Moving? NabeWise is here for you!

Picture this: you’re moving to a new city and have no clue what area to choose. No idea where you should live, where the good restaurants are, what part is more ‘family-friendly’, what part is more of the ‘young, single twentysomething section’?

Or, maybe you’re already in a city you love (ex: Boston) but want to pick a new area to explore. You can ask friends, do your own research or just look at apartment after apartment after apartment,etc. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore because NabeWise does it all for you and organizes the information in one spot!

I’ve been poking around the site because I’ll be moving again in August. I mean, my apartment has been pretty great, but it’s not ideal (no dishwasher and no laundry in the building even!). I’m also thinking of going in closer to the city for a few years before I become an old lady.

My ideal spots? Davis Square and Charlestown. Who knows where I’ll end up next, but I’m loving NabeWise to get ideas and see what other people think. You should check it out and definitely pass it along if you know a friend moving to a brand new city! They will love you for it. :)


Davis Square

Tattoos, family & Nate Berkus

When there are things going on in my family, its tough to be away. SO, Meg and I hopped in the car, Moll hopped on a plane and we all headed to Long Island (we missed you Patrick!) It was SO good to all be together this weekend and make each other laugh.

Fun events from the weekend included family tattoos, a trip to Aunt Nancy’s, ‘Easy A’, a beautiful baby shower in Garden City, delicious food, and the Nate Berkus show!

First up, family tattoos: (Meg and I did not get another one, but we will…) Mom, Molly and Kelly did though, and they’re really cool! Nothin’ like a family Saturday night at the Tattoo Parlor!



Wordpress won't let me rotate this photo! But, here is Mom's!

Here is Moll's, she got it on her ribs (although, it's much smaller than it appears in the photo), and Kelly got this same one on her wrist - both include all our siblings initials, MPCKM!

After family time at the tattoo parlor (no big deal) we had some Mexican food at Meson Ole! Molly’s biffle Grace and her lovely boyfriend Rich stopped by to say hi and to make us laugh with all their funny stories! It was very good to see them. :)

Next up was church out in Bellport at Fr. Jerry’s then a visit to Aunt Nancy’s for some delicious food, and more laughter! Thanks for the amazing meal!!

Aunt Nancy's cute little Ginger


Molly liiiikes

Sooo good!

Group shot!

Just the scissors

I also got to see my favorite girlies and have a wonderful meal at Glen’s. Such a treat. :)

And nowww… I present to you ladies and gents… The Nate Berkus Show!

Thank you Twitter for another wonderful connection – tickets to the Nate Berkus show, Blogger Edition. I met a bunch of cool design bloggers, including Amy from Maison Decor, The Moggit Girls, Kwana from Kwana Writes, and a few more! We had a great time, and let me tell you ladies, Nate is just as cute and sweet as you would think. Very well dressed as well.

He did an excellent segment on sprucing up your own home without having to shell out any dough by shopping your own home – it was very interesting and helpful. I’ve been “shopping” my parents home every time I go back to NY for my new big girl apartment and now I learned a few new tips – thanks NB!

He also did a fashion segment with surprise guest Christian Siriano, winner of Season 4 Project Runway! Christian is one of the most darling people I’ve ever seen, he’s the size of a damn Polly Pocket doll for goodness sake – so cute! Also, during this segment they gave the whole audience gift certificates to Payless as well as an accessory from Send the Trend. I got an amazing necklace – and you know what made it more amazing? It was named Mollie (yes, not the same spelling as my sister, but equally amazing).

On our way to the Nate Berkus show!

We're here!

Such a cutie!


So excited :)

Bloggers babay

Lots of design bloggers in one room... why was I there (I'm not a design blogger...) who knows? And, hey, who cares?!

Almost timeee

There he is!

Answering the audience's questions after filming

Such a beautiful set

Had a quick and delicious dinner at The Tik Tok Diner before hopping on the Bolt Bus

It was a great weekend but now I miss my family again (the downside of living away from one another…) Oh well – Hump day is over and it’s almost Friiiday!


Fashion Sunday – SATC2 & CitySlips!

