A must visit — Casa B

When you discover something amazing, it’s tempting to do one of three things:

  1. Keep it to yourself — a secret that only a few other people can know about.
  2. If you’re the first among your group of friends to find out about this ‘something amazing’, it’s tempting to be known as the ‘one who discovered ____’ (ya know, show how ‘in the know’ you are).
  3. Or, shout it from the rooftops! Literally tell everyone and anyone about it because it’s so wonderful you just can’t keep it to yourself.

With Casa B — an absolutely amazing Spanish Caribbean tapas restaurant in Somerville (hours and directions here) — I’ve opted for número tres. I have told so many people about this restaurant via word of mouth, it’s about damn time I blogged about it!

Colin and I were first exposed to the genius of Casa B owners, Alberto Cabré (he is from from San Juan, Puerto Rico) and Angelina Jockovich (she is from Barranquilla, Colombia) a couple of years ago. Colin’s work Christmas party was held at Alberto and Angelina’s home (aka their test kitchen) and they served us one delicious dish after the other. We were SO impressed with everything, when they told us their plans to open up their restaurant, we were pumped!

From the moment you walk in the restaurant, you feel as if you’re in another world — a cool, sexy, perfectly lit world. This is a great place to take someone on a date, or a fun choice for a girls night dinner. When everything tastes like it fell straight from heaven, you can’t go wrong with any food or drink choice. Side note — don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from the staff, they are really friendly!

If I may, my personal favorites from the menu are definitely the Sandwich de Bistec (beef tenderloin, sautéed onions, crispy shallots), Pollo a la Parrilla con Salsa de Aceitunas (grilled chicken, rustic green olive tapenade), and Yuca a la Brava (yucca with spanish paprika sauce). They are all F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, this is it. Whether you live near Somerville or not, with the combination of delicious food, amazing drinks, a fun atmosphere and genuinely nice people who own the place, it truly is worth the trip.

Find them on Facebook, or Twitter — and see what everyone else is saying too.

Check out some photos from our visit. :)

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Buffalo Exchange!

“This green is so pretty, but it looks terrible on me! Oh well, I’ll probably need it for St. Patrick’s Day or something.”

“Aw, I got this t-shirt from the kids I worked with in Chicago. Too bad it’s so big! Oh well, I’ll probably wear it to the gym at some point.”

“I love these pants. They are so tight, but will fit me when I start working out more. I’ll save them!”

“This dress was such a good deal – why don’t I ever wear it?”

“I’ve had this sweatshirt forever! I never want to part with it!”

Can you relate to any of this? I know I can.

I am SUCH a clothes hoarder it’s unbelievable – I could literally make an excuse for every piece of clothing I own. Whether I hold on to something real tight (I’m talking death grip here, people) because I say I’ll wear something during a specific month, on a specific day, a couple of years down the line, or because I convince myself that having hundreds of t-shirts is actually a good thing (I need them all for the gym, duh!), or for sentimental reasons like the basketball sweatshirt I have from when we won the CYO championship in 5th grade, or things I keep for pure bragging rights on scoring great deals (I know no one cares about the $50 BCBG heels I got at a sample sale in the Hamptons but I just can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them). My list of excuses could go on and on. I’ve been lost in a sea of clothes I forget I even have, shoes I never wear and bags that don’t stand a chance – for years. And now Colin has to put up with it – the poor guy needs more room, I get it!

…..Buffalo Exchange to the rescue!

I’ve heard about Buffalo Exchange before and it sounded really cool, but I never visited. A couple of weekends ago, Colin was up in Vermont and I was home alone for the weekend. I could do whatever I wanted, because I was a free woman! So, what did I decide to do? Well, since I really like to live my life on the edge…I cleaned out my closet, went through my dressers and then debated internally with myself for a couple of hours (what to keep/what to get rid of…what to keep/what to get rid of) before heading to Davis Square (there are two MA locations – Allston and Davis Square) to try out BE.

