100 Days of Kindness, Day 6

A lot of this project is going to be me doing small things for people. Tiny things that you wouldn’t even think twice about when you’re actually doing them. I am just trying to call attention to these little, meaningful things so that I continue to realize how important they are to keep up with. Even in these few days of having kindness on the brain, I’ve been feeling more positive. I wonder how I’ll feel after 100 days. I hope positivity is just radiating from my body. Positive rays will be shooting from my ears, eyes, nose – everywhere!

Today I did a few small little things.

I flew back from Orlando to Boston on AirTran. Now, when I realized I was booked on AirTran a few weeks ago I was a little concerned. I had never flown on AirTran and honestly I feel like it’s always been one of those “what kind of made up airline is that” type of airline to me. However, I was totally wrong. Great, smooth flight and extremely nice people on board. When I was exiting the flight I told one of the attendants that they were great, and that the service was really truly excellent.  He smiled and thanked me. I would definitely fly with them again.

Another thing, I’m not a big fan of chatting with people on planes. Usually it’s early and I’m tired – the last thing I’m looking to do is chat. For the most part, I want to just put my iPod on or open my book to read. However, there was a really cute family next to me that were obviously just leaving their big Disney vacation. We had all smiled at each other when we were taking our seats, but at first I tried to just keep the smile quick and take my seat so I can get down to business – either sleeping or my book.

I thought it might be nice to ask how their trip was, so I did. The mom seemed so excited – they clearly had a great time. It was their first time visiting Disney! It reminded me of all our trips to Disney with our Nana and Par – we each got to go when we made our communion. We were our set of grandparents that only had us five grandchildren and were spoiled by them (we still our by our grandfather, ‘Par’!). I always remember those trips fondly. :)

100 Days of Kindness, Day 5

I have made it right in the nick of time. It’s still November 5th. I have finally done something nice, and have time to sit down and write about it!

I’m at a work event in Orlando right now and my co-worked had to give a talk to a bunch of women bloggers. She was awesome! I truly admire people who can speak in front of a large crowd and seem so confident, so natural. So I shared this with her – I told her what a great job she did! And meant it. :)

I also defended Lea Michele, Rachel from Glee – which, I’m not gonna lie, I think is pretttty nice.  In a conversation about Glee, a woman said she thought Lea Michelle was unattractive. I very nicely said I disagreed and how much she reminded me of Barbara Streisand. This woman said Babs was unattractive as well. She basically said they both had big noses and needed plastic surgery to fix them. Again, I disagreed. I defended one of my favorite Gleeks with pride. I friggin love that show and I don’t care what Lea Michele looks like (although I do think she is very attractive) she has one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard, which that in itself, makes her beautiful to me.

That being said, it’s totally fine to have your own opinions! You may think this person or that person is unattractive and I think they’re the most attractive person in the world and vice versa. That’s totally acceptable. I just think women need to be cheerleaders for one another instead of ripping one another apart. Not everyone needs plastic surgery to be beautiful. Not everyone needs to look exactly the same. There isn’t a specific mold of what ‘beautiful’ is. Quirkiness, uniqueness, different personality traits, different bodies, talents – these are all things that make someone beautiful. It’s not all on the outside.