Tonight we’re going to see Sex and the City 2. I am so beyond excited, I can hardly even type! I know it hasn’t gotten great reviews, but I also know I’m going to love it no matter what. I was a dedicated fan of the show and I really liked the first movie (and Aidan is BACK!) so I’m fairly confident I’ll like this one as well. I mean, I don’t think SJP will have to prepare an Oscar speech or anything, but she will continue to inspire us SATC lovers to be our most fashionable, inventive, loveable, passionate selves one well-heeled day after the next. :)

In honor of the fashion forward SATC divas, I’m giving one lucky ‘craic’ reader a pair of CitySlips! I’m in New York this weekend and am seeing the movie tonight so it only makes sense to feature CitySlips and their fashionable co-founders today. :)

Katie Shea and Susie Levitt might be small in height (both 5’2″) but they’re big in ideas. As internships, parties, and the daily fabulousness of New York City called, so did sky-high heels and unfortunately aching, callused feet.

Let me break it down for you,  heels + bouncing around the city + hopping on and off the subway = PAIN.

Solution? Foldable, portable ballet flats. Carry CitySlips in your handbag while you’re wearing heels. When your dogs are barking, no problem! Switch from said heels to your ‘double-soled’ structured flats for a mix of comfort and fashion.

These self-proclaimed ‘sole-sisters,’ developed the idea of CitySlips during their senior year at NYU. And with the help of family, friends, classmates, professors, the fashionistas on the streets of NY, etc. they were able to turn their idea into a reality.

CitySlips fit into most handbags and also come with a carrying case which expands in order to accommodate your heels. They come in black, gold or silver and are a budget-friendly $24.95. Choose from small (sizes 5-6), medium (7-8) or large (9-10.)

Here’s how it works from

I first saw these at Shecky’s Girls Night Out in March and I remember I was (or should I say am!) SO impressed with these two young women. They came up with an amazing idea and they made it happen. They didn’t just sit around and say what a good idea it was and how they wish they could do it. They actually did it. I’d say this is an acceptable situation to say ‘you go giiiirl(s)!’

I got to ask Katie and Susie a few questions –

CM: How did you two come up with this idea?

KS & SL: CitySlips is the brainchild of serious dorm room collaboration. We were simply at ends with high heels, constantly trekking all over NYC in our power women pumps at the command of internships, parties, and in hopes of elevating our 5’2” statuses. Somewhere in the midst of our mutual complaining over cocktails, a positive sole-ution emerged and our excited young entrepreneurial minds ran with this functional-fashion concept. No more juggling multiple pairs of shoes, committing the white-sneaker-commuter faux pas, or feeling down or dowdy. Once we got talking about the need for portable, compact, backup footwear, the ideas just poured out and CitySlips had unknowingly taken their first steps.

CM: What was it like seeing your idea turn into a reality? (having people actually buy your idea…)

KS & SL: The both of us coming from entrepreneurial backgrounds, we must’ve had a hankering for our own experience. We were determined to have our product manufactured—which we did with the help of—but we hadn’t expected quite the buzz generated by the concept. We were absolutely thrilled to see people appreciating and relating to our little sole-savers. And we simply loved envisioning the foreseeable future of chic women strutting along in comfortable flats, escaping the crippling effects of the stiletto.

CM: Right now you have black, gold and silver options. Are you looking to incorporate new colors?

KS & SL: We consider the black, gold, and silver to be our CitySlips original sophisticate selections, but of course flashes of different patterns, colors, textures, and designs cross our minds. We’re hoping to sift through these ideas in the near future, perhaps presenting a few fresh looks as we enter our second year in business (It’ll be one year this June!)

CM: Please explain the perfect scenario for using City Slips (what you both envisioned people using these for…)

KS & SL: CitySlips ideally come to the rescue as the clicks of painful stilettos against hard cement mock limping women, already weighed down with laptops, files, binders, yoga mats, and gym bags. With so many things in tow, CitySlips can at least accommodate the aching arches, provide adequate storage for the heels, and even allow for some condensing of carryings—why not throw those folders in your CitySlips bag as well?

The on-the-go gal tends to be our prime CitySlips beneficiary. Whether she’s the career woman, jet-setter, or the young intern, we like to think our flats console women’s feet of all different pursuits, ages, and sizes.

CM: What is your favorite New York City hangout?

