives.' Apparently Meg doesn't think so Mom!

Food pantry at the church

Kelly posing with the food ;)

Awesome bench!

Brunch at the Bellport Restaurant

Such an awesome restaurant - very cute decor and delicious food!


Yummy lemonade


Kelly's fritatta

A buggy we saw on our walk around Bellport

Tilted? haha

Down by the dock

Meg also had her final fitting while we were home! She looks AMAZING in her dress – I can’t post any pictures because Matt can’t see it yet! However, here is a picture of my gorgeous Mother all dolled up. Meg was practicing my Mom’s makeup for the big day.

My beautiful Mother - Meg was practicing makeup on her for the wedding!

Happy Birthday MK(C)M!

Happy birthday to one of the most amazing people in the world: Mary

Signature move

The 3 Musketeers

Ummm...still trying to figure out how we got our parents to agree on letting us 'study abroad' in Hawaii...

Mary has been one of my best friends since 7th grade when she made the switch from St. Pat’s to St. Mary’s (thank God she did!) She is like a sister to me at this point – my whole family feels the same way. Her parents are like second parents to me. Mar’s whole family is amazing and I’m so lucky to be apart of it.

Mar celebrated her BIG 24th birthday on Thursday, May 20th and I apologize for the late birthday post (better late than never right?!) I will be heading to Long Island next weekend so I hope to see my Mar to give her her amazing (if I do say so myself) present!

I hate being away from Mar (and the rest of my family including Heather) – it is so tough at times. But luckily Mary is my friend that will always be there no matter what. Nothing is gonna change that at this point, we’re in this for the long haul! I love you bud and hope you had a GREAT day!!!

Happy birthday to two of my favorite people…

Well, I guess I’ll just go ahead and blame my lack of blogging on A- the fact that this spring time heat wave has been melting my brain, B – I celebrated my 24th birthday on Saturday so since I’m the boss when it comes to my blog, I gave myself a few days off, and C – I’ve been too traumatized hearing about the lack of water in the Boston area even though I haven’t even been affected by it…

My brother also celebrated his birthday on Saturday. Yes, we were born on the same day. No, we are not twins. Yes, we are awesome. I was Patrick’s gift for his second birthday! (lucky him!)

So, on that note… HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT! Wish we could have celebrated together (he’s in LA) – next year we must!

Back in the day joint

Patrick sharing with me - how cute!

All the sibs!

For my birthday, Colin and I headed to Long Island to hang out with the parentals and my grandfather. Saturday morning we did a quick breakfast at Glen’s Dinette in Babylon (SUCH a great breakfast spot) then I went with my mom to get fitted for my bridesmaid dress for the wedding! It’s an awesome dress, I really love it. Will share pictures eventually…

Next up was the beach! It was SO gorgeous on Saturday that it would have been a sin not to get down to the beach while visiting LI. We parked at Robert Moses field five and headed to Kismet on Fire Island.

Now, in order to get to Kismet (while walking on the beach), you must take a stroll through the nudie beach. This is always interesting. You know what makes it even more interesting? Walking through it with your parents and boyfriend! Why not make things awkward on a nice Saturday afternoon?

Walking through a nude beach (as one of the ‘others‘ – ‘others‘ being those who opted to wear clothing) is a bit strange. Should you look? Should you avert your eyes? If you are going to look, if you should then make eye contact (if you’re not looking at other things….) – should you smile, or quickly look away? Is it acceptable to stare? Is it okay to giggle like a little schoolgirl? Should you just cave in and strip down yourself? Be all ‘natural and free‘?

None of us stripped down, although I think my mom was contemplating it… We almost lost her to the allure of no tan lines!

We finally made it through the naked body parts and over to Kismet, we had lunch at Surf’s Out. It was lovely, we sat in the sun and enjoyed some blue cheese wedge salads, a panini and Pinot Grigio. After lunch, we walked back to where we parked, passing the lighthouse along the way. I love the Fire Island lighthouse. Every time I see it, it reminds me of home. It was also a bit more scenic than the nudie route…

For my birthday dinner one of my best friends Heather joined my parents, my grandfather, Colin and I at a hibachi Japanese restaurant called Gasho – it was so completely delicious. I got fried rice and the hibachi shrimp. SO good.