Davis Square location

Inside Davis Square location

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a super-friendly, very cool looking girl (I totally forget her name now unfortunately, but she was really great!) and she asked me, “Are you selling today?” (She didn’t mean drugs, she meant my clothes, FYI). “Yes, I am. It’s my first time!” (She smiled, but secretly probably thought I was a wacko). “Great, there’s just one person in front of you but I’ll be with you as soon as possible.” I was glad someone was in front of me.

I was glad because, for one – I wasn’t in a rush at all. Secondly – it gave me a chance to watch the process with two seasoned pro’s (the buyer – the super-friendly, cool looking girl, and the seller – she looked like she had sold clothes there before). Lastly, it let me see what type of clothes they would take (I was nervous of ‘clothes judging’ – I didn’t want them to think all of my clothes were lame!).

After the seller-pro in front of me was all set, it was my turn! The super-friendly, cool looking buyer looked through my big bag of clothes examining each piece and deciding if they would work for their shop or not. If they worked she would put a tag on the item, enter it into their system and toss it into a bin. If it didn’t work she quietly placed them aside and then I put them back into my bag. Turns out, they wanted most of the stuff I brought with me which meant that I could get either $45 bucks or $90 in store credit. I shopped around for a bit and decided to take the store credit! (Come on, I need more shit!) Actually, I proudly walked away with only two valuable investments (won’t crowd the closet too bad) – a nice wrap sweater from Banana Republic and a beautiful, black dress from Anne Klein (with the tags still on!) that I’m hoping to wear around the holidays. Not too shabby!

I liked my experience at the Buffalo Exchange so much, I went back the next day with more stuff – and brought Meg (and her excess crap) with me! The incentive of getting money back for good quality clothes I don’t want anymore, or just don’t have room for anymore really motivated me to clean out my closet (who doesn’t need a little extra cash around the holidays?). Plus, the fact that I could leave things there to be donated was such a great added bonus! I highly suggest giving the Buffalo Exchange a try – it was very interesting (and helpful). I will definitely be back. :)

Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Things I learned:

  • Your clothes don’t have to have a designer label – I sold some Forever 21, Old Navy, Target (etc.) stuff so don’t be scared about that (what do you have to lose?)
  • You can sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, etc. – feel free to give the shop a call before you go in to see if they are looking for anything specific at the moment
  • You can leave your stuff at the store that they don’t want and you don’t want – and then will donate them
  • You can receive cash (a lower percentage) or store credit (a higher percentage) for your items on the spot
  • Once you sell for your first time and register, the next time you go in all you have to do is give them your phone number and show your ID and you’re good to go
  • They are mostly looking for things that are in season (that people are looking to buy), so since it’s almost December, you can keep your fabulous, fancy flip flops at home until the weather warms up
  • They buy and sell both men and women’s clothing (and accessories)
  • It’s really fun! Plus you get money, or store credit for new things so it’s also quite exciting!

I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys ‘R’ Us kid…

Growing up is tough.

I’ve always know this. I mean, doesn’t everyone? But lately I’ve really, truly been realizing how overwhelming it can be. Lots of changes are happening and along with said changes come a plethora of emotions. I am an ’emotional creature’ (if I may borrow these words from Eve Ensler) and when I feel something, I really feel it. So since a lot has been coming at me, I’ve been giving a lot back emotionally and it can be draining. On one hand I may feel overwhelmed, but on the other hand, I feel so positive about all these changes. I’m excited and I feel as though I’m in a really good place right now. Maybe I just need a thicker skin if I’m going to be a big girl…

May 1st marks the start of an important month for me. I turn 24 on the first of May and I’m currently feeling very adult like. Are you supposed to start feeling like this in your mid-twenties?

I’m leaving my current job and starting a new job on May 10th. This was a tough decision but ultimately I believe I made the right one. I’m investing in my career and hoping to make my mark out there in the world (what an adult like thing to say, right?!)

