Hey, It’s OK…

…to wanna take a back road

…to be too sexy for your shirt (just don’t be too sexy for it in public, ladies)

…to wanna shoop (the Salt-N-Pepa, Whitney or Cher way)

…to want a Sunday kind of love

…to make it clap

…to put a ring on it

…to step back (if you’re dancin’ kinda close)

…to be walking on sunshine

…to  just wanna have fun (whether you’re a girl, or boy)

…to stay forever young

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend. :)

Salt n’ Pepa & Heavy D up in the limousine

Having both a blog and a full-time job that require a huge social media aspect is interesting. The question I’ve been trying to answer is, do I blend them? Do I let one cross over into the other? Is it okay to mix my personal blog with the business aspect of my life?

I’m pretty sure I’ve ultimately decided I’m not going to intertwine the two. At least for now. That will be too confusing/too much for me. However, today’s deal is really cool and I’m pumped about it so I figured I would share. I won’t bombard you with the daily Saves on my blog, if you’re interested please sign up for the daily email that way you’ll know what we’re featuring every day. We get some really awesome Saves so it’s worth checking out!

Anyway, it truly is a company/idea I believe in, so that’s why I’m sharing this with you guys. Eversave really helps connect the community through getting great deals with local merchants, donating percentages of the Saves back to local charities/school foundations and getting new customers in the door to these restaurants, spas, salons, etc. I hope you like it! Any questions, feel free to email me, dailycraic@gmail.com. Any local charities you’d love to see partnered with Eversave, give me a shout as well and we can work to make it happen.

So, today and tomorrow we’re featuring Sunset Limousine on our site. You pay $50 to get $100 towards any limo or party bus rental. Personally I think this is pretty sweet. We friggin loved party buses in college, they were such a great time for birthday parties, so this would definitely be good if you have a birthday or a friend’s birthday coming up. Also great for wedding parties or bachelorettes. Good for Pat’s games, concerts, kids birthdays, etc. If you like the sound of it, check it out! Thanks for listening to my schpeal. :)

More info? Check it out here.

Sometimes I just love being random

I love lists. I’m a huge list maker. Here’s one for ya:

21 Songs that always make me smile:

1. “Shoop” Salt n’ Pepa – because it reminds me of two of my favorite people along with two of the best years of my life, junior and senior year of college.

2. “MMMBop” Hanson – because it reminds me of my youth, and pretty boys with long hair.

3. “Drop it Like it’s Hot” Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams – because it reminds me of one of my best friends and our choreographed dance.

4. “I Wish” Skee-lo – because for some reason it reminds me of my big bro. I’m not sure why. Probably cause he’s hood.

5. “For You I Will” Monica – because it reminds me of my younger sister, and again choreographed dances (in the garage.)

6. “Mo Money Mo Problems” Notorious BIG featuring “Puff Daddy” (he wasn’t P.Diddy, or Diddy yet) & Ma$e – because this reminds me of how gangsta i was in 5th grade.

7. “No Scrubs” TLC – because this reminds me of how obsessed we were with TLC when this album came out.

8. “Love Shack” B-52s – because this reminds me of how fun college was. Plain and simple.

9. “Be Faithful” Fatman Scoop – again, college. Those were the good ‘ol days.

10. “You’re Still the One” Orleans – because this song reminds me of my parents. :)

11. “Black Water” Doobie Brothers – because this was one of my first concerts with the fam and one of my favorite bands.

12. “Don’t Rain on My Parade” (Glee Version) Lea Michele – because I love belting this out on my way to work in the morning, it’s a sure way to start the day off on the right foot.

13. “Bootylicious” Destiny’s Child – because this is Destiny’s Child in their prime.

14. “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” The Temptations – because I just friggin’ love this song. And it reminds me of the Big Chill. And wouldn’t it be fun to karaoke this?

15. “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head” BJ Thomas – because it reminds me of a tape my mom used to play in the car all the time that I loved.

16. “Dream Life of Rand McNally” Jason Mraz – because it reminds me of K Braz.