KS & SL: NYC Hangout: Well, you might think it’s our Herald Square office, as it seems we’ve pretty much taken up residence here, but in reality we prefer a bit of a more laid back setting. The two of us enjoy kicking back at Susie’s Union Square apartment—right around our old NYU stomping ground—or taking a walk around the block for a homey, American bite at The Smith. Admittedly, we indulge in the lower-key NYC scenes, engaging in the time-old pastimes of people watching and the like. Perhaps our observations—reading the faces of unhappy women on the street while dining—subconsciously fed our CitySlips concept!

CM: Three fashion staples you just couldn’t live without?


Flats, a colorful pashmina, and your absolute favorite pair of best fitting jeans.

CM: Fashion icons?

KS & SL: Fashion icons! Our CitySlips wearers are the icons. The women that are doing it all: work, school, the social, and the fashion scenes.

CM: What color do each of you sport?

KS & SL: The Katie Classic is black. So practical, our black pair serves me well, whatever the circumstance. Whether it be in-office, or a night out, the trusty black pair is the safest fall-back.

Meanwhile, the Susie sole-ution tends towards either of the metallics, gold or silver. They just add that bit of playfulness to any outfit; that’s the Susie way!

SO, I’m giving away a pair of CitySlips! WOOPWOOP! You can enter two different ways:

1. Email to be included on CitySlips mailing list and then comment on this post to let me know.


2. Follow @thedailycraic and @CitySlips on Twitter then tweet about this giveaway (and don’t forget to include @thedailycraic along with @CitySlips in your tweet!)

Thank you and good luck to my fashionistas!

Who YOU callin’ immature?

Got home, parked my car. Opened up the driver’s side door – which squeaks so bad/sounds like its going to fall right off its hinges – to get out. I get out only to hear laughing on the otherwise quiet street. Look to see who is laughing and it’s a group of four Andover Prep kids staring at me and my precious car, making fun of us. I wanted to yell something so bad, I wanted to make fun – but I figured that is relatively immature. They are in high school and I am a ‘working professional,’ big difference I guess?… Anyway, this incident was a major blow to both our egos so I think I’ll bring ‘ol Betsy to get a good wash over the weekend. At least that’ll make one of us feel better about ourselves!

On the other hand, something nice that happened to me yesterday…

Went to Starbucks to satisfy my caffeine addiction, paid for my drink with my gift card, then owed .18 cents because I didn’t have enough on my card. My only other option was my debit card and using your debit card for .18 cents is lame and the lady behind me knew it, so she gave me a quarter! So nice :)

On a sad note, four people were murdered in Chicago. WHY is this happening? When I lived in Chicago last year a young man from the high school two of my roommates worked at was killed. The teacher I worked with had a niece who was shot coming out of her house (luckily she survived.) People who worked in local hospitals on the south side of Chicago said it looked like a war zone in there at times due to all the gun shot wounds. This is terrible, and deeply troubling. Something needs to be done. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. 

Tomorrow, Thursday April 15th at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston (ICA) is holding a talk all about tattooing in MA at 7pm. Admission $10.

More info here –

Eversave has extended their G’Vanni Ristorante Save into today. Pay $25 for $60 worth of food and drinks – not too shabby. Hurry up!

Take advantage of these great Spring recipes from Fitness Magazine, yummm.

You know you want a shirt that says ‘Massachusetts runs on Dustin’ (Pedroia) for Sox season. Personally I want the YOUK shirt! (He’s my boy.)

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party from –

This new ‘sexual misconduct’ policy at Duke is outrageous. Don’t you think they are taking it a little too far?

9 Fun things to do in order to welcome Spring in the Boston area from –

*Some great ideas in there!

Glee is back and was better than ever last night! Need to catch up? I’d suggest either going on and watching, or reading all the juicy details from the Vulture blog, because they did an amazing job summarizing every detail!

Tonight I’m going to make Colin a nice dinner – Rigatoni with chicken, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, etc. Hopefully it comes out good!

We’re also finishing up the first season of ‘How to Make It in America’ on HBO. It’s really good so far – Colin and I watched the first five episodes the other night and I’ve been excited all day to watch the rest. If you have HBO on demand I suggest you spend some time watching. It’s sort of like ‘Entourage’ in NYC, more involved with the fashion/music scene rather than acting…. Let me know what you think :)

We are inching closer to the weekend people, such a nice feeling…