Got some great birthday presents too! Some money (going right to the tires… wooo hoooooo!), clothes, a beautiful J Crew necklace, a charm for my Pandora bracelet, gift cards, and a gorgeous camera! I am now the proud owner of the Canon Powershot SX200 IS.

In other birthday news… HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUDREY HEPBURN! Audrey has always been my ‘famous person’ idol. I’ve been slightly obsessed with her since I was little. She was one of the most elegant, beautiful, fashionable, talented and compassionate women to ever live. A talented actress, a style icon, a selfless humanitarian. Sabrina is my favorite Audrey Hepburn flick – if you haven’t seen it, please rent it soon!

I even dressed up as Audrey Senior year of college for Halloween!

Classy with the beer in hand. Hey, it was college.

Words to live by:

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone. People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.”
— Audrey Hepburn

Last night we went to Noir inside the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it was amazing! If you haven’t yet, you need to head over there to try their weekly deal (everything on the bar menu for only $5-$4-$3-$2-$1) Monday-Thursday from 5pm-7pm. And go visit now, especially, because they have an outdoor patio – awesome for the warm weather!

Menu here –

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and I can’t wait to enjoy a margarita! Goodnight! :)

The return of ‘Glee’

Yes – finally, ‘Glee’ is back!

The cast of 'Glee',

Tomorrow after work I can go home and plop myself on the couch in anticipation for the premiere of the spring season. It’s my new favorite show and apparently many others. Attracting between 7 and 8 million loyal viewers each week, ‘Glee‘ is doing quite well among the 18-49 year-old bracket. Ryan Murphy (of ‘Nip/Tuck’) creates a world filled with drama, geeks (or should I say ‘gleeks’) vs. jocks, teen pregnancies and high school crushes. This one hour musical-satirical program has shown it’s stuff with performances ranging from ‘Push It’ to ‘Proud Mary’ to ‘Endless Love’ and everything in between. The cast is brilliant, the show is refreshing and most importantly it’s a huge hit!
I got the chance to talk to Jenna Ushkowitz, one of the shining stars of ‘Glee.’ Jenna plays Tina, the punk chick who faked her stutter to impress her fellow gleek Arty who is confined to a wheelchair. Jenna grew up on Long Island, New York. She attended Holy Trinity, a performing arts high school, studied musical theater at Marymount Manhattan College, has appeared on Broadway in productions such as ‘The King and I’ and ‘Spring Awakening’ and has also dabbled in independent films as well as television prior to getting cast in ‘Glee.’ Jenna Ushkowitz is a name you will be hearing more of; she has a great deal of talent along with a warm, bubbly personality and a ton of promise.

Let’s get started…
CM: How did you get into acting at such a young age?
JU: I was one of those kids who would walk up to strangers tables at a restaurant and say hi, so my parents put me into modeling at 3. I started off doing Commercials and Print ads like Jello, Hess Truck.. then i got into Musical Theatre and that sparked my love.

CM: Do you have a say in Tina’s wardrobe?
JU: I really trust our wardrobe ladies but sometimes, since Tina has so many accessories, they’ll pick out the outfit and I’ll be able to choose what jewelry goes with the outfit. But, they are really great and would never make me wear something I wasn’t comfortable in.


CM: So, how do you feel about Tina lying about her stutter to impress Artie? Do you think they will eventually get together?
JU: I wouldn’t say it was to impress Artie, she just thought she found a real friend in him and thought he would relate to her but I don’t think she saw the consequences or how he would truly feel after the reveal. I thought the revealing that the stutter was fake was done in a tasteful manner and I really trust the writers with the writing they give us. We hope they get together, we’ve been calling it Team Artina or Tartie, Kevin and I love working together.

CM: Tina was pretending to have a stutter to be ‘different’, can you relate to that, to feeling different?
JU: Absolutely. The first thing that comes to mind was being in 4th grade and doing a Broadway Show and auditioning. Other kids were playing sports and doing afterschool activities and I was working a professional job with adults. It was such a wonderful world but the kids at school didn’t really understand it so- it was weird being torn between two completely different worlds.