I’m moving out of my current apartment in Andover which I share with my sister Meg and her fiance Matt, to an apartment in South Boston with a few girlfriends from college. I’m sad to leave Meg and Matt because I love living with them, but since they’re getting married in July I figured I better get out of their way! At the same time, I’m excited to live with the girls and be closer to Boston/all the action. Should be a fun summer. :)

Lastly, I bought my first set of tires today. How thrilling – NOT ! Apparently big girls take care of their cars and when their cars need new tires they whip out the ol’ credit card and make that Chevy feel better. I was under the impression Ol’ Betsy would be getting an oil change for $19.99 but was sorely mistaken. Four tires, an oil change, glueing the rearview mirror back on (yes, this is the second time it has fallen. Yikes!) and $450 later I was feeling extremely adult-like and I’m not sure that I liked it very much. Can I stay 23? I don’t think I want to be 24 anymore.

On to today’s news –

To benefit local fire stations Baskin Robbins will be hosting 31 cent scoop night from 5pm-10pm. You know I’m gonna take advantage of that! In about ten minutes to be precise…

Attention caffeine addicts! Today’s Save is $15 for $30 worth of coffee/tea on www.CoffeeForLess.com Buy now –


I just found a new,  cute blog – The Economical Eater – and saw that The Living Room offers great happy hour specials! Check it out –


It’s Derby time! Looking for a party? Head to Drink this Saturday (from 3pm-7pm) for cocktails, food, bow ties, seersucker, outrageous hats and preppiness galore. Drink – 348 Congress Street, Fort Point – (617) 695-1806. Tickets $45 and don’t forget your hippest hat for their competition. Review of Drink from www.drinkboston.com


Don’t want to Derby? Go to Ladies Luxury Escape at the Millenium Bostonian Hotel on Saturday from 11am-7pm to check out dozens of boutiques, spas, salons, etc. General admission tickets are only $10! More info here –


What’s better than flea market browsing on a Sunday afternoon? Not much. So, go to the Top Shelf Flea Market presented by An Affordable Wardrobe. Where? 371 Summer Street, Somerville. When? Sunday 12pm-6pm. Why? Because it’s *free* and it sounds awesome. More info here –


I hope tonight brings you something wonderful. I’m headed to get my 31 cent ice cream and then to play Stump trivia with some friends. We’re hoping to take home the gold tonight. Wish us luck!

Lady’s day of surgery :(

As I was on the train home tonight – I looked out the window and saw this:

Very pretty. It made me smile.  :)

Another thing that made me smile on the train – I forgot my train pass/work ID badge at home today (switched jackets – always check the pockets when you do this!) – both this morning and this afternoon the awesome conductors let it slide and didn’t make me cough up another $12.50 on top of what I pay for my monthly pass. Thank you guys!

When I got off the train, Meg and Lady were waiting for me. Poor little Lady was spayed today. She is so tired and seems pretty sore. I feel so bad! I’ve been giving her extra hugs and kisses so hopefully that helps.

Little Lady

This poor little thing!

I held Lady's hand, um actually, paw... to make her feel better

Last night we had dinner with Fr. Jim for his birthday. We had a great time – it’s always so nice to catch up with Fr. Jim and all his stories.

We asked him what the key is to staying so energetic, active – so young – at the age of 80? Fr. Jim said simply being around young people, exercising your mind and making an effort to keep up with the times, with what’s going on around you, are all so important in feeling your best.

OK, down to today’s business –

Tomorrow is Thrifty Thursday’ at GSpa.  Here’s the deal, you get 50% off any cut and/or color. Bonus! 50% all facials/waxing.


Tomorrow, get yourself a slice of delicious and *FREE* cheese pizza at G’s Famous Pizza – 1033 Mass Avenue, Boston (617) 442-9463. They’d like to thank everyone for their support in celebration of their one week anniversary! Congrats!

Brunello Bistro in Somerville serve up $1 appetizers Monday – Friday from 4pm-7pm. Score!

Apparently, Monday – Friday the Harpoon Brewery offers *free* beer tastings. I wonder if they’re worth it? Sounds awesome… Anyone ever been/heard anything about them?


