I’m getting married today!!!

I wanted to write a little something on the most important day of my life to date. I’m getting married today! I’m already having a blast and know the day is only going to get better from here. Thank you for all the well wishes and for everyone who is here with us to celebrate. Colin and I are so lucky and blessed, and I am personally so lucky and blessed to be marrying my best friend and the love of my life. Let’s do this!!!

Gotta go, off to the chapel soon…

To be continued…




Wonderful Wanderlust

Around the time Col and I first looked at Stratton for a possible wedding venue, they were gearing up for the first Wanderlust Festival — it sounded amazing, and I knew I had to go one day.

And what do you know? Lucky for me, I got to go this year!



I honestly didn’t know what to expect of the festival. I knew that, yes, there would be lots of yoga, tons of yogis, and let’s be real…lots of Lululemon. I read up on the events for the weekend, so I knew that there would be hiking, live music, and delicious food. What I didn’t realize, or couldn’t research beforehand, was the amount of heart and soul it took to put this festival together.

I didn’t know that I would be doing hip hop yoga in the room where Colin and I will host our reception (or that I would be doing a back bend to “Shoop” by Salt ‘n’ Pepa for that matter…might have to recreate that at the wedding?…), or that I would listen to a talk on EFT Tapping in the chapel where we will recite our vows. I didn’t know that I would eat the most delicious empanadas I’ve ever tasted (from Ana’s Empanada’s in Rutland, VT), or that the chicken at the farm-to-table dinner would knock my socks off. I couldn’t predict that I’d sit with the founder of BreastCancer.org, and her lovely daughter who is currently interning at Stonyfield (great company!) at said farm-to-table dinner. I didn’t realize that the amount of lucy activewear that I spotted would rival the Lululemon ladies (and gents for that matter) — and how their clothes are just as comfortable and fashionable as their competitor. I didn’t know the number of laughs Kate (my friend and Wanderlust partner in crime) and I would share, or how great the people watching would be when I took a moment to just sit and watch. I forgot how much I love Ziggy Marley’s music, and couldn’t predict which of his father’s songs he would play. Before I arrived at Wanderlust, I couldn’t tell you how BIG my heart would smile when I heard Ziggy sing Bob Marley songs.



Hip Hop Yoga courtesy of South End Yoga in Boston: http://www.southendyoga.com/

Hip Hop Yoga courtesy of South End Yoga in Boston: http://www.southendyoga.com/

Thanks lucy!

Thanks lucy!

Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley

I didn’t realize my favorite part of the weekend would be the media tour with founders Jeff Krasno and Sean Hoess to learn more about the why’s, where’s, and how’s of the event. (That, and Ziggy Marley of course — he was beyond words.)

Jeff and Sean

Jeff and Sean

Watch the video below for more info from Jeff and Sean. I asked them why they chose Stratton — since I am a Stratton lover — and they explained that for one, they were drawn to the beauty and size of the resort / mountain, but that they also wanted to bring in some revenue for the area especially after the devastation from Hurricane Irene as well as the mild winter we had this past year. I thought that was really awesome, and very interesting.

I enjoy yoga, but am not even close to being any kind of yoga master whatsoever, so I was definitely intimidated by the folks that would be there. Once I got into the swing of things, I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was. I decided to just go for it, and not worry about what I looked like in a pose, whether or not I liked my ‘yoga outfit’ for the day, or the fact that I was a little anxious about the ‘unknown’ of the weekend. I decided I wouldn’t feel foolish if I did something I wasn’t used to like meditating, or hiking with a barefoot man (our guide, not some random person). I dove right in, and came out feeling great. I think that’s the way you have to go after most things in life. Be open to new opportunities, make sure your heart is in the right place, and try to just enjoy the ride.

Check out some more of my pictures from the weekend:

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*A BIG thanks to everyone at Wanderlust and Stratton Mountain for allowing me to attend this festival free of charge. All opinions expressed in this post are honest and from the heart. xo

I’m beyond excited for Wanderlust!

I leave for the Wanderlust Festival tomorrow evening, and I cannot wait. It’s finally here! There are so many amazing things going on over the weekend, and I am excited for all of it. Although, here are the things I am probably most excited about:

The music!

