Thank you Beyoncé

I have Beyoncé to thank for my run tonight.

While trucking along on the treadmill, I decided that “Run the World (Girls)” might just be the best song ever to listen to while running. Admittedly, maybe not for everyone — the dudes out there might not feel me — but the ladies must. I mean think about it…if these lyrics can’t keep a lady running, what can?

This is pretty much what was happening in my head tonight:

B: Who run the world? GIRLS

Me: Running stinks

B: Who run this mutha?

Me: When will this run be over?

B: This goes out to all my girls that’s in the club rocking the latest

Me: I just want to go home, sit on the couch and watch the latest episode of Smash

B: I remind you I’m so hood with this

Me: Um, seriously…when is this going to be over? Should I stop now?

B: I’m reppin’ for the girls who taking over the world, help me raise a glass for the college grads

Me: Remind me why I’m doing this…oh my wedding dress, yes, yes of course

B: Strong enough to bear the children

Me: Hey, you’re actually doing pretty good

B: Who run the world? GIRLS...

Me: All done — nice work!

I can’t say that I’m a person who loves running (unfortunately). To be quite honest, most of the time I don’t want to go to the gym and run, but I force myself to and about 99.9% of the time I feel good about myself when I’m done. Some days it’s hard to just get myself to the gym, and some days I get to the gym okay, but it’s hard to physically get myself through a workout. Tonight I remembered why music really helps me get through a workout. I haven’t been bringing my iPod lately while I run (for whatever reason…not quite sure), but I needed an extra pick-me-up today, so I created a playlist and thankfully the music really kept me running. Without it I feel like I would have been very tempted to give up after five minutes, but Beyoncé worked like a charm. So, thank you. ;)

My playlist from tonight’s run:

  • Countdown
  • Run the World (Girls)
  • Love on Top
  • Check On It
  • Get Me Bodied
  • Upgrade U
  • Ego
  • Ring the Alarm

What gets you through a workout?

100 Days of Kindness, Day 66

My kindness today: I have a friend running the Disney marathon, so I sent her an email wishing her the best of luck! Running a marathon is such an admirable thing to do. Maybe one day I’ll try it out… ya never know. ;)

I also sent her quite possibly the most random list of song suggestions ever, in case she needed any for her play list. There are definitely a few gems here:

1. Shoop, Salt n’ Pepa
2. Swing, Savage
3. Mmm Bop, Hanson (….seriously)
4. Let Me Clear My Throat, Neutral Agreement
5. The Dog Days Are Over, Florence and the Machine
6. Sunday, Bloody Sunday, U2
7. Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves
8. F*uck You, Cee Lo
9. Fat Bottomed Girls, Queen
10. Come on Eileen, Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Ok off to do dishes (lame) and watch Modern Family/Cougar Town (totally, 150% not lame). Enjoy your night!

Because I love lists (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 36)

The playlist I was listening to at work today was very enjoyable (and also largely inspired by the movie The Big Chill).

Here’s a little sampling:

1. ‘The Weight’ The Band

2. ‘Beast of Burden’ The Rolling Stones

3. ‘Killer Queen’ Queen

4.’Ain’t Too Proud to Beg’ The Temptations

5.’Good Lovin” by The Rascals

6.’Tracks of my Tears’ Smokey Robinson

7. ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’ Aretha Franklin

8. ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ Marvin Gaye

9. ‘Gloria’ Van Morrison

10. ‘Fool In The Rain’ Led Zeppelin


My kindness today:

Colin and I went to go pick up my car tonight from the shop. They were closed, but I had paid over the phone and asked them to leave my keys in the car. When I got there I noticed that not only did they fix it, but they thoroughly cleaned it – inside and out! That baby was shining like the top of the Chrysler Building!

I only expected them to fix the fuel pump, not go the extra mile to clean the car, so I’m very happy. I really appreciate when people do such a good job. So I called and left a message to thank them for their A+ service. :)


Here goes nothin’…

I started this week off right. Not that I organized the Boston Marathon, or that I ran in it or anything. I wasn’t even able to go watch (hey, someone has to bring home the bacon! I had work…) But I did read about it – and through reading different stories I felt the inspiration, the motivation, the hard work, the dedication, and the love that had been poured into this event. It is amazing and gives me an enormous sense of encouragement as I set out to tackle my first ever half marathon this weekend. 

The weekend has finally come. It’s time. I’m ready. It seriously feels like it has taken a long time to get here. Truthfully, it kind of has – it has been about two months of training. I decided for Lent that I would DO something positive instead of giving something up. My ‘something positive’ = train for a half marathon with the intention of actually signing up for one and not only signing up, but completing it. And I’m almost at my goal. 

It’s a great feeling to know how hard I’ve worked and now I’m just a day away from success (hopefully!) This process has taught me a lesson – no matter how much you want to give up on something, if you gave your word and if your goal means so much to you – you need to keep going, to push yourself and to finish what you started. 

