You park like an asshole (pardon my French)

Hoping that no one sits next to you on the commuter rail during the morning commute is like hoping Michael Jackson will come back from the grave. It’s just not gonna happen. Today a girl sat next to me (in a 2 seater – the worst! – so squishy) while there were still aisle seats open in a bunch of 3 seaters (person near the window, no one in the middle, you on the aisle = makes more sense than you squishing in next to me in a 2 seater!) I mean, come on, there are a bunch of seats open! How did  you pick me?… I might look nice, but I’m not, I’m making fun of you on my blog right now, definitely not nice. I hope you’ve learned your lesson. To top it all off, she cracked open a can of diet coke at 7:15 am! Really

On another note … it is one of my best friends ever, my roommate from college, Danielle’s birthday today! Happy birthday D! 


She is a rock star!

I got to see Danielle yesterday (hadn’t seen her in a while) so it was so good to catch up – she picked me up at work (train break, so nice!) and we brought Chinese food in. So delicious. It was so great to see her – we have one of those relationships that it doesn’t matter how long you haven’t seen each other you just pick up right where you left off last time. Love those. 

 Tomorrow we’re going out for D’s birthday celebration, it’s gonna be awesome!

Today from 4pm-6pm, Copley Square there will be a free punkrope/boxing class from Healthworks! *sampling of Luna Bars and Pop Chips as well.

Burger and a brew Saturdays at Burton’s Grill offers the delicious pair for $10 – available from 11:30am-6pm at their Boston location – 1363 Boylston Street, (617) 236-2236 

Hey, next time you get pissed at the Escalade that took up two spots so that you couldn’t get into one which meant you had to continue to slowly drive around (like a creep), wasting your time looking for another available spot, DON’T slash their tires. DO leave them a nice little note… 

Jennifer Aniston’s next movie (not The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler, that comes out tonight) is due out this August. It’s called The Switch with Jason Bateman (along with Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum) and it looks pretty funny! 

This time of the year reminds me of going on Alternative Spring Break (no not alternative lifestyle, just alternative to wet t-shirt contests in Cancun) with Merrimack. I miss those trips! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of our trip to Tijuana, Mexico my senior year (March 2008.) We spent time at Hogar Infantil La Gloria, an orphanage where a good 50 or so children are provided with a comfortable, loving home. Everyone on the trip fell in love with the beautiful children there, I especially with a little boy named Luis! If I could have taken him back to America with me, I would have. 

It was such an amazing trip and a truly wonderful experience.  If you’d like more information or to donate to the orphanage go here – 

Luis and I

The work we did :)

Baby Danny

Luis again!

Another shot of Luis!!

This weekend is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL out! I can’t wait to get to run outside, it’s SO much better than running inside on a treadmill with someone farting next to you. Enjoy the fresh air! Thinking of having a picnic, or going for a hike? You might find some good places here –

Enjoy! :)