Lady picks a winner!

Thank you SO much to everyone who entered my CSN giveaway!!! I received the most comments ever on a blog post with this giveaway, I’m pumped! I really appreciate it. :)

Now…time for the winner!

How did I pick the winner? I figured I would get creative with this one. Thankfully, I had little Lady to help me out. I wrote everyone’s name on a piece of paper and spread them out on the ground. Then I let Lady loose and she poked around for a bit before picking up a winner…


The setup

She picked a winner!!

Who is it?!

Lady, show us who it is!

Congratulations Georgia!!!

Today is your lucky day Georgia! Please send an email to with your email address so you can get your gift card. Enjoy!


My mom and Aunt Maureen are visiting for the weekend, so we’re off to enjoy the day – it is BEAUTIFUL out. I hope you all have a great Saturday!