Tortellini = happiness

This past weekend was wonderful – it was the first in a while where we didn’t have too much on the agenda. I (as I’m sure many people do) have a tendency to over schedule myself. Especially on the weekends when I feel like I have to cram every last bit of fun and relaxation in (did I just say that I need to cram in fun and relaxation? Sad, but true).

Friday night we got to babysit Declan, Saturday I attended a wonderful yoga class taught by my fab friend Kate (more on her in a few – we need your help with something!) and then Sunday my sisters and I went to a bridal show and then a bunch of us tried out Sweet Cheeks Q in Fenway. It was great – the whole experience, decor, and vibe in the restaurant felt very authentic to me. I also loved the deeelicious pulled pork. I surprisingly didn’t love their mac ‘n’ cheese unfortunately…but their cole slaw definitely redeemed the negative feelings I had toward the mac ‘n’ cheese.

Saturday night Col and I wanted to make a tasty meal for a night in of hanging out and wedding chatter. We decided to try out our first recipe from the cook book my future mother-in-law gave us. That’s right, Mrs. T compiled a bunch of her and her families recipes and made an amazing, beautiful cook book! She printed out a copy for Colin and I for Christmas and it is honestly one of the best gifts I have ever received. I know Col and I will put it to good use together when we’re making dinner for each other and eventually for the little Colin and Colleen’s that will be running around one day. :)

Check out our meal! And scroll to the bottom for a special favor I need to ask of you, please…


The sausage is cooking away!

Almost there...


Yay wedding stuff!

Now on to the special favor, if you don’t mind! I will be heading to the Wanderlust Festival at Stratton Mountain in Vermont on the weekend of June 21-24. I am SO pumped for it and I truly think it’s going to be amazing (more on this soon). Anywho…my friend Kate entered their Facebook photo contest and I really hope she wins so I have a buddy to come to the event with me! All she has to do to win is to have the most “likes” on her photo….soooo if you don’t mind, please go to my Facebook profile and click on the photo I shared of Kate striking a yoga pose. Then click “like” and it will count toward her votes! Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

Here is the photo to look out for on my Facebook profile:

Kate - the amazing yogini!

I <3 my crock pot (And 100 Days of Kindness, Day 72)

My kindness: Today, I gave Colin the surprise I made for him the other day. He really liked it! I also made him pulled pork for dinner and told him how handsome he looked. :)

The pulled pork was the second dinner I’ve made in my new crock pot so far since getting it for Christmas from the Temple’s. I LOVE IT. Crock pots are like, For example: All I needed to make the pulled pork was:

1. Pork loin

2. Chicken broth

3. 1 Onion

4. Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce

All I had to do was place the pork loin in the crock pot, cover it with chicken broth, add my 1 onion (chopped up) and then some salt, pepper and garlic salt. Then I set the pot on low and headed off to work! When I came home, my dinner was smelling real good, and I was only 5 minutes away from eating it.

I took the pork out of the crock pot and pulled it apart – it was so easy, the meat just fell off. Then I added a good amount of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and mixed it altogether. Lastly, I loaded up a whole wheat bun and chowed down! The whole meal was delicious, and most importantly – easy!

It's love!


A smiling dog

I’ve raved about Vermont before, and I’ll do it again. This weekend Colin and I went to visit his family for the weekend – we went on the boat all day Saturday on Lake Bomoseen which was amazing. There’s just nothing more relaxing than drinking some vino, eating some snacks and lounging on a beautiful lake. We had a minor problem when we were in the middle of the lake and the boat wouldn’t start, but other than that the afternoon went smoothly. We just had Colin hop out and pull us around.

Only kidding, we got towed back feeling like big Dorks with a capital D, but then Woodard Marine saved us – they let us use one of their (really nice) boats and we went back out there with a vengeance. We had some more wine, more snacks, more sun, more swimming and lots more fun!

A smiling dog! Is she not one of the cutest dogs you've ever seen??

Dugan is the star of the daily craic today!

Lake Bomoseen


Ready for the water :)

Protecting her fur from the sun


What a babe!

Hi Jean!

Really nice camp!

Hidden camp

The captain of our ship

Maxin' and relaxin'

After the lake we made a pit stop at Roxies Fries to get Maple milkshakes. I’m pretty sure they’re just vanilla milkshakes with Vermont maple syrup, so I guess they’re easy – they’re also 150% amazing. Such a delicious treat!


Dugan liked it too!

We had an amazing pulled pork dinner Saturday night and hung out on the back deck. :)

The wonderful bird house Mrs. T's neighbor made for her!

A cool sunset

The cardinals Colin and I gave Mrs. T for her birthday

Today we went to church, had delicious blueberry pancakes Mr. and Mrs. T made for us and then headed up to Chittenenden Reservoir, which is one of my favorite spots in VT. We brought Dugan Mae (Jean’s dog) with us and it was so fun watching her run and hop around in the water – she is a great little pup.

My only picture I got up at Chittenden before my camera died!!

Thanks to Mrs. T for the rest of the (wonderful) pictures!

Just gorgeous!

Fake background?

Dugan went in the water!

Col and Mr. T

Some big fish

My buddy and I

That’s all folks!