17. “Rivers of Babylon” Sublime – because it reminds me of home, Babylon.

18. “Heaven is a Place on Earth” Belinda Carlisle – because it reminds me of singing with Meg and Binky and pretending  I was as cool as my older sister and her friends.

19.”Give My Regards to Broadway” Judy Garland version – because no one sings this better than Molly.

20. “Butterfly” Crazy Town – because this is actually one of my Dad’s favorite songs, and he has a dance to it. To top it all off, Colin loves it too (AND owns the album!!! Such an intense Crazy Town fan.)

21. (21 for good luck? And because I can’t stop, won’t stop…) “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” Bryan Adams – because this is from Don Juan Demarco with Johnny Depp and my mom and I always ask each other the question, “Is this the song from that movie??” when we hear this song.

Falling asleep on the train is embarrassing

Its been a long week, I’m pretty tired. Who isn’t?

I got on the train, grabbed a great seat (no one squished in next to me!), and opened my book. I don’t think I even made it through a full sentence; I fell right asleep. I didn’t just take a light snooze though, I full on passed out. When I woke up I was sprawled out, things everywhere, apparently just not giving a crap about people watching me with my mouth fully opened and most likely a little drool coming out.

I quickly got over the embarrassment, I mean what do you want me to do? I’m tired! My only problem at this point  – well maybe not my only problem, but my main problem at this point – was that I had to dig deep in order to find some motivation to go to the gym and run 3 miles. This is the last thing I wanted to do, but since I am training for a half-marathon and have made the commitment I decided to just turn off the complaints running through my head and just get ‘er done.

My workout went smoothly and when I was done I was really happy that I pushed through. It’s so easy to complain and to talk yourself out of going to the gym, going outside for a run, going to a class, etc. but you know that once you just shut up and do it you’ll feel great about yourself, maybe even a little proud. Even if throughout the whole workout you can not wait until you’re done and are able to just go home, it’s worth it.

Something that helps me keep my energy up is music. Here’s a playlist with a ton of good songs that’ll help you keep going.

1 – Put it in a love song – Alicia Keys featuring Beyonce

2 – The way you make me feel – Michael Jackson

3 – Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2

4 – White Liar – Miranda Lambert

5 – Call on me (workout remix) – DJ Hush

6 – BlahBlahBlah – Ke$ha

7 – Shots – LMFAO

8 – Good Day – Nappy Roots

9 – Superstition – Stevie Wonder

10 – Sandstorm – Darude

11 – Diva – Beyonce

12 – Shook me all night long – AC/DC

13 – We shall be free – Garth Brooks

14 – Africa – Toto

15 – Imma be – The Black Eyed Peas

16 – Hey soul sister – Train

17 – Don’t stop believing – The Cast of ‘Glee’

18 – Fat bottomed girls – Queen

19 – In my head – Jason Derulo

20 – Beware (Jay-Z remix) – Panjabi mc

21 – Cowboy casanova – Carrie Underwood

22 – Cecilia – Simon and Garfunkel

23 – Ain’t too proud to bed – The Temptations

24 – Fantasy – Mariah Carey

25 – Shoop – Salt n’ Pepa

26 – Telephone – Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce

27 – Rock with you – Michael Jackson

28 – I can’t help myself – The Four Tops

29 – Sexy chick – David Guetta featuring Akon

30 – Jai ho! (you are my destiny) A.R. Rahman featuring Nicole Scherzinger

31 – Mary – Zac Brown Band

32 – Be faithful – Fatman Scoop

33 – Hit me with your best shot – Pat Benatar

34 – I’ve got a rock and roll heart – Eric Clapton

35 – Love, sex, magic – Ciara featuring Justin Timberlake

36 – Love shack – The B-52’s

37 – Tambourine – Eve

38 – Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

39 – You make my dreams come true – Hall and Oates

40 – Off that – Jay-Z featuring Drake

Yes, I did get a wee bit carried away. Oh well, hope you enjoy! Keep running!