Is there anyone out there who WASN’T born in May?

First and foremost – HAPPY (belated, only on the blog though!) BIRTHDAY to my AMAZING older sister, Meg!!! I love you so much. I have and always will look up to you because you have always been the perfect role model. I hope you had a great day.

Back in our youth

I love you!

Meg’s birthday was this past Monday, May 10th. We celebrated Sunday night with Matt and his family in NH – we had a lovely dinner and a delicious cake! Monday morning I didn’t have to go into work until 10am (started the new job!) so I took Meg to breakfast at the Lantern Diner in Andover. It’s a really cute, little place – you truly feel like you’re in someone’s kitchen.

I got Meg a turquoise sun dress with a gold necklace + bracelet + sandals to tie it all together as well as a really cute green + white striped bikini with gold embellishments. All to be put away and saved for Meg and Matt’s honeymoon in Greece! So excited for them. :)

Now, tomorrow is my wonderful Father, Kevin’s birthday! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS! I love him so much and could never even begin to thank him for all that he does for me and continues to do for me. I truly am a lucky lady.

Dad and I dancing at Catie and Chris' wedding!

Mom, Dad, Molly and her BFF (and Mescall favorite) Meghan are coming up to MA tomorrow to celebrate both Meg as well as Dad’s birthdays and to attend Meg’s NH wedding shower on Saturday. Tomorrow night we’re going out to dinner somewhere in Andover and Saturday we’ll be going to dinner somewhere in Newburyport (where my parents are staying…) Should have some excellent food to talk about over the weekend! I’m hoping to try something new!

So I must apologize for 150% slacking on the blog. I have been having such a tough time balancing everything. I often feel as though there are not enough hours in the day. Then I feel guilty because there are people working who have children and a house to take care of, or there are people legitimately saving the world and here I am complaining because I work, I have to buy some gifts or run some errands and then I don’t have the energy to blog. Well, enough is enough! I really enjoy blogging and I’m gonna make it happen. I’m putting together some sort of schedule. I need to please the people! (Are there any ‘people’ out there I am aiming to please?)

Sometimes I get a little carried away (‘Carried away’ reminds me of SATC which reminds me HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THE MOVIE fyi) with how much I write for each blog post, so this is my warning to my fabulous readers: posts will probably be shorter. I am going for quality not quantity I guess. Something like that. Why? Because I am the boss of this blog. And.I.Say.So.

PS. I started my new job on Monday. I felt like it was the first day of school. It has been amazing so far and I truly am loving it. Everyone is friendly, helpful and easy-going. It seems like a great atmosphere. I am excited and extremely interested in the work I am doing. I feel as though I definitely made the right decision. I also feel like I finally have some direction in my life (at least career-wise!) It’s taken some time, but I feel as though I’m on to something… I like this feeling…

Don’t have plans this weekend?

Must go to the SOWA Vintage Market. It opens this weekend and will run most weekends into October.

It sounds amaaaaazing and all their info is listed on their website. Check it out!

Great article from

We all need to lighten up on ourselves!

Goodnight xo