CM: Did you do anything like ‘Glee’ in High School?
JU: Yes, I was in “Select Choir” and I did all the school Musicals. Select choir was very much like Glee. We performed numbers and put on reviews at the end of the year.

CM: Seeing as it is typical for older actors to play younger characters on television, is it funny to be back in the world of High School? Bring back memories?
JU: It’s really great as an actor to be able to pull from real experience, as ‘Glee’ is pretty similar to my high school experience. I feel like I’ve gotten to go back to school in someone else’s shoes. It brings back memories but I was not like Tina at all, so its really fun to relive it differently.

CM: How is working on a hit TV show different from working in musical theatre? Similarities?
JU: They are completely different. TV is pretty new to me. I love working in Musical Theatre and that’s always been where I feel most at home, but I’m really enjoying being a sponge and watching people like Jane Lynch work. It’s much smaller for the camera, all your moves and actions and faces. But we get to sing and dance on TV so it’s a whole new genre we are experimenting with. I can’t really say which I like better. I love aspects of both.

CM: Are people starting to recognize you? How does that feel?
JU: People are beginning to recognize me a little. It’s weird and rewarding at the same time. People actually care about my life and our show which is weird but so cool at the same time. But it doesn’t really change things, I just appreciate the acknowledgment, I guess.

CM: How are your cast members? Does everyone get along? Any funny stories from on set?
JU: We are one big happy family.  Everyone is so dynamic and different, but it works. We all love each other and actually hang out all the time on and off set. There are so many good times on set but in between takes we all sit in “club cast,” and play mafia since there’s usually about at least 8 of us on set at a time.

CM: Are Corey and Lea dating in real life?
JU: No, Cory and Lea are NOT dating in real life haha.

CM: You have known your castmate Lea Michele for a while now, right? How did you two meet? (It must be nice having someone from ‘home’ out in LA with you..)
JU: We met when we were both working on Broadway around the ages of 8-9. She was doing Ragtime and I was doing King and I and the ‘Broadway Kid’ community is pretty small. So we’ve known each other for a long time. It was very comforting having someone around in LA when we first came out and not knowing anyone else. I joined Spring Awakening and our time there overlapped– so we got to do that together and then she got Glee and then not long after, I got Glee!

CM: Have you enjoyed the musical selection on ‘Glee’? What has been your favorite song to sing?…Your performance of ‘True Colors’ was great! It was really nice to see you do a solo. Should we be expecting big things from Tina as the show continues? Will we find out more about her background, her story?
JU: I hope in future episodes you will learn more.  The musical selection has been quite incredible and I’m so grateful for the amazing classics we’ve been able to do, but ‘Somebody to Love’ is one of my favorite songs in general, so be able to do a really great rendition of it was very cool. We also felt like that was one of our group numbers that really brought us together and we felt like a group.

CM: I really love how diverse the cast of ‘Glee‘ is, you guys really cover a large spectrum. How do you feel about this?
JU: I think that’s what makes it work so well, our chemistry and dynamic is made off of us all being so different. None of us look or act the same. Our personalities are so different and we are so lucky because it really works. The show reaches out to so many different people and I think its great that people see themselves in us.

CM: Do you all film Monday-Friday every week? What is your schedule/a typical day like for you?
JU: When we got to the last few episodes, we were working 5 days a week, 12 hour days. Typically, it takes 8 days to complete an episode and if we are not shooting a scene, we are in dance rehearsal or in the recording studio putting down a song. It’s hectic and crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Luckily, we usually have our weekends to ourselves.

CM: What type of music can we get excited for upcoming episodes? I heard there will be an all Madonna episode which sounds awesome…
JU: Yes, there will be a full Madonna episode which will be A LOT of Madonna music!

CM: How does it feel to be working alongside 3 guys voted on People’s ‘Sexiest Men Alive list?’
JU: Haha – Well, they are more like brothers to me, so ….weird. No – haha – its awesome, im so happy for them and they look great!

CM: Have you ever been starstruck? Met anyone cool?
JU: Of course, Everyday! haha. Josh Groban, Kristen Chenoweth! All of our guest stars! but they all end up being amazing and so lovely. I also met Terri Hatcher who is a Gleek which was amazing!