The music! Photo courtesy of Wanderlust

Specifically, Ziggy Marley. :)


Ziggy. Photo courtesy of Wanderlust

Doing all sorts of yoga in the room where our reception is going to be (at Stratton)!

So cool!

So cool! Photo courtesy of Wanderlust

Definitely excited for the farm-to-table dinner! I LOVE FOOD


Delicious. Photo courtesy of Wanderlust

Among other things I’m excited for, are hanging out with my friend (and roommate for the weekend) Kate, meeting new people, relaxing, taking time out for myself (amidst a crazy hectic time in my life), spending time in Vermont, and learning something new. It should be a great weekend, and I hope you have a fabulous one as well. And if you don’t have plans, feel free to grab a ticket to Wanderlust! There are still some available here.

One of the greats, from the greatest generation, my grandfather (by Colin Temple)

The world lost one of its best today, Franklin Temple. My grandfather Franklin was one of the true greats and I would like this opportunity to try to give you all an idea of who my grandfather was. To start — he was my hero, along with my father and Grandpa Whelly — he is the greatest man I have ever known.

My grandfather never talked or bragged about any of his successes but if I had to guess I would say he was extremely competitive and took pride in striving to be the best at everything he did, which was exemplified in all of his accomplishments, whether work, or play.

The hardest part about writing this is trying to figure out what to start bragging about first.  I guess I can start with the fact that although he never attended college he worked his way up to become the President of Yankee Farm Credit and each year he attended every annual meeting, where he was always given a hero’s welcome. My grandfather grew up on a farm in East Burke, VT. Farming was in his blood,  and he seemed to know everything about it. I personally know farmers who long after his retirement still sought him out at parties and gatherings asking his advice about their operations. Along with his knowledge of dairy-farming my grandfather knew everything there was to know about logging, making syrup, and even tended his own vegetable garden every summer.

Along with being an incredibly intelligent businessman, my grandfather also managed all of his own investments. He owned land all over the state of Vermont and managed his own portfolio of stocks and bonds. Seeing his passion and success motivated me, and continues to motivate me, to learn everything I possibly can about business and investing. I owe much of what I know to lessons that I learned from him.

Aside from everything I learned from Gramp, my fondest memories come from spending time with him out in the woods hunting or on the lake fishing. While my grandfather was an excellent businessman and investor, he is THE BEST outdoorsman that I have ever met. That is not an exaggeration whatsoever. Every one of my father’s friends has their “remember when Frank…” story, and they usually involve him doing something incredible, maybe even something a bit crazy (like the time he crawled into a brush pile after a wounded bear he had shot It was dead by the time he got to it, but still…he crawled into a brush pile after a bear! A bear that one would expect to have been injured, feel cornered and most definitely grumpy). Over his lifetime my grandfather has shot well over 100 deer. I will consider myself successful if I end up with 1/4 of that. On top of being an incredible hunter, Gramp was also a crack shot. People tell me that he hardly ever missed. Gramp always told me, “make the first one count then let the lead fly”, and I still listen to his advice to this day.

I still remember the summer after grad school when I basically spent all of May with my grandparents, turkey hunting up on my grandfather’s land in Barnet, VT. Every afternoon when I got back from the woods Gramp would be waiting to hear my stories about how the morning hunt went. I could tell he wished he had the stamina to be out there with me but he still took joy in listening to my stories, which were usually about how I could have shot a turkey but managed to screw it up somehow!

I’ve never seen Gramp more proud of anyone and more excited than when he made it out to the woods in East Haven, Vermont to see the moose that my dad had just shot.  At the age of 84 he walked about a mile back into the woods just so he could partake in the moment. You could see the excitement and pride that he had for the success of my father.

Bragging point 5,746,374… My Gramp was the best lake trout fisherman there was on Lake Champlain. While others had adopted all sorts of modern technology he always used his old-fashioned “yanking” technique, jigging spoons just above the bottom of the lake. Professional guide services knew him and would come over and ask, “hey Frank, how you doin’ today?” His answer was always, “Oh, we’ve caught a few”. In reality he had caught about 20. He’d then ask how they were doing and they’d boast, “we’re having a hell of a day — we’ve landed 7!”. He would just smile.

