Need a good grey?

When I went to the Nate Berkus show, after they were done taping, Nate stuck around for 30 minutes or so to answer questions from the audience. I thought this one question was really great – Nate always uses amazing grey paint. What does he use/recommend?

Check out my video from the Q & A session to find out more!

Cafe Verde

Last week, Meg and I went to our friend Lisa and Chris’ house to see their new dog, Charlie – he is just the cutest little thing! We even brought Lady so that she could meet her new friend. :)


Playing nice



Staring contest






They are best friends!



Charlie has to wear this little hat when he eats so he doesn't get his long ears in his food!



The mamas


This weekend has been great – my mom and aunt are visiting, the weather has been beautiful, I got some new fall clothes yesterday, and we’ve been eating delicious food.

Yesterday we even saw ourselves on TV! We watched the Nate Berkus episode my mom and I went to and saw ourselves in the audience.


Mom, you're famous!



And I am too!


Yesterday we also had lunch at the coolest new cafe ever, Cafe Verde in Lawrence. You may say, ‘Lawrence, really?’ And I’d say, ‘yes, really.’ The minute you step in, you think you’re in the middle of SoHo. It’s hip, it’s eclectic, it’s young…the food was delicious, they are open till midnight over the weekend, and even have their liquor license! They use local ingredients, decorate their walls with local artists and re-purposed furniture, offer free wifi and serve only fair trade coffee. And, our waitress was so nice!


Cafe Verde - must visit!



Aunt Mosey's local diet cola



Mom and I got the homemade chicken noodle soup - it was DElish



Then, the Brielic - brie & slices of apple drizzled with a honey and garlic sauce



It was gooooood



After my soup and sandwich, a latte to go please!


Overall, a really really nice place. Beautifully decorated, great (and friendly) service, amazing food, excellent menu, comfortable atmosphere. Basically, a must visit! I know Lawrence might not be that close of a trip for everyone, but it’s definitely worth it.

Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

I wish them much success. I can’t wait to go back!

Tattoos, family & Nate Berkus

When there are things going on in my family, its tough to be away. SO, Meg and I hopped in the car, Moll hopped on a plane and we all headed to Long Island (we missed you Patrick!) It was SO good to all be together this weekend and make each other laugh.

Fun events from the weekend included family tattoos, a trip to Aunt Nancy’s, ‘Easy A’, a beautiful baby shower in Garden City, delicious food, and the Nate Berkus show!

First up, family tattoos: (Meg and I did not get another one, but we will…) Mom, Molly and Kelly did though, and they’re really cool! Nothin’ like a family Saturday night at the Tattoo Parlor!



Wordpress won't let me rotate this photo! But, here is Mom's!

Here is Moll's, she got it on her ribs (although, it's much smaller than it appears in the photo), and Kelly got this same one on her wrist - both include all our siblings initials, MPCKM!

After family time at the tattoo parlor (no big deal) we had some Mexican food at Meson Ole! Molly’s biffle Grace and her lovely boyfriend Rich stopped by to say hi and to make us laugh with all their funny stories! It was very good to see them. :)

Next up was church out in Bellport at Fr. Jerry’s then a visit to Aunt Nancy’s for some delicious food, and more laughter! Thanks for the amazing meal!!

Aunt Nancy's cute little Ginger


Molly liiiikes

Sooo good!

Group shot!

Just the scissors

I also got to see my favorite girlies and have a wonderful meal at Glen’s. Such a treat. :)

And nowww… I present to you ladies and gents… The Nate Berkus Show!

Thank you Twitter for another wonderful connection – tickets to the Nate Berkus show, Blogger Edition. I met a bunch of cool design bloggers, including Amy from Maison Decor, The Moggit Girls, Kwana from Kwana Writes, and a few more! We had a great time, and let me tell you ladies, Nate is just as cute and sweet as you would think. Very well dressed as well.

He did an excellent segment on sprucing up your own home without having to shell out any dough by shopping your own home – it was very interesting and helpful. I’ve been “shopping” my parents home every time I go back to NY for my new big girl apartment and now I learned a few new tips – thanks NB!

He also did a fashion segment with surprise guest Christian Siriano, winner of Season 4 Project Runway! Christian is one of the most darling people I’ve ever seen, he’s the size of a damn Polly Pocket doll for goodness sake – so cute! Also, during this segment they gave the whole audience gift certificates to Payless as well as an accessory from Send the Trend. I got an amazing necklace – and you know what made it more amazing? It was named Mollie (yes, not the same spelling as my sister, but equally amazing).

On our way to the Nate Berkus show!

We're here!

Such a cutie!


So excited :)

Bloggers babay

Lots of design bloggers in one room... why was I there (I'm not a design blogger...) who knows? And, hey, who cares?!

Almost timeee

There he is!

Answering the audience's questions after filming

Such a beautiful set

Had a quick and delicious dinner at The Tik Tok Diner before hopping on the Bolt Bus

It was a great weekend but now I miss my family again (the downside of living away from one another…) Oh well – Hump day is over and it’s almost Friiiday!