CM: How was singing at the World Series? (Yankee fan right??)
JU: I am a Yankees fan! And it was INCREDIBLE! a dream come true, really. It was surreal and amazing! We sang the day of the rain delay, so we were like down in a basement locker room with no cell service and then they were like, ok rains done! GO! haha! So much fun.

CM: How is LA compared to NY?
JU: LA is sunny! haha – No LA you drive, it’s a different vibe. It’s really chill and just everyone is really lax. NY, your heart beats differently there. It’s so cool to be in the city and be in the middle of chaos and it’s just home for me, so they both have their perks.

*Sidenote – I really like that, ‘You’re heart beats differently there’ [in reference to NY]… It’s true :)

CM: What was the first major difference you noticed about LA (vs. NY) when you arrived?
JU: Driving! Because I lived in NYC for so long and was so used to the numbered streets and walking everywhere!

CM: What do you miss most?
JU: The busy vibe. Everyone is always moving and everything is always open.

CM: How do you deal with homesickness? Do you do anything to feel connected to home?
JU: It’s so interesting, because you leave for college and home is never really the same, but then you move across country and home seems so far away but I am lucky enough to be able to get back and I have an amazing support system and family that keep in touch with me always so its been a lot easier. When I first moved it was really hard but I get back enough now to NY. I come as often as I can and when I need to go, I do, even just for a weekend. I use email, facebook and my phone to keep me in touch and I have also gained a new foundation of family and friends here from Fox and Glee, So I’m doing alright.

CM: Do you have any siblings?
JU: 1 older brother, Gregg. He’s 33 and he’s the best.

CM: What do you do to stay healthy?
JU: I eat well, I drink a lot of water, I exercise as much as possible (Yoga, Running) I try and walk as much as possible, since I tend to use my car everywhere haha.

CM: What are your vices?
JU: I’m a total coffee snob, I can’t go without it. I occasionally love my sweets and I eat a lot of sushi, probably more than I should.

CM: What do you do to relax and unwind?
JU: I am addicted to my DVR, so I tape all my shows, sit on my couch with my snuggie and just read or watch TV. I also love twitter and facebook, so it’s a nice time to just surf the web and not think about anything else.

CM: Do you have any favorite new shows on TV right now?
JU: Flashforward, Modern Family…

CM: Where do you go to have fun?
JU: We love hanging out at each others’ apartments, I love wine bars, karaoke, bowling or the beach.

CM: Who do you go to to tell your secrets?
JU: My best friends. I have an incredible base of friends who I tell everything.

CM: Who do you look up to?
JU: My dad.

These are a few of my favorite things…
Favorite Movie? Dirty Dancing
Favorite Singer /Band? Right now? Lady Gaga
Favorite Play? Play – Hamlet or Steady Rain (I just saw both) and musical is anything Stephen Sondheim
Favorite Actor/Actress? Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep
Favorite Color? Black
Favorite Athlete? Jorge Posada

Gleek Out!
Mr. Schue with Terri or Emma?
Mr. Shue and Emma of course.

Do you think Sue should have a love interest? What about Kurt or Mercedes, do you think they will eventually have love interests? And of course Tina and Artie will happen!….
I think Sue should have a few love interests but nothing substantial, it’ll kill it for now i think. I’m sure in the future she will. I hope that Mercedes and Kurt each get boyfriends. I can’t wait to see what they do with Tina and Artie! We have no idea! I’d love to see Mercedes’ get a boyfriend and Kurt maybe a sugar daddy haha.

Should Tina wear less black? How do you feel about it? Will she be trying other colors in her hair or just sticking to blue?
I hope she can try some new colors eventually but I’m loving the blue right now. Tina has “pops” of color. I like the black base. I’m a fan of black, grey and white though as Jenna, so I don’t mind it!

Should Artie miraculously be able to walk?
No, I don’t think so. I think that Kevin is a great dancer, but it would take away the reality that Artie really is in a wheelchair and that would kind of be an insult to what he’s representing. I was almost scared of Tina faking the stutter but I think it was done tastefully.

