Happy Mother’s Day!

Last Mother’s Day I interviewed my mom and this year I got to interview my mom as well as my sister Meg who is going to have a son come August, so this is technically her first mother’s day! My mother is amazing – she has raised five wonderful (if I do say so myself) children and now as I’ve grown older, we’ve become very good friends. I am so blessed with what a wonderful relationship we have. Same thing with Meg; I have admired and looked up to my big sister my whole life. She has been there for everything, and vice versa. Now I cannot wait to be here for the birth of her son – to spend time with him, watch him grow, be the favorite aunt (hehe, sorry Kell and Moll!), etc. Just likeour mother, she is going to be absolutely amazing.
Here we go…
CM: Let’s start with you mom – not only are you the world’s best mother, but now you’re going to be the world’s best grandmother! How does it feel?
MM: It’s a dream come true. I’m so happy I could burst

- The baby is kicking right now as we’re doing the interview! -

CM: Meg, what does it mean for you to become a mother?

MO: It’s a very special time in my life and it’s filled with great joy and anticipation to meet my son!

CM: Are you excited to be having a boy?

MO: I am, I’m very excited. I’ve seen that boys have a very special connection with their mothers from my work at Bellesini.

CM: Mom, do you think Meg’s son is going to be just like Patrick (our bother)?

MM: Ooh goodness!

CM: Mom, what do you want your future grandson to call you?

MM: Nanny O’Shell

CM: And how did you come up with that?

MM: Because Emma Nora (our cousin) calls me O’Shell, so I will now be known as Nanny O’Shell!

CM: What are you most excited about Meg?

MO: I’m looking most forward to meeting my son and finding out what he’s like and seeing his personality. :)

(Right after, Meg said: “I wish we had chocolate ice cream and peanut butter sauce”…After we just finished eating Harrison’s roast beef and mozzarella sticks! Oh preggo…)

CM: Megan, lets be real…are you nervous about giving birth?

MO: I am nervous, but I have confidence that if our mother can do it five times I can do it! {laughs}

CM: Have you been having specific cravings?


CM: Mom, what advice can you give Meg for her newborn?

MM: Don’t panic and trust your instincts. And say your prayers. Teach him to have a strong faith.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Happy birthday Mom! (and fun times on the Cape!)

My buddy & biggest fan

Outrageously kind & loving

Thoughtful & sincere

Hilarious & fun-loving

Extremely compassionate & considerate

Really, really, really amazing

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MOM!!!!! I love you SO much and cannot wait to see you & celebrate this weekend! :)

My beautiful Mother!

She is so much fun!

The amazing & hilarious rosary bead cupcakes my sisters made for my mom! In the words of my mother, "God Bless!"

So this past weekend I went to the Cape with Colin and his family. It was SO MUCH FUN. It was such a relaxing trip. I pretty much sat on the beach all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday (took the day off!) it was just perfect. While we were there we also went to a baseball game in Orleans, celebrated Mr. Whelly’s birthday, and ate a ton of good food!


Caught up on my book :)

Went to see one of the Cape Cod league on a beautiful night:

We had a glorious breakfast at My Tinman’s Diner. It was SO cute and the wait staff/owner was so accommodating and nice. The Wizard of Oz decor was very cute! Such a great little find.

Delicious breakfast

Found a cute little farmers market to stop at after church & breakfast:

Found a cute little farmers market

Colin’s Aunt Mary and Uncle Louie came early to surprise us!! It was great!

We all enjoyed an amazing meal together at The Nobska House in Falmouth for Mr. Whelly’s birthday. They were SO nice and accommodating, it made for such a wonderful evening. They made us feel so welcome and comfortable – I can’t thank them enough for how well they took care of us on Sunday night. A BIG thank you to everyone at The Nobska House! This is a must try people! :)

While we were waiting for our table the lovely people at Nobska House brought us some delicious shrimp cocktail. It was so nice!

Nobska House - great place, good people, wonderful meal!

Map on the table


Weird lighting. Good calamari.

Tried these guys for the first time... I liked them!

My seafood trio

Aunt Mary getting ready to dig in!

Uncle Louie & Aunt Mary - so much fun!

Colin trying lobster for the first time. He liked it!

Happy birthday to you!

Nerd #1 on the beach

Nerd #2 on the beach!

Night everyone!