Steak sandwiches

Steak sandwiches are one of our favorite meals to make and eat! They are super easy, not too expensive, and 100% delicious. All you have to do is sautรฉ the peppers and onions in a little bit of olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper. Then cook the meat, add the cheese so it melts (we used Cabot sharp cheddar, but any cheese you want should work fine) and scoop it all into a bun.

Colin and I recently made steak sandwiches and I think they were the best batch yet. I literally feel like I could eat steak sandwiches, filet mignon and cheeseburgers in rotation every night for dinner. For now, I don’t think my body (or my wallet) would like that, but hey, a girl can dream…

Check out our dinner:

Cooking up the steak

Next up -- onions and peppers


And some vino of course :)


LL Bean (And 100 Days of Kindness, Days 94, 95, 96 and 97)

This has been a very busy week at work! I am excusing myself for my lack of posts the past few days and amย  making up for it with a combo post right now. I’m on day 97 of kindness! Can’t even believe it.

Kindness on Wednesday: I bought Molly treats at the movies – we saw Black Swan, it was really amazing. I’ll post about this closer to the Oscars.

Kindness on Thursday: I gave a co-worker a ride home from work even though I wasn’t in the mood for company.

Kindness on Friday: I listened to a friend vent and I vented back. A nice bitch session is necessary every now and then. I like being the one friends come to to talk through problems. I might not always have the answers, but I like listening and trying to make people feel better.

Kindness Today: We had a game today in Lawrence today, the boys scored 19 points. They’ve come a loooong way let me tell you!

Today was a perfect Saturday. We got up early, I coached our game with Megs and then Colin and I took a ride to the LL Bean store in Freeport, Maine. We came back, made a delicious dinner of steak sandwiches paired with Tuckerman’s Ravine (really good beer from NH) and finished things up with chocolate chip cookies from scratch for dessert. After dinner we came to Meg and Matt’s to watch The Town.

My bean boots - Colin got these for me for Christmas and they have been amazing this winter!!

LL Bean

A reeeeeeeeeeally big boot



Great day! Hope you had a great one too. :)

Quick side note, check out this fabulous benefit for Lovin’ Spoonfuls at Flour. Red velvet cupcakes? Yes please!