Congratulations Ricky!

We just got back from a Merrimack Sports Medicine fundraiser at a restaurant in North Andover. Colin’s sister Elizabeth is a Sports Med major so we were going to support the fam. It was pretty crowded –  I saw some people we graduated with which was really nice. Highlight of the evening – Colin’s mother won a helicopter ride along the coast of MA, their neighbor/family BFF won two bottles of wine, and Liz won a lovely gift certificate to Harrison’s (the roast beef place.) Liz obviously cheated, which is wrong.

In other news, Vampire Weekend will be in Boston this Thursday April 1st at the Orpheum Theatre, Tremont Street. Tickets are still available (pretty expensive though. They’re a great band, but I don’t know if they’re that great…)

More information here –

Some good ‘running for beginners’ questions answered here from Women’s Health

Also, download some free (and amazing) workouts here from Women’s Health

Congratulations to Ricky Martin! Sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but we knew you were gay even before the video for ‘Livin’ la Vida Loca’ came out. Hey, Congratulations anyway!,,20355546,00.html

Some tips on sleeping soundly from Self Magazine –

Luckily I don’t need any tips to help me sleep soundly. I’m so exhausted, once my head hits the pillow I’ll be snoring.

Goodnight! :)