Should Quinn keep the baby?
I don’t know. I don’t think so.

Lastly, a few random factoids…
I’m actually shy
I love rollercoasters
I love to clean
I’m a Vegetarian
I am terrified of spiders
What a year it has been for Jenna along with the rest of the cast of ‘Glee‘! I mean, Golden Globes, performing at the White House, going on Oprah?! ‘Glee‘ has become a total phenomenon. It’s a great show with a ton of tricks up their sleeve for the spring season… Stay tuned!
Glee premieres tomorrow (Tuesday, April 13th) right after American Idol on FOX at 9:28pm!

Wine Chicken – [wahyn chik un n] noun – A chicken which produces wine

A few things tonight…

I haven’t been able to blog all day – it’s been a crazy one! THANK THE DEAR LORD it’s Friday. This week was long – it felt like a few weeks squished into one. And not only that, but today was a very terrible day at work. They have decided to move my work BFF, Nicole along with my college/work BFF Adam upstairs to the 6th floor while I stay downstairs on the 5th floor! This is a very big deal. Nicole and I walk over to the coffee machine about fifty times a day with each other. Who will I walk with now? Just me? All alone? No one to chat with?

I think this is both uncool and rude. How can you take my buddies away from me? They make sitting in a cube all day a little more cheerful. I don’t know what I’ll do! This is like when you were in fifth grade and the teacher decides the classroom needs to do a little switcheroo. Everyone gets a new seating assignment and you’re pissed because you had the best seat in the whole classroom. It’s devastating! I hope I can bounce back from this…

Then after hearing this news I got reprimanded at the printer by a woman because I printed too many pages out. Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize their was a printer monitor. This was just flat-out embarrassing – I don’t even know what I said to her. I do know that I was as red as a tomato. Love when that happens.

Anyway – Colin picked me up early from work then we picked up his sister Elizabeth and got on the road, headed to Vermont.This is my first holiday away from my family – we decided we just couldn’t take another holiday with one another, so I’m in Vermont, Meg is in New Hampshire, Patrick, Kelly and Pa are in California and Mom, Dad and Molly are in Chicago, IL. We figured spreading the Mescall bunch across the United States would help eliminate fighting over the holiday (just kidding – I miss you guys!)

Luckily the Temple’s allowed me in their beautiful home for Easter. Tonight was a great night, we went to the Stations of the Cross for Good Friday and then out to a nice dinner.

We had a lovely chicken at dinner.

No, not that kind of chicken! It’s Good Friday and we’re good Catholics! We had a chicken with wine in it (that’s my kinda chicken.)

Wine Chicken - a chicken which produces wine

I love Vermont – and I’m not even a hippie, too much of a Liberal, or looking to get married to a woman, I don’t drive a truck and I don’t hunt. It is funny because I’m from Long Island (which I love as well) and LI is so different from VT. I guess it’s nice to experience something different from what you’ve known all you’re life – refreshing, if you will. One big reason why I love Vermont is, the Vermont Country Store. You haven’t lived until you’ve visited the VCS. They sell anything you could ever think of – everything from muumuus, to lingerie, to toys, food, toaster ovens, vacuums, etc. etc. etc.

Check it out here –

Now, Jean, the Temple’s next door neighbor and dear friend works here. Since Jean is an employee she is eligible for the $5 mystery box special. You pay $5 for a box (you have no idea whats in it) and let me tell you – the surprises in there are worth it! Last box I got everything from tablecloths to flannel PJ’s to XXXL woman’s underwear. This time, Mrs. Temple gave me a beautiful bedspread from their mystery box which I am thrilled with! It reminds me of my Nana and Pa’s house because they always had blankets like this, so I really think it’s special :)

2 good deals for the day (which even though its late right now, it’s not too late to purchase these gift certificates!)

$10 for $20 at the Upper Crust’s Watertown location:

$30 for 6-8 yoga classes at Real Life Yoga Studio:

Who knew kids that went to Middlebury College were so damn funny?

(thanks Liz!)

Lastly, here are some excellent tips on the importance of sleep from Women’s Health Magazine (as I’m falling asleep while typing this…