Such an amazing deal – for the month of May, Masa in the South End have $5 margaritas!!! So pumped about this. And to top it all off, they have .50 cent tapas at the bar all week from 5pm to 7pm. http://ow.ly/1Bqh8

We finally did it! Colin and I have booked our flights to Ireland. We didn’t get an amazing deal but we are happy with what we found/paid. It’s so nice to have this taken care of – feels like such a weight has been lifted. Now we are even more excited for THE EVENT OF THE CENTURY!!! (Meg and Matt’s Wedding!)
Ok, early bedtime tonight – I have a half marathon to run on Sunday – woop woop. Goodnight!

I hate the circus

Naveen Sultan of Telegraph21, ‘a new video magazine featuring the best documentary films and art videos from around the world’ passed this clip on to me (thank you!), which I would like to share with you. Here is a clip from ‘Cover Girl Culture,’ a documentary by Nicole Clark (producer/director/former Elite model.) 


This documentary explores the world of fashion as well as the thoughts, feelings and self-critiques of young women affected by the messages that designers, models, advertisers, editors, magazines in general, etc. put out into the world. Many people in the Fashion Industry who are partially responsible for low self-esteem among young women (for showing unattainable body images for the average young woman) say they want to see ‘healthy, happy’ girls in their magazines and on the runway. Well, if you want to see them so bad, where are they? One young woman in the clip explains how magazines say, ‘Don’t worry about your weight, but look at this [pin-thin model.]’ This is an unfair, not to mention, confusing message. To those in the Fashion Industry, working for fashion magazines – You can not tell these girls, ‘You are beautiful because you are different, healthy is ‘in’, feel good about your body,’ etc. etc. when you are still only showing extremely thin women in your magazines. 

All we’re asking is for you is to do what you say you’re going to do. Why can’t it be ‘in’ for young women around the world to read your magazines and while they’re reading, they see girls who look like them, girls they can identify with? Maybe it’s time to get in the mindset of – ‘When a young woman reads my magazine, she’s going to feel empowered, beautiful and happy.’ And by saying this I mean showing every type of young women – thin included. There are obviously all different body types, skin types, skin colors, hair/eye colors, etc. let’s help everyone feel included. A young woman’s ego, self-esteem and self-worth are so extremely important –  magazines could play such a huge role in affecting these three things in a positive way, if taken seriously. 

In other news… 

Enjoy $1 off any ‘all fruit smoothie’ from now until April 10th http://www.jambajuice.com/eb/ff/jmff.html 

– Every weekday morning from 8am-10am, Paris Creperie in Coolidge Corner gives away free coffee with a crepe purchase. Yum. 278 Harvard Street, Brookline  – (617) 232-1770‎ 

Wicked is coming to Boston! At the Boston Opera House from September 1st – October 17th. 

From Boston.com e-newsletter*

Pre-sale begins today, and on April 11th ticket sales are open to the general public. It’s an amazing show – I highly recommend it! 




  • – BU students get 15% off at JCrew in Copley Square tonight. Wish I went to BU… http://ow.ly/1s9Gr


  • Free appetizers tonight at Redbones from 6:30pm-8:30pm in celebration of Jay Atkinson’s new book, ‘Paradise Road.’ He’ll be reading and you’ll be listening/picking on delicious food – not a bad deal. http://bit.ly/cZ3QSy – 55 Chester Street, Somerville – (617) 628-2200

            More about ‘Paradise Road’http://www.jayatkinson.com/ 

  •  Like the circus? I don’t! In fact, I hate it. Anyway, Buy With Me has a coupon for their deal of the day to The Big Apple Circus for $15 at City Hall Plaza. Click below if interested…


  •  Living Social’s deal of the day is $10 for $20 worth of food at Conor Larkin’s Grill and Tap – 329 Huntington Ave, Boston – http://livingsocial.com/deals/964?


For more information, please call Bravo at (617) 369-3474. 

