Hey, It’s OK…

… to have a quarter life crisis. We’ll get through it, people.

… to truly believe that your life will change when you buy a scratch ticket. “I wanna be a millionaire so friggin’ baaad”…

… to go for a harmless afternoon snack at the vending machine and literally want to eat everything in there.

… to pick and choose what you donate to. We all want to help, but we’re not all made of money.

… to be pissed that Modern Family didn’t have a new Halloween episode this year (I mean, come on – it’s Claire’s favorite holiday!)

… to give some dude you’re not interested in at the bar, the phone number 867-5309 (tell him your name is Jenny while you’re at it).

… to have a glass of wine (or two) on a Thursday night for the pure fact that you’re just so happy the next day is Friiiday!

… that your heart melts a little anytime you hear an accent – Southern, Irish, Australian…Vermont…? (Hey, I’m engaged to a Vermonter – what do you want from me?!)

… to be a 25 year old woman and not be ashamed that you’re extremely excited for the newest Twilight movie to come out.

… to expect each wish you make at 11:11 (AM and PM) to come true today. If not on 11/11/11 then when?

Happy Veterans Day and a special thanks to all our soldiers who have defended and will continue to defend our country – past, present and future. We owe so much to you!

Also Happy Friday and Happy 11/11/11 – have a great weekend. :)

100 Days of Kindness, Day 11

First – Happy Veterans Day!

Second – My ‘nice’ for today:

I want to share my promo code with you guys for today’s Save at Eversave! It’s a great one – at The Talk Restaurant in Watertown. Instead of paying $20 for $40 worth of food and drinks, you can pay $17 for $40 with this code PRO1. This will deduct $3.00 off your purchase. All you have to do is enter PRO1 in the promo code box when you’re ready to check out and pay. This will be valid for today and tomorrow only. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

I hope you get to enjoy The Talk! :)