I love lobster (and my family)

Another great weekend with the family!

Friday we left for NY around 7pm and made great time – got home around 11pm.

Lady in the car :)

Saturday Heather and I drove out to Montauk because Mary and Matt had a big bash. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay very long (I had to get back for dinner with the family) but it was a great time. Always good to see my chicas! Plus Mar and Matt had quite the spread, and you know I’m always up for eating. Especially when it involves burgers. :)

Flowers I picked up at a farmers market for Mar & Matt

H Dizzle




At Matt's Montauk house

Saturday night we went to Captain Bill’s which was delicious as usual! I had alottaaa lobstah – lobster bisque, salad and then lobster for my main course. I topped it all off with carrot cake – YUM.

As a blogger I’m ashamed that I forgot to bring my camera!!! However, I snapped a few pictures on my phone…

Pa (he's doing very well!) & Anney Anne :)

Meg fishing out my lobster!

DELICIOUS! What made it even more delicious? Having my wonderful sister Molly sitting next to me taking the meat out! She's the best!

Topped it all off with carrot cake, perfection

Today we went to mass, looked at the wedding pictures the photographer sent and then watching Lady and Lola play!

Lola playing with her niece Lady

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We’re back in MA and Mom came with us to help the newlyweds set up their new home. We’re so pumped to have her up for a visit! Wish you were here too pops – you need to come up soon! :)

Lady enjoying the breeze

Lady and her grandmama