With that, I’ll leave you with this – a clip of Jack Johnson’s new song, ‘You and Your Heart’ :
His new album, To the Sea, ‘drops’ June 1st. I truly couldn’t be more excited! :)

Let’s get it together Biden

They are giving away free burritos at Boloco (Harvard Square) today from 11am-8pm. Praise the Good Lord! I’m going to grab mine in just a few… Can not wait, they are so 150% delicious.

Ok, so I know some people are über excited about the new heath care reform bill, but dropping the f*bomb excited? In front of the world? In your ‘proper’ suit? Standing next to the President? Let me give you some etiquette 101 – Don’t drop the f*bomb in front of the world, in a suit, next to the President. Just don’t. No matter who you are, even the VP. Let’s get it together Biden.

Things that sound FUN –

Starting tonight and going through Saturday is the New England Real Ale Exhibition at the Dilboy Post, VFW (Yes that does say VFW) – Somerville . Say they ‘ensure a pleasant, pub-like atmosphere for all sessions. Admission is $15 for tonight, tomorrow and Friday (hours are 6pm-10:30pm) and $10 Saturday (hours are 12pm-7pm.) Tickets are sold in advance and some will also be available at the door. Redbones will have sandwiches and the cash bar prices are – Imperial Pint: $6, Half Pint: $3 and Quarter Pint: $2

More information – http://www.thrillist.com/links/119454

Wine Riot – It’s April 16th and 17th at 539 Tremont Street hosted by The Second Glass * Taste over 250 new wines / $5 food parings / DJ / Photobooth etc…
The Second Glass is also hosting a wine/food tasting at Rocca Kitchen and Bar at 500 Harrison Ave, South End on Tuesday March 30th at 7pm – $30 including food.

More information on both – http://www.roccaboston.com/home/ —>Rocca

http://secondglass.com/events/italian-wine-tasting-at-rocca-kitchen-bar/ —>Second Glass

http://www.thewineriot.com/?utm_source=Restaurant%2BWeek&utm_medium=Banner%2Bon%20the%20site&utm_campaign=Restaurant%2BWeek%20with%20Boston%20Chefs —> Wine Riot

Radius Restaurant is doing 1/2 price hamburgers on Saturdays in the bar for the month of April.


So, apparently Marc Jacobs did not cast more full, beautiful, older women in his fall Louis Vuitton show to make a statement of any sort on the topic of too-skinny, fragile looking models. He is making a statement to clarify that he wasn’t making a statement. Thanks Mr. Jacobs. And why would it be such a problem if you were making a statement? Many people have applauded you for the fact that you substituted unhealthy girls for healthy looking, beautiful women. I guess everyone will have to take back their applause, which is a shame. Statements are good.

Read more here – http://www.wwd.com/media-news/fashion-memopad/marc-jacobs-just-likes-them-lindberghs-return-journey-3010088?src=twitter

Getting married, or know someone who’s getting married? Do you or your friend live in the Boston area? Well, on Thursday April 1st get your pad and pen and get down to the Westin Copley Place for some bridal talk, tips and trends. Ted Daniels (event planner) hosts Bridal Buzz and will bring along a group of professionals ranging from photographers, florists, wedding planners, bakeries, musicians, etc. It seems like a very casual, informal environment to ask questions and get advice. They suggest RSVPing – ‘In order to maintain an intimate environment, space is limited. Please email Ted Daniels – Ted.Daniels@Westin.com to RSVP and confirm your attendance.’

More information – http://ow.ly/1qk1U

Just recently heard about this website, http://renttherunway.com/ apparently you can look through a ton of options from all different top notch designers, then pick out what you want, they will send it to you when you need it (in two different sizes, just to be sure) and then when you’re done, you put it into their pre-paid bag and drop it in the mailbox (no dry cleaning necessary!)

*The only catch is currently they have so many members that they can’t accept new members which stinks. But, you better believe I put my name on the waiting list, and I will eagerly await my turn!

Registration for the 9th Annual Harpoon 5 miler (to benefit the Angel Fund) opens April 1st at 12pm – Cost:$40
The race takes place Saturday June 5, at 10am – field limited to 2000 runners, so hurry!

