Congratulations to Jers and Amanda! (And 100 Days of Kindness, Days 26, 27 and 28)

I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t posted any kindness posts since Thursday, and for good reason – I’ve been enjoying time with my family and friends. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (as seen below) and then went to our friend’s Joe (aka Jersey) and Amanda’s wedding on Saturday – it was beautiful! More on that in a minute…

Some Thanksgiving photos:

My favorite Thanksgiving dish!

Always trying to get some food!

The big bird and the not as big bird (Colin's pride and joy!)

YUM! (I use a lot of pepper haha)

The pecan pie Molly and I made. Was soo good (if I do say so myself!)

Now onto the wedding… Jers and Amanda are the first of our friends from school to get married – so it was very exciting! They both looked amazing, the food was excellent, the band was spectacular, everyone was dancing the whole time – we had so much fun! What makes it even better is that these two people are two of the best out there and they truly make a perfect pair. I know they’re going to kick ass at marriage.

The groomsmen

The lovebirds

Part of the awesome groomsmen gifts!

One of the best steaks I ever had! (At the rehearsal dinner, The Alchemist and Barrister Princeton NJ

Action shot


So good!

My handsome date

The three stooges


A & J

Mr. and Mrs. DeRose!



Casually reading


So pretty!


Loved the centerpieces

The bridal party

The first dance


Let’s not forget about being kind…

Friday – I hurried really quickly when getting ready for the rehearsal dinner because I knew Colin didn’t want to be late (I am notoriously late). Which meant wearing my hair up in a bun even though I wanted to wear it down and straight. Ahh the sacrifices one must make…

Saturday – I shared in Amanda and Jersey’s big day, wishing them genuine congratulations! I also told everyone how fabulous they looked.

Sunday – We stopped at the MEGA Cabelas in CT on the way back to MA today because Colin needed to return a jacket and get some stuff for muzzleloader season (dating a hunter still cracks me up). I didn’t complain once or rush him at all (because I knew he was in heaven and I didn’t want to ruin it!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. :)




Winner winner chicken dinner

We’ve made it to Amsterdam. No not the Netherlands. New York. Today is the lovely Mrs. Temple’s birthday, so we’re up at her fathers house visiting for the weekend! So A – Happy birthday Mrs. T! and B – woopwoop for the weekend, should be a good one. :)

I don’t have much to say about last nights game. It wasn’t pretty. The Celtics did not look like they want to win. Where was the effort? Where was their enthusiasm?

*Sidenote* It was funny that Chris Rock got in trouble for his sideline interview during the game. So many famous people at the game – are they even fans? I’m a fan! Can I have your court side ticket? Please? Note to Adam Sandler – you’re from NH, you should have had some Celtics gear on, FYI.

I truly (madly, deeply) hope they play better (way better) on Sunday. Say a prayer, cross your fingers, pet your lucky rabbit foot. Do what you gotta do people, because we need to BEAT L A !

On a happier note, it’s time to announce the winner of a FABULOUS pair of CitySlips!!! Who will it be?

That my friends is @aeparker on Twitter who tweeted about the giveaway! Please send me your information – name, address, whether you’d like small, medium or large and whether you’d like black, gold or silver.  You can email that to and your CitySlips will magically appear. Congratulations!

Special thanks to everyone who entered! I really appreciate it. Hopefully we’ll have another GREAT giveaway coming up soon! Stay tuned…

On another CitySlips note, they have some exciting news – Cravings Boutique in Wayne, NJ is now carrying these amazing ballet flats! So women of Jersey and New York alike, get your tired, hurtin’ feet to Cravings and treat yourself to a pair of these ‘FUNK-tional’ flats will you?

Things to do –

The Jimmy Fund’s 28th annual Scooper Bowl is next week!

When: Tuesday, June 8th – Thursday, June 10th

Where: City Hall Plaza in Boston

Ticket Prices: Ages 10 and up – $8
Ages 3-9 – $4
Kids under 3 – free
Scooper Pass – $15 to enter up to three times during the event

Why: 30 delicious ice cream flavors to try all the while supporting cancer care and research for both adults and children at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Need I say more?

I’ve just learned about ‘Portsmouth Friday Nights’ and I want to go. This awesome city hosts tax-free shopping in local boutiques and galleries (which stay open late for the event) with musicians playing outside and some food to nibble on. Every Friday through Columbus Day so you have plenty of time to plan your little trip up to the great NH. Enjoy!