If you’re interested in running your first half marathon, good for you! I say DO IT! First comes the decision to set out to run a half marathon, then comes finding a training schedule/plan that works for you (my recommendation, Fitness Magazine’s beginners training guide

make sure your sneakers are comfortable – if you need a new pair, invest in them and then when you feel confident – sign up for a race. After you pay the $30 – $50 fee (typically around this amount) + all the hard work you put in, you are going to finish that race! Another tip I have is to constantly update the music on your iPod – it does wonders! My playlist recommendation?

So, Colin and I leave for Vermont soon! We’re heading to Colin’s parents house and my parents are going to meet us there as well. Mrs. Temple is cooking us a big, wonderful, delicious pasta dinner (which I can’t wait for!) and I think it’s gonna be a great time. Tomorrow we’re going to visit my mothers aunt in South Burlington, have lunch with the Temples, roam around and hopefully meet Meg, Matt and his parents at some point! I’m so excited that Matt will also be running in the race and that his family + Meg will also be coming up for the big event! Such a great weekend ahead :) I’ll let you know how it goes. 


For more information on the run go here – 

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for their support and for keeping me going! 

Have a great weekend!!

Don’t worry, be happy

In order to be happy –

  • Don’t wear makeup if you don’t feel like wearing makeup.
  • Have 2 cookies, not just 1.
  • Blast some music and dance around your room like a crazy person.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Go for a run on a nice, sunny day instead of being inside at the gym.
  • Listen to calming music as you fall asleep (make a solid ‘bedtime’ playlist.)
  • Listen to your iPod when you’re out on a walk, or while you’re walking to work, and pretend you’re in a movie and the music you’re listening to is the soundtrack. It’s fun.
  • Go to a local coffee shop by yourself with a good book and just relax (read the book too.)
  • Smile at the person that annoys you at work.
  • Laugh at yourself (instead of bullying yourself) when you do something stupid.
  • Send a card to someone you miss, just to say hello.
  • Wear your old, ratty PJs to bed. Hey, if they’re comfortable who really cares?
  • Let a dog lick your face.
  • Buy scratch off tickets once in a while.
  • Fall asleep on the train.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Try something new, put yourself out there, take a chance.
  • Make up a phrase you can say in order to calm yourself down and turn sadness, anxiety, frustration, etc. into positivity.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Have faith in something, especially yourself.

Today was another long, busy busy busy day. TGIF (tomorrow!) Goodnight :)

Running 8 miles gives me butterflies

I let myself sleep in today – these past few weeks have been exhausting. After I finally pried myself from my bed, I made some pancakes (special treat!) and got ready for mass. I’ve always liked Palm Sunday mass – it reminds all of us how much Jesus went through not for himself, but for others. No matter what you believe in, or don’t believe in – you have to give Him credit.

I was dreading my run since my eyes opened this morning. Today was the BIG one (for me at least) – eight miles. I’ve never run eight miles at one given time in my life. As I laced up my sneakers, had a little water, and stretched everything out – I had butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous. However, my iPod was charged (with a kick-ass playlist), I did feel well rested and I had my favorite sports bra on – I was good to go. I went to, created a nice eight mile loop, and then went off to actually run that loop.

I made it! I finished doing a little under ten minute miles – which I’m quite happy with for now. I had a little cramping around mile five or so, which was frustrating, but other than that it went really well. I even saw Meg and Matt (in their car going to the grocery store) towards the end of my run – they were waving and cheering for me which gave me an extra boost!

After my run I was thinking… I’m really lucky to be surrounded by people who encourage me. My sister lives a very healthy lifestyle – eats really well and works out almost everyday, her fiance Matt has run 1/2 marathons as well as marathons, Colin gives me the best pep talks and always helps me celebrate after a big run, a few of my girlfriends are also planning on doing a 1/2 marathon (at the beginning of May), my parents are coming up to Vermont for the run, Colin’s parents are also going to come watch, Meg’s coming, Matt might run with me, and of course my main man Colin will be there cheering me on. I have all of these people encouraging me and helping me each step of the way. I’m pretty sure I would have given up a few weeks ago if I didn’t have such a great support system. Thanks guys :)

So, I signed up for the race. Now I definitely, 150% have to do it. Ahhhhh!

Need some running tips? I found a good list…

Such an inspiring story from the Globe – it really is amazing what kindness can do for people.

Harvesting hope from a giving tree – The story of three couples, three kidneys and one goal: life

Did you miss Boston’s Restaurant Week?? Well, you’re in luck! The North End Restaurant Week started today, Sunday March 28th and will run until April 2nd, then again from April 4th – April 9th.

I’ll leave you with this – Rachael Ray’s Taco Pasta Toss

I made it for dinner and it turned out really good!

Goodnight and have a great Monday morning! I heard there’s gonna be rain – stay dry!