Tonight, my sister Meg and I are going to an event at our alma mater, Merrimack College. Merrimack, along with Saints Women’s Center for Health and Wellness and Fitness Magazine present ‘Women and Wisdom’ to help celebrate women’s history month. They say this should be an ‘evening designed to enlighten your mind, engage your heart and empower your life as we discuss the latest in women’s health and wellness.’

The speakers will be:

Julie Jones, M.D. – Speaking on: “Something to Talk About – Breast Health, Breast Imaging and Cancer Detection/Prevention
Bill Chun, M.D. – Discussing: “Hot Flash! Menopause and You
Kathleen O’Keefe, DPM – Will talk to us about aching feet: “Oh, my Aching Feet! The Medi Pedi and Aesthetic Foot Care

I’m really excited for this tonight and am happy I’m continuing to find interesting events which celebrate women. I will let you know how it goes!

Nice, I’m gonna make the train!… NOT!

You could say that missing the train is a good start to a rainy Friday morning, but you would be very wrong. I knew I had been running a few minutes late, but miss the train late? I didn’t think so… Little do I know.

My sister kindly drove me down to the station, we were rushing cause I was late as usual (being late is my thing, my special talent.) When we crossed the tracks I saw that the train just pulled up. Nice! I made it, I knew I would. Oh wait, it’s just pulling away from the platform, not pulling up? Right, of course.

So, I drove in today. I was all ready and didn’t feel like waiting around for the next train. Suddenly my dreary – miss the train – type lousy day turned around into a promisingly good day due to the fact that I remembered to charge my iPod last night. I truly don’t enjoy talk radio in the morning; I just rather not listen to people bitch before having my coffee (that’s reasonable isn’t it?) So I plugged my iPod in and performed a concert of about 10-12 songs for my non-existent audience. Rocking out in your car at 7am is good for the soul, you should try it sometime.

Anyway, here are some fun things I’ve learned about today…

Stoddards Fine Food & Ale just opened in the Downtown Crossing area at 48 Temple Place at Washington (617-426-0048.)

Stoddard’s is serving up American comfort foods along with an 80+ beer list. With all the vintage decor surrounding you, you’d swear you went back in time. Entrees include burgers, steaks, chicken pot pie, clams casino; all the classics. Learn more at http://stoddardsfoodandale.com/.

I really want to try Redbones. It’s located in Davis Square, Somerville and promises to serve up some delicious southern BBQ which is right up my alley. They also have 24 microbrews on tap to wash it all down. Good to know: Both catering and delivery are available as well as a gluten-free menu.

*Also, Monday – Friday from 4pm-6pm their appetizers are half price. Wings, chili, buffalo shrimp, corn fritters, etc. Check it out at http://redbones.com/.

Another good deal – Mondays at Sel de la Terre at 774 Boylston Street (617-266-8800) they offer a variety of $2 sliders from 5pm-7pm. They also offer a Saturday morning cooking class at either their Natick or Boson location for only $48 a person, not bad compared to what some other places charge!

More info on that, here: http://www.zagat.com/Blog/Detail.aspx?SCID=34&BLGID=26805

Possibilities for the weekend –

Tomorrow, Saturday March 13th is the 2nd Annual Spring Microbrew Fest at Ball Square Fine Wines from 2pm-5pm where you can try out 40 brews.

Tomorrow is also the 4th Annual Bacon Eating Contest at Atwood’s Tavern in Cambridge at 1pm. Their advertisement for the event reads, ‘Music! Booze! Bacon!’ Music + booze + bacon = 3 of my favorite things in the world. Seems like Atwood’s Tavern is promising us a very good time.

 +  +

Tonight the Joshua Tree (U2 cover band) is kicking off some St. Patrick’s day fun at The Hard Rock Cafe, 22-24 Clinton Street, Boston (617) 424-7625. Starts at 8pm, cost is $15. The Dropkick Murphy’s are playing seven shows at the House of Blues for six nights starting tonight. Ship yourself up to 15 Lansdowne Street, Boston (888) 693-2583. Tickets might be hard to find though, fyi.


