Lobster and Beer

I won tickets (on Twitter!) to the Boston Lobster and Beer Party this past Saturday. Meg and I went. It was a good time. Lots of delicious beer – I reeeally liked the beers from Blue Hills Brewery. I had never heard of them before so that was a treat. The food was great as well- I had lobster bisque, a lobster roll, a lobster lettuce wrap, lobster fried rice (among some other stuff as well). The restaurants there were – Garden at the Cellar, Petit Robert Bistro, South End Buttery, Turner Fisheries, Union, Gaslight, Wicked Kickin Cheesecake and Trina’s Starlight Lounge (we didn’t try food from every place, but most of them!)

The building the event was held it, the Trolley Barn in the South End, was really cool. Huge, wide open space that could fit a lot of people. Meg and I were talking about how it’d be a really great place to have a summer/early fall wedding in. It would have to be when the weather was still warm, because let me tell you – it was chilly yesterday and because it was wide open we were freezing our bums off! Other than that, it was good – delicious food and delicious beer. Great combo.

Afterward, we popped into Gaslight for some fondue and escargot. My first time trying escargot! It was okay – I didn’t love the texture of it. I’d definitely be willing to try it again though. Next we met up with Matt and some of his friends to go to an Shanti in Dorchester. Then, I met up with my friend Christine at her apartment in the South End – enjoyed some pumpkin beers and headed out to meet our friends at Clery’s. We also made pit-stops at McGreevy’s and Lir as well. Not a bad evening!

Giving the escargot a try...

Here I go...

Today was a lovely lazy day. My friend Danielle came over for dinner – it was great! Now time to enjoy my Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream. I AM BEYOND EXCITED FOR IT.


Enjoy your evening! :)