I can still see him holding the taut copper fishing line asking me, “you wanna reel this one in?”. After we were done on the lake, we would get back to the dock where Gramp would tiptoe out to the end of his boat trailer, grab his 17 ft fishing boat, then drag it up onto the trailer. He was still doing this even this past summer, the last time we went fishing together (where by the way, we caught 33 lake trout…one of the best days he’s ever had on Champlain). I will never forget these memories; they were some of the best times of my life.

Finally the last story, I swear. That spring after grad school when I spent a bunch of time with my grandparents, Gramp took me to the “Walden Club”, which is a networking club in town. It was a blast — basically a bunch of guys hanging out drinking Canadian Club on the rocks out of high ball glasses. To say those fellas put the drinks back would be an understatement. After dinner we played a few hands of poker. I’m terrible so I ended up losing all my chips, but for the last hand (which is a winner takes all), Gramp loaned me enough chips to play. I ended up winning and taking everyone’s money home! Now by this time I had about four glasses of scotch, and was just trying to keep up with everyone else there. Apparently it was time to leave (mind you, it was about 8:00 p.m., but that’s late for these folks), and Gramp and I had gotten a ride there from one of his friends, so that’s who we were going home with. While we stumbled down the stairs I could tell that Gramps friend had obviously had quite a bit to drink as well…I struggled to think clearly and weight my options…here’s what I came up with; “Holy crap this old dude can barely walk! How is he going to drive? His reactions are probably slow even when he is sober! I should drive, at least I’m young…but no, I don’t even have a job yet! getting a DUI would stink. Oh hell, I guess Gramp’s friend should drive…” All I have to say is that all of my fears were alleviated as soon as the car was in drive. I swear this gentleman — who will remain nameless — never hit the gas pedal the entire ride home! I laughed to myself thinking, “I have nothing to worry about…if we hit anything, we will just bounce off and start creeping forward again.” What a night that was! Ah, the simple pleasures of small town life.

That’s what Gramp was —  a simple man, a wonderful husband and father, someone who worked hard for everything he ever achieved. He took pride in his family, and truly lived life to the fullest. You will be missed Gramp, you were truly one of the greats.

— By Colin Temple

Some of my favorite pictures with Gramp:

Gramp, Dad and myself

My sister Liz, my Grandma, myself and Gramp

Grandma and Gramp

Gramp and I by the camp fire at Joe's Pond

All of us with my dad's moose!

Hey, It’s OK…

Photo courtesy of the lovely blog, Design is Mine

…to immediately put on a pair of sweats when you get home from a long day of work
…to be mad when you see someone with two free hands, talking on a headset (come onnn)
…to love a movie you swore you were going to hate
…to be disappointed when your lunch order gets messed up
…to be ridiculously excited for Amanda Knox’s memoir
…to be a nerd
…to have a love/hate relationship with money
…to practice your Academy Award acceptance speech (even if you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever coming close to winning one)
…to play rock, paper, scissors with your significant other in order to choose what you’re going to watch on TV
…to wanna dance with somebody

Colin and I are off to Vermont after work today (wish us luck in the ski / school vacation / President’s Day weekend traffic, please!). We have lots of wedding stuff to do tomorrow at Stratton which I am very excited for! Will have to do a wedding update type post soon…

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :)

Samuel Adams Crowd Craft Project

Ok I have two questions for you:

1 – Do you need a break from work for a minute?

2 – Do you want to give Sam Adams your input on what their next beer should look / taste like?

Well then, you’re in luck! Samuel Adams has paired up with social media guru, Guy Kawasaki, for the first ever Samuel Adams Crowd Craft Project. The point of this contest is to take valuable feedback and suggestions from Sam Adams beer enthusiasts from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in order to create a crowd-sourced beer of fan-approved perfection.

With Guy’s passion for social media and innovation combined with Samuel Adams passion for high quality craft beer, this social collaboration brew is sure to be a standout.

So hurry people, because there are only TWO DAYS left to vote!

What you’ll vote on:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Body (mouth feel)
  • Malt (sweetness)
  • Hops (bitterness)
  • Yeast (finish)

When the voting period ends on February 5th, brewers will take the top choice from each category (above) and use them for the collaborative ale recipe, which will be brewed throughout the month of February. The beer will be revealed at Guy Kawasaki’s Girl + Guy party in Austin, Texas on March 10th during an annual interactive festival.