The Celtic Women are also playing at the Wang Theatre tonight, tomorrow and Sunday, tickets ranging from $42-$78.

Click here for more – http://www.citicenter.org/shows/

Don’t forget about the Southie St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday! Here is the map of the parade route –


By the way, isn’t it great that it’s Friday? :)

Don’t use breast milk as a weapon!

Someone needs to tell Patrick Kennedy to take it down a notch.

It’s almost the weekend Paddy, relax!

Maybe he would be happier if he attended the Southie St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday..

 I’ve never been before, so it’s time to turn it up a notch (unlike Paddy, he’ll hopefully be turning it down.) I’ll be going this year to see what it’s all about. I’ve heard all the hoopla, so it should be interesting. It starts at 1pm on Broadway. Looking forward to all the drunken Irishness and pretend Irishness, because remember – everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Before the parade I have some business to take care of. Colin and I, along with my sister Meg and her fiance Matt are running in the Ras na hEireann (“The Race of Ireland and United States of America.”) It’s a 5K, Irish themed race, starts at 11am in Davis Square, Somerville. There will be 5,000 runners! This is the 7th year it has sold out. I can only imagine the characters that’ll be there. Should be some great craic!

In Jay-Z related news, he’ll be performing at the Garden tonight. Unfortunately I will not be in attendance, however I’m figuring since I have to take the commuter rail home from North Station I’ll probably run into Hova and B and then they’ll most likely either offer me tickets or invite me to look on from backstage. I’m not sure if I’ll accept or not cause I do have to get to the gym tonight, so well see…


Apparently Young Jeezy (who is opening tonight) is pairing up with Jay-Z’s better half for his upcoming album. Since everything Beyonce touches turns to gold, I’m prettty sure this one will be a hit. I’m excited for it.

They have released a full length trailer for Eclipse! Indulge:

Also – Congratulations to Rascal, The World’s Ugliest Dog!

Rascal is an 8-year-old 7lb Chinese Crested pure bred. According to http://www.ugliestdogs.net/worldsugliestdog.html ‘Rascal’s grandfather “Chi Chi” is in the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the most ugly dog contests and was undefeated with seven ugly dog wins.’ I guess it’s in the genes. Rascal has appeared on a number of TV shows and currently has two movies in the works, keep your eyes peeled for those.

More congratulations are in order for the beautiful Betty White who will be hosting SNL on May 8th. This will be White’s first time as host, and this will also make her the oldest person (age 88) to ever host SNL. According to Seattlepi.com [http://www.seattlepi.com/tvguide/416493_tvgif11.html] she’s bringing some friends with her. Apparently Tina Fey, Amy Phehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch will be joining Ms. White, which should be pretty hilarious. SNL might just be funny again on May 8th, we’ll just have to wait and see…

And now, just a quick WARNING: Don’t use breast milk as a weapon!  http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,588369,00.html?mep

In restaurant related news, EVOO is now open in Kendall Square. Owned by Peter and Colleen McCarthy (nice Irish names) and now located (they just moved from Somerville) at 350 3rd Street, Cambridge. For reservations call 617-661-3866 or go to http://www.evoorestaurant.com/. Their entrees range from $25-$31 with everything from Roasted Organic Squash, Duck, Beef Tenderloin, etc. Personally I’m excited for the opening of their sister restaurant Za which will be located right next to EVOO (I believe they will also keep their Arlington location open as well.) Za will offer a variety of pizzas and salads along with a great selection of wine and beer, visit them at http://www.zarestaurant.com/index.html.

Lastly, originally found on http://www.bostonrestaurantdeals.com/free-medium-coffee-at-dunkin-donuts-every-monday-in-march/ Dunkin Donuts is giving away free medium coffees (hot or iced) every Monday in March.  There are 3 Mondays left, take advantage of their free coffee!