AA’s to DD’s? No!

I can’t believe I’m running a half-marathon in 10 days! I’m getting a little nervous…

Some tips I’m going to follow next week (week of race) –


Apparently Kate Hudson got a boob job. Now, I’m not the biggest plastic surgery advocate by any means, but I would just like to say that this is a case where plastic surgery makes sense. Kate Hudson is a beautiful woman with a very small chest (from one small chested girl to another…) and I’m assuming she just wanted a little extra somethin’ somethin’, so she used some of her millions of dollars to upgrade to a very reasonably sized chest. She is in her thirties, is a mother, accomplished actress – I’m pretty sure she is confident in the decisions she makes. She didn’t go overboard and upgrade from AA’s to DD’s, I am guessing she went to a full-sized B, nothing too extravagant. And you know what? They look good! So congrats!


Heidi Montag is the complete opposite. She has gone WAY over the top with her plastic surgery. Pre-surgery she was ridiculous, post-surgery she has crossed over into beyond ridiculousness, craziness even… Heidi’s situation is actually pretty sad. She is only 23 years old, married to another crazy, hoping to make it big as movie star.

Heidi, please, please, please take it down a notch.



On Saturday from 11am-7pm go to the ‘Closet Raid for Charity’ in order to score slightly worn designer pieces ($5-$199) from labels such as Adam, Elizabeth and James, True Religion, etc (sizes 0-12.) All proceeds benefit Women for Women International. 12 Fleet Street, North End (617) 523.8008 (via Daily Candy.)

Ok, I am officially pooped. Spent the night doing absolutely nothing. I guess you need nights like that!

Sleep tight :)