Here’s my beer that I voted on :)

What my beer creation looked like

And just as a reminder…if you have two seconds, please head over to my Facebook profile and click on the photo I shared of my fab friend Kate striking a yoga pose. Then click “like” in order to vote for Kate. She could win tickets to the Wanderlust Festival at Stratton Mountain in Vermont on the weekend of June 21-24. Thank you SO MUCH!

Tortellini = happiness

This past weekend was wonderful – it was the first in a while where we didn’t have too much on the agenda. I (as I’m sure many people do) have a tendency to over schedule myself. Especially on the weekends when I feel like I have to cram every last bit of fun and relaxation in (did I just say that I need to cram in fun and relaxation? Sad, but true).

Friday night we got to babysit Declan, Saturday I attended a wonderful yoga class taught by my fab friend Kate (more on her in a few – we need your help with something!) and then Sunday my sisters and I went to a bridal show and then a bunch of us tried out Sweet Cheeks Q in Fenway. It was great – the whole experience, decor, and vibe in the restaurant felt very authentic to me. I also loved the deeelicious pulled pork. I surprisingly didn’t love their mac ‘n’ cheese unfortunately…but their cole slaw definitely redeemed the negative feelings I had toward the mac ‘n’ cheese.

Saturday night Col and I wanted to make a tasty meal for a night in of hanging out and wedding chatter. We decided to try out our first recipe from the cook book my future mother-in-law gave us. That’s right, Mrs. T compiled a bunch of her and her families recipes and made an amazing, beautiful cook book! She printed out a copy for Colin and I for Christmas and it is honestly one of the best gifts I have ever received. I know Col and I will put it to good use together when we’re making dinner for each other and eventually for the little Colin and Colleen’s that will be running around one day. :)

Check out our meal! And scroll to the bottom for a special favor I need to ask of you, please…


The sausage is cooking away!

Almost there...


Yay wedding stuff!

Now on to the special favor, if you don’t mind! I will be heading to the Wanderlust Festival at Stratton Mountain in Vermont on the weekend of June 21-24. I am SO pumped for it and I truly think it’s going to be amazing (more on this soon). Anywho…my friend Kate entered their Facebook photo contest and I really hope she wins so I have a buddy to come to the event with me! All she has to do to win is to have the most “likes” on her photo….soooo if you don’t mind, please go to my Facebook profile and click on the photo I shared of Kate striking a yoga pose. Then click “like” and it will count toward her votes! Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

Here is the photo to look out for on my Facebook profile:

Kate - the amazing yogini!

Free Ben & Jerry’s!

Twitter literally amazes me. I’ve met so many talented people, have found a number of inspiring blogs and have had received a handful of opportunities because of said social media channel. It’s how I find new restaurants to try, how I connect with my favorite brands, how I read the latest and most up-to-date news (I mean, how did you find out about the earthquake today? Personally, I found out through Twitter. Amazing!) and so much more. There’s always something new and exciting going on in the Twitterverse – like a month-long event tweeting about free ice cream, asking followers to interact by tweeting their location suggestions. That’s what I call Twitter genius.

So, speaking of interacting with my favorite brands on Twitter…I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the little ice cream brand known as Ben & Jerry’s? Well, let me clue you in:

“Ben & Jerry’s (a Vermont corporation) produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream and ice cream novelties, using high-quality ingredients including milk and cream from family farmers who do not treat their cows with the synthetic hormone rBGH. Ben and Jerry’s products are distributed nationwide and in selected foreign countries in supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, franchise Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops, restaurants and other venues.”

Now, did you know that there has been a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck driving around Boston all August long giving out totally free and totally delicious ice cream?! They’ll only be around for a few more days (I cannot believe it’s the last full week in August!) so pay attention to them on Twitter people, because this offer is just too good to pass up.

Flavors on board:

Bon Appetit!

4th of July, VT style

My wonderful future mother and father in law rented a nice camp (or “lake house”, for my fellow “flat landers”) for all of us to stay in over 4th of July weekend. It’s right by Colin’s grandparents camp on Joe’s Pond, which is actually a lake and confuses me quite a bit (but that’s besides the point…) The weather was amazing and we had another great weekend up in Vermont getting some sun, fishing, boating, playing volleyball, laughing, eating, drinking (lots of my favorite things!). I love that place!

Also, one day all the ladies went to this sweet little place for an afternoon tea. It was so lovely!

Check out the weekend:

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